Transparency in Life Wise with CEO Rob Alwin


hey guys Rob Alwin here founder and

CEO of life-wise and I’m excited to

share with you a very quick uh just a

very quick word some updates some thank

yous first off I just want to thank the

Lord because he is bringing us the

people we’ve been praying feverishly

that the right people would be on the

bus and the absolute most incredible

people the people with heart the people

with integrity

the people is servant leadership as the

style of their of the way they build

their business they serve they feed they

love they encourage and they pray for

and so as all of you get into

relationship with the leaders that are

joining us at LifeWise I’m proud I’m

proud to be able to share these people

with you but I have a very very strong

message that I want to share with you

folks listen to me there is something

called leadership and it is either

authentic and honest or it is

manipulative folks in life you have

choices and you’re going to get to

choose what style of leadership that you

are with

I believe this actions they speak louder

than words on one hand I could be saying

everything but here’s what I want you to

understand I want you to evaluate

my actions do you realize that in just

the last few days I’ve been talking

about integrity and transparency there

are companies out there with absolutely

no transparency and unfortunately that’s

a heartbreak but it’s why I’m not with

those certain companies now leaders


you leaders have an opportunity at this

pivotal time where so many companies are

closing their doors and all of those

people need a home a place to go to

I want you to know that life-wise is

going to be a safe harbor no fake it to

make it

in fact if you’re a leader and you

believe that people should have to spend

a thousand or two thousand dollars to

get involved to maximize that comp plan

you’re probably not a leader for our

company I’m not looking for leaders that

want to get into something and make 10

20 50 100 000 their first month

I’m looking for leaders that want to

bring along dozens of single moms senior

citizens on fixed income couples that

want to have an insurance plan on the

side if you will because if one of them

loses their job it radically rocks the

world I’m looking for leaders that want

to teach people how to win the right way

living beneath your means saving your

money paying off your debt and being

able to use your life for God’s highest

and best purpose

we are looking for leaders that believe

that products should be affordable for

everyone I’m looking for leaders that

believe that you know what

we’re not going to leave people out

because you’re going to have to spend

100 or 200 or 300 a month and a grand or

1500 or 2000 on the front end to get

them started in their own business and

to get them dreaming and believing that

there’s great things in store for them

folks I’m looking for leaders that want

to lead authentically no smoking no


every month you’re going to know the

sales of our company every month you’re

going to know how much we donated to

tunnel to Towers because we’re given one

dollar for every product we sell not

different percentages not it’s based on

profit front and full price Buck a


do you want that kind of transparency do

you want to know these things do you

want to know what the payout to the

people was do you want to know what was

left over to run the company

you’ll never get that anywhere else I’ve

never seen it anywhere else in 35 years

folks I say this not to boast

but I’ve been a black diamond two times

two different companies one company with

a couple million people there was 50 of

us another company there was seven of us

I got there in the first day that you

could hit it

listen to me I know how to build I know

what people want I know how to do this

but it has not been a safe harbor

obviously my former company is closing


listen folks this one is not going to be

a run it’s not going to be a place for a

little while this is going to be a place

where you can get involved and spend 39

a month on auto ship and expect the

absolute best science the absolute best

product well you’re never going to be

asked to buy more than that we might

suggest a different business proposals

to show you how to build big and

powerfully then maybe maybe you get two

products and spend 78 bucks maybe you do

maybe we only require you to sponsor one

person on autoship of 39 a month but

what if what if I laid out a plan where

if each person got four it you would

eventually be just one product with no

front loading

you could end up making a significant

six-figure income folks in fact you

could make a significant income even if

you only got one person started because

of our comp plan which is

straightforward no points leaders if you

want to talk to your people in gibberish

you want to talk points conversions

business volume

pay side not pay side strong side weak


how about leaders that have a training

program where the people can come in and

get loved up on and learn how to win in

life for 35 dollars a month

how about being able to share hope

authentically because everyone can join

you at 35 or 39. so listen leaders as

you prayerfully consider where you’re

going to put your people I want you to

ask do you know anything about their

incorporation do you know anything about

who owns it do you know who the

investors are do you know who the

corporate board is do you know who the

formulator is do you know who its

corporate leaders are do you know the

name of the company

do you know their comp plan do you know

their products do you know the name of

their products do you know what the

products are supposed to do

we got nothing to hide over here at

life-wise and we wish everyone much

success but I’m speaking to people who

want to lead other people

please take them to a safe harbor please

take people to a place where they’re

going to be celebrated and they can

afford to do life with you

we hope Brokers trying to do life wise

we are going to be the next forever

company I want to build a business like

DeVos and Van Andel the Amway

Corporation I’m not saying I want to do

exactly like they did but it was two

good guys they got together and said

let’s give people an opportunity to

share a free enterprise and great

products if you’re looking for a safe

home a happily ever after home I’m

telling you I’m going to do everything

in my power to build this safe and sound

that’s why my wife and I are using our

own money so no one else ever tugs on us

100 funded by God through the Owens

there is no person in the closet 100

transparency I promise you leaders

when’s the last time a CEO of a company

gave you that kind of transparency or do

they talking gibberish

to all my network marketing friends out

there I’m praying for you that you would

make a great decision for the least of

these that you would have an opportunity

for people to be a part of something

that they can afford to stay in long

long term anyway I hope that you help

people to make wise choices don’t you

run your single mom into something

that’s going to cost 1900 bucks don’t

you run your senior citizen Grandma into

something that’s going to cost 1900


anybody who becomes a Founder with us

they simply

joined us during the very beginning of

our company no front loading

and by the time that we have launched

those people that are in there will be

something set aside for them that as

long as they are active with their

whoppy 39 a month there will be

something special for them every month

for the rest of their life for having

the belief to join us we will set aside

a profit sharing pool for those Founders

that join us who simply get in and buy

two products a month for a very short

period of time I.E this year come be a

Founder with us

come do life-wise with us let’s build

your dreams together I sincerely from

the bottom of my heart I want your

dreams to come true but I know you need

a business model like this

if their Compensation Plan takes two

three four five six ten pages to explain

to you how you get paid it will never go

well for you I’m just telling you they

need to be able to talk about it they

need to be able to feel good about

what’s coming out of their mouth and

when they can’t explain it it doesn’t

feel good so they keep their mouth quiet

I’m believing that we’re going to move

into tens of thousands hundreds of

thousands and even a million people

within the next two years I’m not

talking about money I’m talking about

blessing people paying off cars paying

off homes paying off student debt

getting debt free and living the

American dream thank you so much leaders

now that you’ve heard this you can’t

take it back I hope that you make a

quality decision for the rest of your

life but if not we’ll always be here

after you make everybody spend a bunch

of money and get their hearts broke if

that does happen

I’ll be right here with my bride with

our corporate team and with God as the

chairman of our board to love them up

pray them up and get them back on track

because we are here long term for Life

fully committed from my heart let’s go

life-wise God bless y’all



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