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UniverTeam released in late 2013 and provide 2 business addresses on their site.

The main address supplied is in Balio Portugal, which seems where UniverTeam is being lacked. An added address in Hong Kong is supplied, nevertheless a Google search discloses numerous companies running out of the very same address. This is typical of virtual workplace room, suggesting that UniverTeam exists in Hong Kong simply as a virtual mailing address.

Accepted as the CEO and Founder of UniverTeam is Alexandre Arenales. Arenales’ previous MLM encounter views him accepted as an “Executive Director” in the Brazilian Ponzi plan Multiclick (person at a loss tshirt):.


When Arenales joined MultiClick is unclear, however video clips of him marketing the system on YouTube exist that were submitted over a year back.

Like TelexFree, Multiclick was your normal “spam the internet day-to-day” Ponzi system. Affiliates invested in between R$ 600 and R$ 2750 each position, and under the guise of spamming the web daily with ads for Multiclick, were guaranteed a ROI of R$ 160 to R$ 800 a month.

After TelexFree was shutdown in June 2013 by regulators in the Brazilian state of Acre, several investors leapt ship to MultiClick. Multiclick had actually allegedly pulled in around 300,000 capitalists (most of which were from Brazil and Portugal), prior to regulatory authorities froze the business’s assets.

Aside from MultiClick being a Ponzi plan, claims of money laundering and embezzlement likewise emerged, with regulatory authorities revealing that authorities in the US, Venezuela and Europe had actually been alerted to the company’s activities.

MultiClick tested the freeze in court, saying that the regulative examination “was a mistake”. In November the original decision was not simply supported but extended. The brand-new freeze included all financial institution accounts and assets concerning MultiClick and their administration, and also prohibited the firm from joining brand-new financiers.

MultiClick’s offices were robbed later on that month, and as I recognize it the case against the company proceeds.

Just how much money Alexandre Arenales had linked up in MultiClick is uncertain, nevertheless the month after Brazilian regulators invaded the business and closed it down, he went on to introduce UniverTeam in Portugal.

I did a hunt for several of the various other execs specified on the UniverTeam site, and not amazingly additionally found them to be ex-affiliates of MultiClick. Antonio Leite for example, is detailed as the CFO of UniverTeam and can be viewed over with Alexandre Arenales in the MultiClick advertising video screenshot.

Right here’s an additional Multiclick marketing video clip example, revealing Arenales once more however this moment with UniverTeam’s “Venezuelan President”, Francisco Vegas:.


I would certainly want to gamble that many, otherwise all, of UniverTeam’s executive team were involved in MultiClick straight under Arenales, or otherwise as other top Portuguese affiliate financiers of the firm.

Keep reading for a full testimonial of the UniverTeam MLM company possibility.

The UniverTeam Product Line.
The UniverTeam website provides the following 4 products and solutions readily available available:.

UniverShare (100 EUR)– spam solution that targets social networks.
UniverAds (cost-free)– identified internet site with optional costs advertising listing (no details on costs provided).
UniverApp (200 EUR)– social mobile app, “interacts” with a phone’s ‘camera, GPS and social networks’.
UniverWebs (100 EUR)– internet style.
UniverCommerce (350 EUR)– e-commerce system.
The UniverTeam Compensation Plan.
The UniverTeam compensation strategy mainly rotates around members subscribing and buying one of 3 offered plans.

Employment Commissions.
Each time you suggest a new affiliate, you get a bonus for that association.

As above, UniverTeam members are paid a compensation for each brand-new affiliate they recruit. Exactly how much of a commission is paid relies on just how much the sponsored affiliate paid to join the firm:.

Junior– 25 EUR.
Elderly– 75 EUR.
Master– 150 EUR.
Weekly ROI.
Each of the three affiliate packages features a regular ROI:.

Junior– 15 factors.
Elderly– 45 points.
Master– 75 points.
Affiliates are paid the above ROI, offered they junk mail the net daily in support of UniverTeam.

Keep in mind that the UniverTeam settlement plan specifies that.

Endorsement value 1 factor = 1 EUR.

Referral payments on ROIs paid to an affiliates downline are additionally offered, paid down 6 levels of recruitment:.

degrees 1 to 3– 6 %.
levels 4 to 6– 2 %.
Residual Binary Commissions.
A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of 2 placements. These two placements branch off into one more two positions, and so on etc down a theoretical boundless variety of degrees:.


Each position in the binary represents a sponsored affiliate (either straight or not directly sponsored), with compensations paid as a portion of the affiliate bundle they bought when they registered.

The amount of of a percentage is paid depends on the amount of the affiliate obtaining the commission themselves spent for their package:.

Junior– 5 %.
Senior– 8 %.
Master– 11 %.
UniverTeam Affiliate Membership Ranks.
There are 9 affiliate membership rates within the UniverTeam compensation plan. In addition to their respective certification criteria, they are as follows:.

Affiliate– pay 25 EUR membership fee and buy a bundle.
Bronze– generate 30,000 factors (gathered) on your weak binary side (left or right).
Silver– create 60,000 factors (collected) on your weak binary side.
Gold – create 120,000 points (collected) on your weak binary side.
Platinum – produce 280,000 factors (gathered) on your weak binary side.
Emerald – produce 750,000 factors (built up) on your weak binary side.
Diamond – create 4,000,000 points (built up) on your weak binary side.
Double Diamond – generate 15,000,000 factors (gathered) on your weaker binary side.
Triple Diamond – create 75,000,000 factors (accumulated) on your weak binary side.
Rank Achievement Bonus.
As a UniverTeam affiliate is promoted with the company’s affiliate subscription ranks, the business awards them as follows:.

Bronze– if affiliate joined with a Junior package deal, they are “upgraded” to an 8 % compensation in the binary, Senior and Master bundle associates are paid 500 EUR.
Silver– if affiliate accompanied a Senior package deal, they are “upgraded” to an 11 % compensation in the binary, Senior and Master package deal affiliate are paid 500 EUR.
Gold– iPhone 5s or 500 EUR.
Platinum– MacBook Pro and an iPad Mini or 1500 EUR.
Emerald green– a “trip for 2” and 1000 EUR.
Diamond– a “ring or a locket and an automobile”, or 30,000 EUR.
Double Diamond– a “ring or a pendant and an auto”, or 90,000 EUR.
Triple Diamond– a “ring or a pendant”, a “residence or a Ferrari” or 250,000 EUR.
UniverBonus Pools.
UniverTeam has 3 incentive pools, which show up to be moneyed with percentages of the around the world earnings the company generates from associates.

Shares in the pools are linked to affiliate membership rankings:.

Diamond (1 % pool)– 1 share.
Double Diamond (1 % swimming pool)– 1 share.
Triple Diamond (3 % swimming pool)– 1 share.
Signing up with UnverTeam.
Basic affiliate UniverTeam affiliate membership is 25 EUR, plus the acquisition of among the adhering to 3 package deals:.

Junior– 150 EUR.
Senior– 900 EUR.
Master– 1500 EUR.
A recurring month-to-month fee is likewise billed, with the charge determined by an affiliate’s membership rank:.

Bronze to Gold affiliates– 50 EUR.
Platinum and Emerald members– 100 EUR.
Diamond members– 200 EUR.
UniverTeam’s marketed retail services and products seem somewhat of a joke.

UniverShare– 100 EUR to have UniverTeam spam social networks for you?
UniverAds– no person (various other compared to associates) are paying UniverTeam to promote on their classified web site.
UniverApp– 200 EUR for a fundamental social application? Right.
UniverWebs– UniverTeam’s sites all run on WordPress (their homepage uses the $55 “Jarvis” motif). One would presume UniverTeam’s isn’t considerably additional than duplicated WordPress installs.
UniverCommerce– The Jarvis theme “sustains WooCommerce” a third-party ecommerce system for WordPress. Whether UniverTeam are utilizing this however is vague, however I wouldn’t be stunned. Nevertheless, WooCommerce is complimentary so why UniverTeam are billing 350 EUR for this is a mystery to me.
Dismissing UniverTeam’s item line-up as almost unnecessary, just what you’re left with is a common Ponzi plan.

Affiliates indication up for 25 EUR, buy among the 3 readily available packages and, as long as they junk mail the net daily, gather a regular ROI. The amount of of a ROI is paid out is straight linked into just how much is invested, with the package deals also dictating compensation prices in various other locations of the settlement plan too.


New affiliate money through preliminary costs, regular monthly fees and package deal investment, is shuffled around to pay existing investors who have currently paid their charges.

Including a pyramid plan layer to the plan, UniverTeam associates are additionally straight paid to sponsor new financiers.

Provided Alexandre Arenales and his colleagues’ involvement in MultiClick, UniverTeam’s business model and targeting of South American and European Ponzi capitalists is rarely shocking.

Taking a look at the Alexa graphes for “univerteam.com”, one can view spikes at launch (soon after MultiClick’s shutdown ended up being irreversible), and again when TelexFree was shutdown in the US:.


I myself only began to receive evaluation demands for UniverTeam in mid-April, which once again synchronizes with TelexFree’s regulative shutdown. This ought to offer you a great trick of the kind of folks UniverTeam is eye-catching to (Ponzi reload scammers).

Contribute to that management whose case to MLM popularity was fleecing affiliate capitalists in previous similar Ponzi schemes and … well it’s noticeable this isn’t really visiting finish well.

Similar to all Ponzi reload plans, UniverTeam is unlikely to be as successful as its precursors. As soon as that new affiliate investor money decreases and then at some point runs out, kaboom.



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