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You could be believing, “hmm … one more health/wellness company. Which cares?” and you wouldn’t be the just on thinking that. When we began VG Wellness, we asked ourselves that exact question, Who Cares? The response to this inquiry is the foundation on which we created our business. We Care. We care concerning giving the ideal nourishment from house, being a different kind of mlm company, and– most significantly– health. House implies different things to different folks yet, fortunately for us, the majority of you reading this short article define residence extremely likewise, the Philippines. The majority of us matured in the Philippines or in American Filipino residences and share the same solid Filipino Pride. We all have a nanay, lola, lolo or tiya whom is frequently worried about exactly what we are eating and try to force-feed us some Ampalaya, Malungay or Saluyot. These same loved ones are likewise the ones that smuggled seeds of these plants into the country when they relocated here from the Philippines. For them, these veggies are something from home they can not live without which’s exactly just how we really feel at VG Wellness. We have created a method to assist people acquire healthier in the exact same means that Filipinos have for centuries and we call it VG7; we packed 7 of the most highly effective ingredients that the Philippines need to supply in one little, easy-to-take capsule. -Malungay -Ampalaya -Camote -Siling Labuyo -Saluyot -Gabi -Papaya We aren’t the typical health business with the common health item. We’re different; we’re Filipino. We are passionate regarding being different, in an excellent way, and that is just what establishes us apart. In addition to being a state-of-the-art wellness business, we are likewise a multi level marketing business providing a straightforward method to make some added money by selling our gadget. In this means we aren’t as well different than various other network marketing firms, yet that is where the similarities end. We don’t guarantee that you’ll make 10’s of many thousands when you join us, however we do assure that if you concentrate on sharing the item you will certainly be effective, and sharing VG7 simply could be the easiest point you’ve ever before done. Once individuals attempt it, they do not wish to quit acquiring it. When you join our rankings, you’ll make cash with our reasonable and balanced settlement plan. We provide you 5 methods to make cash; you could produce prompt earnings, and– of course– residual income (an internet marketing important). The very best component is that you could do this while getting healthy yourself! Our dedication to health appears in all that we do. We intend to supply greater than a good gadget, but information and information on health, healthy suggestions, dishes, and suggestions on acquiring energetic. We are a health company via and via which is apparent in VG Wellness’s ceos; Dr. Mike Cruz (a cosmetic surgeon) and Nonoy Famisaran, RPT (Registered Physical Therapist) have actually devoted their lives to health and have been entailed with a lot of health/wellness companies. Dr. Mike, a 3rd generation Filipino American, finished from Loma Linda School of medication and is now a successful specialist and Colonel in the US Army. He has also worked as a leader in government for many years as a statesman and, later on, as the Lt. Governor of Guam. He has actually gained lots of awards for his solution on Guam particularly with his healthcare campaigns, including one honor type President George H. W. Bush. Like him, Nonoy Famisaran is also a Graduate of Loma Linda University and has over 20 years encounter as a Corporate Rehab Director for Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities. He was a key player in the development of exactly what is today one of the largest and most effective rehabilitation contracting business in California. Along with his accomplishments in the Health Care industry, he has actually also been a leader in the Network Marketing sector for over 20 years. He is a terrific group home builder and Network Marketing Expert. This is our business, our group, and our product; we care heavily concerning every one of them and we hope that you’ll join us. Assist us bring VG Wellness to the remainder of the 4 million Filipinos in America and past. Let’s show America how you can be healthy like a Filipino.



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