The Internet Defends Prince George After Royal Author Reveals He Said ‘My Dad Will Be King, You Better Watch Out’ – Entertainment

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nine-year-old eldest son, Prince George has found himself the topic of a social media debate. Royal author Katie Nicholl, in her book titled The New Royals, claimed that Prince George used his royal title to warn his peers from getting on his bad side and the dire consequences of doing so.

As reported by Times Now, Katie wrote in the book, ”[William and Kate] are raising their children, particularly Prince George, with an awareness of who he is and the role he will inherit, but they are keen not to weigh them down with a sense of duty.” She further wrote that during a spat with his classmate, Prince George said, ”My dad will be king so you better watch out,”

It was not long before the internet picked up on the anecdote and had a rather mixed reaction to it. While some took a comical approach to react to the story, particularly desi Twitterati who were reminded of rich Delhiites, some came out in support of the second-in-line prince amidst his incessant online bullying.

This isn’t the first time that Prince George has been a target. In 2019, Lara Spencer made awful comments about Prince George and laughed while doing the report. Katie should know better than to take info from a child’s school guess she forgot the gentleman’s agreement

— Kate’s Power Suit (@KatesPowerSuit)

We did it. We colonized them back. He said tu jaanta nahi Mera baap Kaun hay he pulled the ac Boi card

— Faryal (@Kaarichawal)

prince george, second in line to the british throne, officially a delhi boy

— meds 🦋 (@aintlaugh)

Congrats to Prince George on his commitment to play lacrosse at Yale

— Nick Ossello (@nickossello)

Shameful for Katie Nicholl to use young Prince George as fodder in her book. He’s a child. Children speak among their friends without political thinking or malice. He’ll be groomed to be King. He knows his Dad will be King. His Dad is his protector.
For George,it was just a fact.

— Lizzie (@pi_lizzie)

Many also bashed author Katie Nicholl for writing about it in the book. They held her responsible for Prince George’s bullying on social media.

Prince George woke up mad like “pick on me again and you all will soon be peasants”

— Kas (@kaspndr)

Prince George when someone takes a crayon from him at school

— DaftPina (@DaftPina)

So Katie Nicholl’s new book includes tattle tales of a schoolyard tussle Prince George had?!

In case you were thinking of buying her book, don’t!

Children should be off limits.

— Countess Commonwealth (@CountessCommon1)

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