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what are you doing right now are you at work lying on the couch are you stuck in traffic or sitting at your PC or are you watching this video with a fox dancing flamenco here’s a fun fact did you know that there are people who make money watching this video a lot of money and that there are even people who have been earning a lot of money with their families for generations and who continue to increase their wealth day by day these people actually exist and we want to tell you their secret and their story today so that you can benefit from it because these people are like you and me they have only used one rule for centuries and we didn’t even know until today why is that so 90% of people work from 9 to 14 hours a day the entire workweek they come home afterwards and take care of their families if there is any time left if they go to sports meet up with friends or lie down on the couch and watch TV day by day year after year eventually their minds tell them that they also have to save money for later for retirement for example so they go to a consultant at their bank sign a contract and start saving that’s it what’s the difference to the people who use this magic rule it’s in the details one important idea is don’t invest money in a bank but invest like a bank just so we understand each other correctly here banks are important for an account for example a loan on a house they give us more opportunities but just one more question if a bank wants to increase its money today does it go to another bank and sign a contract that earns a 3% interest per year for its money no so what do banks do take a look at the biggest cities around the world London Tokyo New York and Frankfurt AM main you will see huge houses with signs in front of them who owns most of these houses the banks right banks invest in real estate land and forests do you know that the price of wood is rising enormous lee take a look at the timber index what else do banks do they invest in a lot of silver a lot of gold platinum and other precious metals and stones and finally they invest in shares forex venture capital blockchain technology and also crypto currencies these three areas form the core one real estate forests and land two gold precious metals precious stones and three shares forex crypto blockchain and venture capital the main differences are the paper contracts with 3% interest per year sometimes more or less called monetary value these three areas are called real assets and material assets can always be monetary assets why material assets are deposited with real estate gold value of a share and an enterprise monetary values against it or unfortunately also use some what our coin is deposited with guess what paper heir promises and sometimes with nothing this rule to invest only in material assets from these three ranges is called the three spoken rules there are even books about it because this rule is over 1600 years old and is used by the richest families of this world generation after generation I think you have realized the essential difference and why it is possible to build wealth and prosperity in the long run don’t you so what do we do what does VCI virtual currency international do it is our vision to share this knowledge with all people worldwide we want to give you training and financial education we cooperate with strong partners and companies from three areas to deliver products that have direct access we use blockchain technology to make these products modern and better making these products and the associated financial education accessible worldwide so from now on you can have a good financial education and make your money work better for you with great products to build up long-term wealth in this context we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our two current products in the area of trading one our hybrid packages they are packages with great learning content about trading Forex futures and crypto and at the same time we distribute our own trading profits of up to percent per day to all package owners every day from Monday to Friday pretty cool isn’t it the hybrid packages start from $25 to our social trading product ocean 8 here you have your own broker account and therefore full control over your money at all times we will help you join the account and connect you with one or more of our good traders you give a small profit share to them and get all the profits they make directly credited to your account you can also catch them out at any time because it’s your with these two products we were already leading in the area of training but it goes even further we still have a lot to do until 2021 as you have seen there are also products for precious metals and gemstones real estate and wood investments at the same time we will set you up with our own exchange issue your own prepaid card and establish a child smile foundation to support sick children in hospitals this was a short film about us we hope you enjoyed it did we piqued your interest you can find out more about our vision and our company on our website just visit BCI international thank you for watching VCI we deliver dreams

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