Revital U Review – Legit Coffee Based MLM Or Huge Scam?


Revital U Review

everyone does Jessie sing welcome back to another video this time I’ll be talking about vital you review this is a coffee based network marketing company obviously this is not the first coffee based network marketing company there’s other companies out there like for example organo gold that’s been doing this since 2008 I believe and you know this niche is very popular and it it tends to do pretty well so in this review I’m gonna walk you through the company products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not just so you know I’m not part of this company this is completely third-party and I’m just gonna review it as it is you know I have no agenda you know I’m Pro network marketing just so you know I’m not one of those people that call everything a scam so if it’s legit it is legit pretty much so before I get started make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel and click that Bell notification button for more videos like this and also it’s gonna learn how to market any kind of company to network marketing affiliate marketing EECOM this is a Miller Drive comma I’ll show you step-by-step on how I’ve personally built six and seven-figure businesses and different niches now I mean I’ve said let’s get into this so the company itself the domain revitalign was first registered on the 15th of july 2016 so it’s been in business for a while man behind the company CEO owner is Pat Johnston he is based out of Texas however when I checked the LinkedIn profile another man by the name of Andrew McWilliams claimed that he was a CEO owner of the company since late 2016 what I found something somewhat sketchy is the fact that McWilliams has appeared in the MLM world as a CEO of Momentis before which we all know fell apart a few years ago and before that he was an affiliate with ACN a luxury life which fella fell through pretty much they didn’t do so well ACN obviously still is doing well today luxury life is Nordby found so basically Revital you promotes you know promotes coffee and smart caps which is designed to energize you from within according to the website probably one scoop of this stuff a day will help you with your weight focus attention basically making you the best version of you now as far as I know the coffee sells for $for 30 day supply tubs or 50 for a box of 30 single serve packets pretty much like other companies like for example organo gold kind of does the same thing this is a little bit more on the expensive side I believe Organo Gold sells their stuff for 30 bucks around there anyway so in the meantime smart cap sell for $for a 30-day supply other network marketing companies car you know kind of in this niche are you know like I said before organo gold a new you life USANA and Jeunesse they’re all product based companies so the comp plan basically they pay you commissions you know to basically sell products to retail customers through a univille a unit level compensation plan which is good you know their focus more on retail I noticed when I was going through the comp plan which is a very good sign makes basically that will keep them away from you know like the FTC you know other network marketing companies been in trouble for that but looks like Revital you has made sure does retail going and reward you for retail sales so I’m not gonna go to depth into this because the comp plan is very very long I’ll leave the description leave this blog post in the description box below so you can go through the comp plan i’ll just pretty much skim over it so i don’t bore you to death so the basically revital you has affiliate ranks anyone anywhere between brand influencer all the way to platinum brand influence so when you’re in the top level you have to keep at least ten octave retail customers sponsor and maintain at least six affiliates any right have a total of 50,000 actor group retail customers and retain at least 399 personal volume per month so like I said 10 retail 10 active retail customers this is very important they’ll keep them away from any kind of regulators government bodies so that is a very very good sign like I said PV is personal volume so retail Commission’s basically as an affiliate you can earn Commission’s by selling products to customers obviously of course this process is all dependent on number of customers that you can sell to so if you’re any anywhere between two to nine retail customers your Commission rate is 5% retail commission and if you’re selling 25 or more is 25% so that’s again an incentive to sell to retail customers which is really very good new customer bonus if you generate five retail customers in your first 30 days you can get a $50 bonus or if you’re generating twenty five or more you can get a $500 bonus which is pretty huge retail retail you tails we vitally who breaks it down further if an affiliate is less than nine active customers a month one of their product purchases can count as count as one retail customer order so this way they don’t want you to basically stock up on products and not sell them so you can only claim one products which is good original residual commissions if you have two to nine active customers and earn two percent in a unilevel comp plan if you have 25 or more you can gain you can earn two percent and I believe one percent on the first second third fourth generation same as a higher rank affiliate volume I’m not gonna go to detail into this you can check this out in the description box below so rank achievement bonus qualified an executive brand influencer in the first you can get 250 bucks if you hit you know platinum brand influencer that’s $50,000 which is pretty pretty big okay and monthly promotions basically when I was reading through the comp plan the company on the you know on their website I noticed that they had a section that said team achievement bonuses this pretty much suggests that there are month-to-month bonuses based on newly monthly the retail customer volume counted from lesser ranked affiliates it can pay as much as an extra fifty thousand dollars each month especially since global brand influencers can generate up to million in new retail volume so that’s a very very good thing cost to join is 50 bucks and obviously you want to sell stuff you got to buy their products so that can range you know 450 to 500 bucks it depends how much product you buy so overall this company is doing it right I believe having retail incentives is massive because this will keep keep them away from the whole pyramid scheme thing pyramid scheme is basically there’s a pretty much only affiliates herb sponsoring new affiliates and there’s no retail going on along this is a 50/50 split for example if there’s 50 percent retail going on into the company that is a good sign and keeps them away from that I believe because of their you know qualifications you need to hit certain ranks like retail customers for example I was talking about earlier that this company should not have an issue when it comes to being a pyramid scheme there is Jeff most likely retail going on in this company best way to specially if know for sure is just to ask an upline to see how many customers that have compared to how many people they have sponsored as an affiliate now if there’s a 50-50 split or if there’s more customers going on you are safe you’re in good hands if it’s the other way around I would probably double think about this but again I just think that this is one of the better companies when it comes to comp plan to retail so I you shouldn’t have an issue of this company so best thing to do is try the product see how you like them from there you can decide to join the company or not because let’s face it if you’re not into the product you’re not going to be motivated to sell it right so if you like the product you really believe in their vision I would say just get started and see how you how you do right so anyway so this company’s 100% legit no worries just good luck do your best again this is a business so make sure you trade like a business we’re not gonna get rich overnight it might take you a year it might take you two years you got to take three years whatever it takes you got to make it happen if you’re in network marketing or any kind of business really so that’s my tip to you so anyway I hope you liked this video make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel and click that Bell notification button for more videos like this and also if you don’t learn how to maybe if you’re in revival you already want to market it the right way visit millicom and I’ll show you step by step on how I personally built massive businesses even in network marketing I’m in top earner and all my network marketing companies just by leveraging these strategies so anyway that’s the Mojo calm and I’ll see you in the next video take care everybody you

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