Ultimate Power Profits IGOBIDWIN Penny Auction webinar RECAP


All I can say is WOW!

I want to recap tonight webinar for Ultimate Power Profits GlobalOne.

There was a new speaker tonight.  His name is Bill.  He really got people excited and eager to get this program launched.

The most important announcement was that they are putting the Ultimate Power Profits IGOBIDWIN Penny Auction back in the shop.  They want to talk to their attorneys and make sure that everything will be complaint, etc.

As I had said the past few days, I cannot see any problem with the Ultimate Power Profits IGOBIDWIN Penny Auction not coming out right away.  We have 3 compensation plans all ready to roll out.

Ultimate Power Profits GO Global Profit Pool
Spinfinity (created and patented by Scott Evans)

With these 3 compensation plans the company has a great start in the industry.

The products that are included with our monthly membership are Investment Insight Lessons.
Remember the man who spoke a few weeks ago about investing?
He was talking to us about these lessons.

The products that Bill (as well as Scott Evans) talked about tonight are game changers.
Yes, I agree, maybe not all of them are products that will be used by everyone.

1) A spray that sterilizes a room in 3 minutes.  Imagine  having an operating room sterilized in 3 minutes.  Anywhere, anytime!
2) One drop of this product and it purifys water in minutes.  Wow, how we can help people everywhere in the world with this product.  Imagine being somewhere lost in the swamps of Florida and no drinking water.  Always carry some kind of emergency kit and this product is one item I would make sure was included in that kit.
3) A product that turns salt water into fresh drinking water.  I can see that this product MUST be part of every emergency kit attached to life rafts.
4) A product that sterilizes food and makes it last longer.  I can’t wait to get some of this product just to use on my garden vegetables.  Imagine the food that can be shipped overseas now and stay fresher, longer.
5) A cattle product.  I did not get the information thanks to my phone ringing.

I am more excited every day.  May I suggest that you DO NOT miss any Ultimate Power Profits webinars that the company has scheduled in the near future.

Good Luck with bringing in more Affiliates.



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