The Galaxy S6 Edge+ Is Samsung’s Answer To The iPhone 6 Plus…


Today at a big press conference, Samsung announced two new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and its new sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. While a Note update was highly anticipated, the S6 Edge+ is a new beast. And the best way to describe it is that its a direct iPhone 6 Plus competitor.

While the S6 Edge+ has the same 5.7-inch display as the Note 5, it is slimmer, lighter and much better suited for real world usage. It doesn’t have a stylus and all the power features that Galaxy Note users love. But it has a bigger screen than your average smartphone letting you do more.

Like the S6 Edge, Samsung’s new phone is made of glass and aluminium. Gone is the cheap plastic casing, the removable battery and the microSD slot. In exchange, the device only weighs 153g, which is lighter than the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 5. Even though the iPhone 6 Plus has a slightly smaller 5.5-inch display, it weighs 172g.

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