The 5 Pillars of Life Wise by Rob Alwin


I’m Rob Alwin and I am the CEO and founder of this company and we’re humbled and we’re grateful that you’re taking a moment of your busy schedule to spend it with us and so tonight we’re going to talk about the five fundamentals the first one is who is this company
the second key star the key component is
the timing for you what’s going on in
the world what’s going on for you personally and what’s going on with that company third is we need to talk about the products that we’re going to be launching that’s the third star the fourth is the compensation how do I earn my income and fifth we’re going to talk about our cause we’re super excited about our cause here at LifeWise we’re going to do things very disruptive we’re gonna break away the old Paradigm we’re gonna break away the old ways of doing things we want to see you happy we want to see you successful we want to see you healthy we want you to be prosperous and we want you to be fulfilled and to get there it’s going to take these five stars to be really solid some of you know I’ve been doing this for 35 years and what these 35 years has taught me is that someone needs to bring a five-star opportunity to the marketplace that’s different folks around us there’s a lot of companies and they’re just too expensive to be involved with so let’s just talk about our company life wise we will start our official pre-launch on Easter Easter symbolic you know there was the old ways and then the new ways I like the new ways better how about you and we’re gonna have our full-blown launch as a company dialed in nice and tight on 4th of July which is also symbolic it’s symbolic for you to be able to have Freedom Financial Freedom personal freedom freedom from debt freedom from stress freedom from isolation because you’re going to be a part of a family
the company that we are going to be is transparent
the company that we’re going to be and offer you is an honest open books company how about that we desire as a company to be relationship Rich I’ll say that one again relationship rich fiscally responsible no private jet because we will be big I’d rather pour that money into your Compensation Plan we’re proud to say that we’re going to be a company that is faith based we are not ashamed we want to be simple to understand no complicated compensation plans nothing complicated to share with your family simplicity
as a company we’re going to be focused
on creating Health Products that will benefit you physically because we want your wealth to come from exceptional health
as a company we want to be loving and genuine we’re going to be people focused we commit we are committed to being affordable always best products and services at the absolute Rock Bottom as cheap as you can do it pricing we’re going to be customer attractive because we want customers to enjoy our products we as a company are going to be a place where we are filled with hope so that we can share that hope with you we want to be a re emotionally rewarding experience where you come for now or you come for a lifetime we want it to be a place where you get patched up taken to
the next level encourage love prayed for
as a company we want to create a family that is our company and that is the first star second I want you to know who’s going to be running this company so listen myself and my beautiful bride Ronnie we’re honored to be the founders of this company we’re also very honored to have the chairman of the board of our company be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that Satan will always stay open because he’s
the one that we’re going to be in submission to
I will also be the CEO of this company
as some of you may or may not know I’ve had the opportunity to be vice president of three medical equipment companies I’ve owned five real estate companies three car dealerships an antique store a home flipping business and uh I love free enterprise it’s so I’m excited that my wife and I are starting this company and we’re using our resources to build this company for you I’m very excited that the president of our company is Pastor Chris Clem PhD his whole role in this company is to lead us with integrity to develop curriculum that could help us to be our absolute best selves he’s willing to take his ministry outside the four walls he has got a fresh PhD in leadership and we’re going to pour that through our people we’re excited about that Tracy Gibbs PhD is our formulator world renowned thousand formulas over 60 companies are using his product and he his products are in 16 countries he is our vice president of formulations and we are grateful we’re so excited about Greg and Sylvia because they are our Master Partners our field leaders the folks in the field that are out there building with you arm
in arm best leaders I could have ever picked for that position and he is going to pour his experiences into you and many of you know that he has built organizations as big as a hundred thousand in the network marketing space he is our vice president his beautiful wife Sylvia has been in Ministry and lay Ministry and has built some of the largest most incredible women’s Ministries in the country she is going to be our vice president of relationships Trisha Clem she is not only the wife of Dr Clem but she’s going to help us with our events every year we’re gonna have a beautiful beautiful convention and I’m telling you it will be the best Ram you’ve ever seen in your life their beautiful daughter Kennedy Clem is our director of marketing and she’s going to help us with our graphics and so much to position us to be sharp out there in the marketplace and my incredible cousin Mike all when he’s been with me for 30 years and all different worn every half there is he will be leading up our customer service team folks that is our team we’re proud of them now I want to talk about the timing
I want to talk about it in a couple different ways one listen
the industry is looking for a safe harbor companies are going out of business companies are doing some kind of odd things merging getting together closing doors rebranding new names and there’s all kinds of crazy stuff going on out there but you know what that’s not a safe harbor why are we doing this because we want to create a place where we can create a residual a willable income that we can leave to our children’s children while we serve and love others life-wise will be a safe harbor and never before has there been more people looking for a safe home something that they can start for as little as 35 dollars a month with no big pack to buy on the front end no big sponsoring requirements in fact you’ve only got to go get one person and you can share in our profits I’ll explain that in a minute but listen as the young educated struggle to find employment in their careers as these seniors struggle with fixed incomes
as families are working out their brains with two jobs and debts are killing us it’s just not enough someone needs to create an opportunity we are doing that we want people to live wise it is wise to dig your well before you need to drink thirdly we want to talk about our products so listen y’all we’ve got the greatest formulator in health and wellness in the supplement vitamin nutrition component we’ve got
the absolute best PhD in Tracy Gibbs who would like to be able to have products to help them to have Clarity your mind is a very important thing to nourish our PhD formulator Tracy has created a a strip that dissolves in your mouth he will tell you more about it I am not the scientist our product is going to be called Clarity it is 39 for a month’s Supply okay folks if you became a customer of that product it is nothing for you to join you pay the same prices us and you can order whenever you want our second product it’s called the dream and it is a sleep aid to help you to dream again not only do we want you to get clarity not only do we want you to have a great night’s sleep but we want you dreaming about a clear future we are coming out with a product called restore it’s an anti-inflammatory and Tracy can talk more about it and it helps with some of your mild aches and pains but I think we all want to take care of this body I think we all want it to have the nutrients that it needs to serve us well so think about a product line where each of these three products are only thirty nine dollars for a month’s Supply and they’re from one of the greatest if not the greatest formulator that the world has ever seen in nutritional products folks those are Game Changer products lastly I will tell you this that within six months Tracy’s greatest accomplishment in nutrition is going to be released it’s already got the name it’s going to be called the one now it’s not going to be 39 bucks but it’s going to be the one you’re going to take all
the best things basically God ever gave planet Earth and you’re going to shove it into one nutritional program and take this thing to the next level and just be
the one does this sound like we have great products that are for your body you bet let me tell you about that other product it is a leadership development program we call it leap Leadership Excellence and personal development we want you to make a great leap into personal performance for your family or for yourself so how about we teach you in a 35 a month PhD level leadership success training course that Dr Clem is going to be putting out with my Aid and the aid of other people folks nobody shares love and tenderness and Grace and love like Dr Clem
I love that brother so listen a 35 leadership program a little over 400 bucks a year to take you to the next level in your job your career and your relationships now that’s a product the next component of all of this is the compensation I’m so excited to be able to share with you that we’re going to have the simplest most productive Compensation Plan I’ve ever seen in 35 years we’re going to be 99 a year for your for your website for your back office and for your app to help you build your business but listen if you get involved with this now while we’re Pioneers well we are in this soft launch to the pre-launch we’re going to waive that because obviously we’re not there yet why in the world will we ever charge you anything it’s free to join us and here’s what’s cool about our comp plan for any of you that get involved with us
as a founder you will never have to pay that 99 because we’re going to waive it for the life that you’re with us as long as you will stay on an auto ship of one product a month pick one whether it’s the leadership program because you want to win you want to take you to the next level or were you whether you want a good night’s sleep or you want a body that feels really good you know or whether you want that mental Clarity you can be a Founder you can get everyone you know signed up in this and benefit them and not have it break
the bank and is anybody going to get a bad bad taste off of world-class nutrition or world-class leadership development that cost you either 35 or 39 dollars that cost you nothing to get
in and they didn’t ask you to buy any package and that your membership fee could be waived for the rest of your life yeah I’m really excited about that you get in for free you need one product you can get as many
as you want you need one product that’s your overhead this will take Wings all over the place but I’m just telling you right now I’m not going to any of those other places
I care about America to fly all over the world to bless people physically and financially and I love that but I’m telling each and every one of you I am drop dead serious about being the premier company for North America what do I do to earn in your company sign up one person who produces an order a month we are going to profit share we all pay the same price we call ourselves life-wise partners because we’re going to lock arm and do this the people that join us as customers never pay a membership fee don’t have to buy anything per month they go in there they buy whatever they want and that money gets shared just as if they were a partner it’s so great to not make money
on your friends it’s so great to only make money from the company a company that will share its profits we are going to allow you to sign up as many as you want one side you can have one person and that one person can tell a person who tells a person who tells a person all the way down seven levels and we will share our profits from all of those orders from your person or persons no matter how many you tell you get one product 35 or 39 you sponsor one person 35 or 39 this is monthly month supply and you have an opportunity to earn five dollars profit share from the company for every product purchased from all the people that you personally sign up and when they tell people you are going to earn a three dollar profit share for every product of every one of those persons
on the third level
the person told the person who told a person you probably don’t know those people but we’re going to share two dollars of every product no matter how many people they tell two dollars profit share from the company no one’s marking things up on their friends we all pay
the same price level four five six and seven is one dollar one dollar one dollar and one dollar it’s a profit share program a guaranteed known payout but I’m going to show you a

way where you can create a beautiful income for yourself okay called the power of four you get four people and what do those people do they get a product if they want more than one then this is just going to be more money but if four people each bought a product you’d earn 20 bucks those four people have the same instructions in you in this business proposal they each get four people to get great nutrition or great leadership now there’s 16 people and you’ve earned 48 dollars at the three dollar second level those four people those 16 each go get four now there’s 64 people and you’ve earned 128 dollars from the company not from them nobody making money on each other those people each go get four and you’ve got 256 people
at 256 dollars profit share those 256 each go get four and now there’s a thousand and 24 folks you earned a thousand twenty four dollars those thousand people each go get four and now you’ve earned four thousand and ninety six dollars and on your last level level seven those four thousand ninety six they each went and got four people just four about one product if any one of them buys more than one product you make more money but now there’s sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty four dollars in profit share from corporate profits going to you because we built the plan to pay out to the people so you can earn real income we’re looking to help you to take this comp plan and whether you’re making twenty dollars or whether you make twenty one thousand nine fifty six a month from the power of four which by
the way I did it wrong earlier it is two hundred and sixty three thousand four seventy two if anybody gets more product the number is bigger this is a way for you to have a debt-free life this is a way for you to help your dreams come true this is a way for you to maybe be able to allow one of you not to have to work so hard folks we’re not building this for fancy things though you may have some we’re building this to get you debt free
I want you to have no credit card debt
I want you to have no stress
I want you to earn with us love people with us and share hope with us because you all understand this now each one gets one or the power of four big bills of debt no more lastly I want to share with you this we have a Cause for every product we sell to a customer or a partner every single week we will announce how many dollars we have given to tunnel to Towers we believe in our vets we support the Fallen Soldiers families we want to help those that are disabled we want to help build some houses we want to deal with vet homelessness one dollar for every single product purchased can you say open book transparency no games folks there’s about to be a company built in Hardy Arkansas in the middle of
the country
I believe that God’s got a plan for you and I believe that it’s now I believe it’s in this company and I believe that our future wants this and needs this I know I do I don’t think that I’ve ever been more passionate and excited than I am today about having the hope of this I’m going to close with this a little over three months ago a beautiful woman
in our church was right in the middle of our pastor’s message and she turned to me and man she does not know and she said the Lord told me to tell you something God put on my heart to tell you that he is going to do something bigger than he’s ever done with you before and that you’re going to bless a lot of people my deepest and most sincere prayer is that this opportunity would be that bigger and better and that the blessing would be your dreams coming true I’m Rob Baldwin from Hardy Arkansas and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and building a company that will be there as a blessing for your children’s children God help us I love y’all thank you so much for listening to me have a great weekend bye-bye



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