What’s up everybody this video is gonna be about steemit and why steemit is superior to YouTube in some ways and some things that you need to know about steam before you get started with it because if you look at steemit in here you see that you know these people are making four hundred dollars first steemit opposed $260 209 all all these people in a training page they’re doing really well some people make even even make a thousand bucks on a on one post one steaming post and that’s ridiculous so you want to jump in there and you want to make some money with it as well and you think it’s gonna be easy it’s not easy definitely not easy but your some things that you need to know so that you can hang in there and you understand the game here’s why I think it’s superior to YouTube in some ways and the reason why is I can make content I can upload my YouTube content on Steam it and then you guys can leave comments on to steam it posts and then I can upload them or you can all about them and then you can actually make money off of commenting so it rewards the the participants of the whole platform and YouTube does not YouTube may pay me for ads but with the current YouTube D monetization there’s a problem and so with steam it I can make more money from one video plus you guys can make money off of commenting on the video and you guys may make some some content yourself as well you can write blog posts there are some people that like if I go to life probably let’s see if I can find the life here photo me you do photo there are some people that literally just post one picture this guy writes a little bit but there are legit people that just pose one picture like a single picture just post a single picture and make like 50 bucks and they do it every day they both like five pictures six pictures to make to 300 bucks in a day paid out in steam which you can then transfer to Bitcoin and then two dollars and you can or you can use these these fees up pay carts the prepaid cards and you can do your groceries with the Bitcoin that you make i can send people steam i can reward them like for example if you like if you like my content you can instead of copying my bitcoin address for my theorem address to pay me to to buy me a beer for example you can idea buy me a beer no you can you can send steam for like good content i can go over to this person for example i can go over to wallet i can see exactly what he has in his wallets how much his account is worth twenty six thousand this guy and here you see you can transfer receive you can transfer receive money here in steam and it’s all within the network which is really which is a really cool thing one thing that you need to know about statement is how the up voting system works basically you have a hundred percent steam power and this refills and every up phone you do you can give a percentage of that out to content creators and content creators could also be commenters so if i go here for example and let it load up scroll all the way down to the comments here this is a comment but it also counts as a post so this person has had six up votes and made six dollars just by commenting can you imagine commenting on a video like this one and making six dollars something that you would normally already do but in this case you would make money off of consuming valuable information which is really cool and it keeps a community closer and YouTube is missing this plus I see with YouTube they D monetize a lot of videos I’ve had some videos D monetized in the past and it’s not that I make a hell of a lot of money from the ads on YouTube I usually get a donation here and there but with steam it you have the YouTube ads you have the the up votes you can get donations here there’s a lot of stuff plus I can reward you guys for leaving a thoughtful comments which is another thing that’s that is cool about steam it is you get upvotes if you provide valuable content so if you write up a comment that says good job or whatever great or go you then you’re probably not gonna get upvotes but if you provide something of value to the community like this one haven’t read that the comment but this is long it looks like it’s thoughtful its thought-out this person has made thirteen dollars because they’ve watched they’ve consumed the content they’ve written something thoughtful and as a result of that they made thirteen dollars so that’s something that is really cool about seeing it in the in the coming weeks months I hopefully I’ll be on steam it for forever but in the next coming weeks months years I don’t know I’m gonna be making videos on my journey on steam it’s things that I learn thinks that I fucked up with I hope to share everything in this journey with you guys I feel like I have a good mentor here in instuments again server Marley you are awesome and yeah that’s basically in the next video I’m gonna teach you how the upvote system works how you can get more visibility in steam it how you can get those initial of votes how I already did a video on the steam voter I’m gonna do some other stuff that I learned that I don’t even know yet I’m gonna I’m gonna keep you up to date on this one if you’re on steam its links in the description follow me I’ll follow you back I’ll upload your stuff I’ll get more steam I’ll probably buy more steam power this week and then I can get you some real up votes in because right now if I upload it’s it’s bullshit honestly but yeah that’s it I’ll keep you updated you just keep watching I’ll keep creating see on the next video and until then stop settling and start living the courting life see ya don’t forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend it reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources and if you like this channel please consider donating Bitcoin addresses in the description box as well any donation is much appreciated for channel growth thanks in defence and see on the next video

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