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The emerging use of social media as a tool for recruitment plays a critical part in any type of business. Convenience, one of its biggest highlights, has been the most apparent benefit that recruiters are meant to experience. In affiliate marketing, there is no easier way to reach out to a wide range of potential affiliate networks than to advertise the program or product via large social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Companies with high web presence are said to not have only scaled profitability due to their large volume of audience, but also attract potential candidates into joining the organization. The same thing holds true when it comes to recruiting affiliate partners. Online marketers do not only use personal websites to interact with potential networks and clients. They post ads and share links on social networking sites for other people beyond their circle to recognize their existence.

recuit affiliates using social media

The role of social media in this sense is nothing that can be underestimated. With millions of people from different walks of life particularly hooked on the Interweb, it would not be too shocking to fish for a hundred prospects in a week’s time.

By providing great visibility of financial opportunity, anyone online would surely be enticed to join. This is why even those who are involved in multi-level marketing business primarily resort to social networking sites in promoting their enterprise.

There is hardly anybody claiming social media as the worst kind of recruitment platform. Apart from the fact that there is no need for you to waste a fortune for running an advertising campaign over the radio or television, you will also be overwhelmed getting a number of applications from interested individuals.

Maximizing its full potential, therefore, enables you turn potential leads into money. But as much as social media is of significant help, it is also important to be vigilant on possible pitfalls that may come along. Hence, you need to:

Be discerning upon choosing which platform to use. Social media sites are not alike. For microblogging, it will be a lot helpful if you use Twitter instead of LinkedIn. Twitter offers a wide access to a greater audience but this can only be effective during your initial recruitment process.

Using LinkedIn, on the other hand, is rather appropriate for a specific target. And since you are trying to gather up a number of affiliate marketers, consider creating a couple of accounts and see how many heads you manage to pull in together.

Be fastidious in screening potential applications. While social media allows you to come across several prospects, you need to exercise a certain amount of caution in coming up with a shortlist of qualified parties.

Remember, scammers have wickedly reigned the dark side. And thus, there is always a good chance for you to be trapped in their lair should you be too gullible in choosing your partners. Better yet, do a detailed online check.

screening affiliates

You need to check through history and background very carefully. The best affiliate networks should have sufficient information posted on their own web pages.

Be transparent in addressing important issues raked up from potential affiliate marketers’ social media accounts. There is no harm in probing. You only want whether or not these affiliates are reliable enough. As an affiliate manager, you have all the right to reject an applicant who is not that worthy.

Social media sites will always give you the best advantage in recruiting people. But, it also pays to know who you are bringing to the team. You cannot risk on having someone who simply says he is an expert, right? You need proofs. So do not be hesitant in asking some.

Your sales depend on these people. Just use social media as your link to them not as a primary source of recruitment. There have been quite a number of companies that have gained too much from this though. Aside from being convenient and cost-effective, this trend also enables them to:

Experience increased brand awareness. The interactive nature of social media makes it a lot easier for businesses to promote products without setting up costly trade shows and events. Consumers, themselves, learn about the benefits of the product and other specifics by simply navigating the net without bothering anyone from the marketing team.

Achieve positive corporate image. With the valuable word-of-mouth and good feedback received from individuals who have used the same products, it is never impossible to build an exemplary reputation in the industry. And social media is just a perfect avenue to spread good words.

Encounter less bureaucracy. Seeing the possible opportunity posted on social networking sites, interested parties often contact the personnel in charge directly without passing through the normal recruitment process.

That being said, it is no wonder why more and more businesses are using social media in hunting for the right people. And since this is equally beneficial for an affiliate manager like you, just give yourself a break from the taxing traditional recruitment process. As long as you are heedful of the probable dangers, then you will not be sorry for sure.

Now, how will you go about the recruiting process?

First, you need to find people in your niche. With the tons of applications you have received, you sure cannot assume that all of them can guarantee you excellent sales in the future. Make your product known so that those who do not have the foggiest idea on how to market your product will not be wasting time sending their application.

Think of how many affiliate marketers do you intend to bring to the team. Sometimes, it is not the number of affiliates that can give you better sales. A few affiliates can be more effective considering the positive drive and intense focus they have on your niche. In other words, the fewer affiliate marketers you have, the less likely they get intimidated by their rivals in the industry and the more likely they double their efforts in producing awesome figures.

Evaluate your goals. Ask yourself what you really want for your affiliate program. You may not only be attempting to drive sales but also trying to get new subscribers. And if you want more leads, then be specific about it.

Rather look for super affiliates. You want the best performers, right? So do not deliberately put your affiliate program in jeopardy by having underachievers on board. Go for those who have established reputations. There is no way of generating sizeable income leaving your program to amateurs.

Super Affiliates

Prepare a list of potential super affiliates. Whether or not you have a ton of products to market, you only need the super achievers in your team. Hence, narrow down your list in accordance with the maximum number you need.

Reach out to them with utmost sincerity. Using social media, you can directly make inquiries through sending them private messages. Do not limit yourself to this idea though. Ask for their contact information so you can directly discuss things over the phone. That is, if these affiliate marketers are reachable within your location.

Be prepared to woo them. As super affiliates have already made name in the online marketing business, you can clearly expect at least a dozen of merchants who are also after their service. Get enough attention from these marketers and a vow to give them the best possible conversion rate or commission fee for them not to say no to your proposal.

Use multiple methods as the need arises. Do not just visit their Facebook page. Explore for more meaningful sources. Go to their other social media accounts like Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn and never stop pursuing them until they give in to your offer.

Try sending special packages. Do not be mortified for being too desperate of getting their attention. Let them know how enthusiastic you are by sharing them the products you are promoting. So if you are selling skin care goods, indulge them with a few of the best ones in order for them to clearly know how sincere you are.

Follow these potential affiliates on every social networking site they have signed up. The point of doing this is not for you to keep tabs on their personal or business-related updates. That is for them to know you are part of their circle.

Attend trade shows. Check out if there are affiliate marketing conferences being organized in town. Go to those that have the most affiliate marketers attending. That way, you will be able to track down a few of the best in online advertising.

Now, you have all the viable ways to attract the most suitable affiliates. Your only problem is whether to approve every one or reject some of them. When approving affiliates, however, it is necessary not to simply rely on the automated system. Do this manually since there is no better way to ascertain the best than going through all applications one by one.

So what do you think of this? Is this realistic or not? Feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment below.

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