United Paycheck Rewards of Becoming a Super Affiliate


Following are the rewards of becoming a Super Affiliate:

1. A Super Affiliate stands a good chance to become the Representative face in

his/her region and receive bonuses on referral of each affiliate living in that


2. He/She receives 5% extra commission (Apart from regular Direct, Binary AdBank

and AdPort income) on all the purchases made by his/her “direct referrals”.

3. He/She works closely with the administration of United Paycheck and has a great

opportunity to receive awards and rewards which United Paycheck announces from time to

time. These awards and rewards are purely based on performance.

4. United Paycheck helps a Super Affiliate with online referrals which come directly

to the Company. The new referrals who do not have any referrer and enquire

about the business will be redirected to a Super Affiliate in that region.

5. United Paycheck  also provides technological help like creating a Blog for a Super affiliate and

maintaining that blog on a regular basis.

Leveraging the potential of our management team and our global customers, we have

envisioned building the world’s largest “Performance Based Advertising” marketplace as

an additional revenue generation tool for the clients and the industry. As a Super

Affiliate one has a chance to stand out of the crowd and be the Company’s front face in

his/her region. We wish all the luck to our aspiring Super Affiliates in their business

endeavors with United Paycheck affiliate network.



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