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hello and welcome to this introduction
of Wiikli here is our CEO and Founder
Geir-Ove Haraldsen whom I have met
many times he’s Norwegian living near
Oslo where I am and I was introduced to
Wiikli about eight months ago and been
working behind the scenes since then
it’s really an exciting concept because
there are three markets of huge arm
engines we are talking about here we
have the skill quiz which is not only
normal quiz but useful quiz you can
learn something interesting every week
and you can compete with others
worldwide the industry is increasing and
it’s really really fun to play money
prices this industry is really huge of
course who else wants an extra income
you know the home-based business is
extremely popular and I think we have
made one of the best affiliates programs
out there this is built to last so these
four pillars will help support our three
in one concept and I will come back to
this later on in this presentation so we
call this world’s most important quiz
because we will have a special theme
every week you will discover something
useful and enjoy your part of making the
world that’s a place everyone can afford
taking parts we have low stakes and the
world is your market place so that’s
what I enjoy promoting a worldwide
online business so we will have a topic
of the week always themes that matter because
together we make a difference so here
it’s how it works every week there will
be a qualifier round there is a quiz
play and you have a final round and you
have your own dashboard monitoring
everything so it’s really nice to sign
and it’s really exciting to take part in
this quiz tournament Wiikli so let’s
have a look that’s a Wiikli potential
because this is what I find really
really interesting if you search for
poker on Google you find 268 million
results there are hundreds of poker
sites out there and if you search for
quiz you will subscribe a get 349
million results and a handful of series
quests i’ts are available worldwide only a handful
so that tells me that we have a huge
potential because two quests industry
hasn’t been monetized yet until now so we talked about the wheat engine which
is the quiz Wiikli package that will
enable you to earn while you grow you
would say there is a subscription every
week as an active affiliate and that’s
includes to purchase
of subscription of this package the
package is 80 euros plus V 80 and that
contains 5 quiz Wiikli tickets and send
4 tickets to your friends so they can
take part in this tournament for free
and there is one ticket for yourself and
you have a real exciting unilevel income
potential so this is just an example but
if you imagine that you have six
personal affiliates plus customers on
your first level for only a second three
on your third two on your fourth two on
your fifth and two on your sixth level
you will have an average of 1437 euros
per month that’s a really good extra
nickel so this is just an example but
just to show you the Uni level potential
let’s have a look at another example if
you have seven personal affiliates plus
customers on your first level 600 second
500 third or on your fourth three on
their fifth of 206 and one on your

seventh you will have a full-time income
twenty one thousand four hundred eighty
nine euros per month so we glass made
the hybrid compensation plan designed to
be simple and easy to grasp a plan for
all and we’ll have another webinar to
teach you all these bonuses but this is
a really a great set up and we have a
unique Wiikli’s product that can give anyone

participating in a quiz Wiikli
tournament a bonus by inviting others so

customers have two times bonus and an affiliate
will have five times a bonus what this
means that you will have five times more
chances to get qualified to the final
round so that is really really interest
of not going depth on that’s right now
but when you understand this concepts

you will be really really surprised how
exciting this is so just an example if
you have referred one customer and he
qualifies for the final round you will
also be qualified for the final round
imagine if you have 50 customers and 10
of them are qualifying you will be in
the final round 10 times so and you can
win real cash so this is really
interesting so it is customers that
brings growth and success to Wiikli you
can work all over the world so that’s

the passion that connects people you

learn something new every week and you

have some pre-launch benefits here you
will automatically receive a bronze
status for joining Wiikli during the
pre-launch period they pass of and
enjoying building the base or Wiikli
this is a ground floor porch and to say
so you will be in the very beginning
included is an extra level of Commission

for quiz we clip package and no further
qualification needed to keep the bronze
status so that’s really exciting

if Sheraton projects is one of your
passions your suggestion can be one of
the first to be realized through
Edwyn foundation who can join Wiikli
well anyone all over the world
welcome to join us as long as you’re
above 18 years old
Wiikli will provide Aiden tools for your
journey of success we will have webinars
community YouTube channel affiliate
tools supports in different languages
and we have the Edwin foundation this is

the son of the founder and CEO gave over

harrelson unfortunately he died in an accident
so he once said to his father that he
would like to join him everywhere he

went and now wants him to be a
part of this journey as well and the
foundation will go to children in need
of people in need and there will be a

cut of all revenues go into at this
foundation so be proud of working as an
affiliate for the company with
conscience so we will have an in-game
currency this is nothing about
cryptocurrency or something like that
but this will be an in-game currency
which will be possible to use in all
kind of Wiikli skilled quizzes so these
will be called neurons which is which
means brain cell so we we really use our
brain in these skill games at the same
time as our next skill quiz product so
that will release at the same time so
winnings and neurons can be exchanged
two euro at any time so it’s real money

the roadmap will be announced later this

year but expect an aggressive road map
with plenty of new features and coming
products ensuring and growing your
income so Wiikli sales to stay join us
now and build your team Wiikli
foundation now the affiliate program
offers a fair and unique Commission
program as an affiliate you will have
the opportunity to earn from an amazing
an already existing market that has not

been industrialized there will be a
payout once a week and everyone who
receives a commission or cash prizes
must submit kyc documents so thank you
for your time Wiikli is creating a
legend we hope you will join us and
become a part of that this is truly a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so thank
you very much for watching and bye for now

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