These apps help you edit photos like a pro —no design skills required


TL;DR: Step up your Instagram game with the InPaint Photo Editing App Bundle for Mac and Windows for $24.99, a 74% savings as of June 24.

After spending 10 minutes on Instagram, it may feel like everyone except you knows how to use Photoshop like a pro. Does it just come naturally? Did they spend hours upon hours teaching themselves how to edit? It’s a mystery. But one thing is for sure: it’s complicated.

For those who don’t have the time, energy, or money to put into learning Adobe Photoshop, we’ve got some alternatives for you in the InPaint Photo Editing App Bundle. Good for Mac and Windows users, these five apps have virtually no learning curve and will get tough edits — like removing unwanted objects from photos — done in seconds.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s included:

InPaint Photo Editing

The main app in the bundle, InPaint can magically fill selected areas of photos with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. Or, in other words, it removes unwanted stuff from your photos in a snap. You can also repair old photos, remove watermarks, do digital face retouching, erase wrinkles and blemishes, and more — all without having to learn any technical skills.

Multi-View InPaint

Similarly, Multi-View InPaint lets you remove moving objects from photos with lots of fine details. All you have to do is take several shots of the same scene, so that every part of the scenery is visible, and the app will work its magic in a few clicks, removing any unwanted tourists or other moving things from the photo.

As the name suggests, BatchInpaint is a batch version of InPaint that lets you process a collection of photos all at once. It’s perfect for removing time stamps or watermarks from multiple photos without wasting time.

No wide angle lens? No problem. With PhotoStitcher, you can take a group of overlapping photos from a single location and virtually stitch them together. The result is a perfectly produced panoramic image.

This app lets you rescale and resize photos in a smart way that won’t distort, crop, or change the content. And the best part? You barely have to do any work.

This bundle of photo-editing apps would typically cost you $99.95, but you can save 74% and get all five apps for only $24.99.

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