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Quiari Review.

Hello everyone Julian here the prelaunch inspector back with another review of a brand new program this one is called Kyary and Kyary is a health and wellness network marketing company and they have a so called superfood their products with this superfood ingredient that the product the food the food is called Mikey it’s a berry from South America and I’ve titled this one superfood or super dot and what we wanna know is doesn’t really crack up to some of the hype that’s out there because there’s gonna be a bit of a mucky berry craze and it’s this kind of you know anytime a network marketing company sort of discovers a new fruit will not necessarily discovers but finds one it hasn’t been marketed and it becomes a bit of a marketing but hands up and you can see all sorts of you know health benefits that affiliates are gonna be talking about and I have seen them but I am quite skeptical with these type of things and from what I can tell it looks to be pretty similar to a blackberry and in many ways not just how it looks and you don’t really see people getting super hyped up and excited about blackberries but because this one is new and nobody’s really marketed the hell of it then there’s a bit of an opportunity there and that’s what this this network marketing company called Kyary is doing so we want to look at and see if the hype is justified about this Maqui berry is it really a superfood or just a super sales pitch now the reason that there is all of this hysteria about the Maqui berry is because they have antioxidants in will have a substance which which contains antioxidants and we know that antioxidants have health benefits we want to find out whether the antioxidants inside these Maqui berries actually have any benefits to the body are they even absorbed we need to know this is this is crucial information Kyary have some sort of proprietary process called markets where which is how they extract the energy oxidants I know this much about that anyway Baba Rana and Suzi Rana these guys are heading up Kyary they have been around for a long time and very experienced and professional network marketers so this is not a fly-by-night operation they’ll have proper you know corporate structure and proper support for leaflets now the way it works you say you purchase a promoter pack for either 250 or 500 and there’s an annual fee of $25 and then from there you get you know faster bonuses and various commissions that you can earn as well as residual income anyway but let’s get into the products so the Kyary shake is one of these weight loss shakes today appetite suppressing you know protein shake but it also contains this mucky extract called ma or max they call it that’s their trademark name and I have an energy product as well so this one is something that’s going to boost you up boost your metabolism it’ll give you it’s got a nootropic effect so mental focus and alertness as well should help you lose weight if he can borrow it with the guru shake and this also contains the Mucky extract as well so compensation plan now they have these fast start bonuses which is good so you get $25 for kicks combo 50 for every starter pack hundred for every lost all packed I got Bonnaroo commissions which is basically 10% on the volume the volume doesn’t flush so you can use it in the next period capped at 50k weekly now there’s all of the ranks and everything if you want to get into that head over to the blog or pretty much yeah I put everything in the comp plan on the blog so you can check out that over there now what a lock about Kyary okay it’s a hot new program and I don’t really like saying this but most people want a shiny new program and the old fact is the sad fact is that most people will never make it in online marketing or MLM they will just follow the latest programs it has a buzz about a Chiari stand out because of these Maqui berry products this is something I’ve not really heard of and you should be able to get plenty of new signups of course they will that will quit in a few months and then join a new program but you know that’s just how it goes in this business the other good thing the great little great founders these guys are professionals in every sense you know it’s going to be well supported they’re definitely not operating out of their garage so you can expect this program to be around and to be functioning and this which is good because a lot of startups just don’t function properly at all what I dislike about Kyary look I’ll be honest with ya I’m not sold on monkey berries at all I like weight loss shakes I like energy drinks but I feel that marki is just a humble berry now the substance in monkey that contains the antioxidants is called this anthocyanin but it doesn’t actually get absorbed by the body and I think you just eat it and nothing much happens I don’t believe that it even delivers the antioxidants into the system you know I’ve just got a quote here from a science journal gave it science here there’s no evidence for antioxidant effects in humans after consuming foods rich in anthocyanins and there’s a journal so it’s one of those things where the bioavailability is not there so it doesn’t really do anything as far as I can tell so but you know don’t let that stop you okay because I are kind of these are the things that bug me I always try to get through the heart sorry but if you like this you know I like shakes and I like energy I probably would promote this but I just wouldn’t be talking about the maquis which probably would stop me from promoting I really I need to go get crazy and excited about something for me to promote it so anyway it’s not a bad program I’ve given up okay so that is my review if you enjoy my reviews hit that subscribe button here the notification bell and I’ll be coming out with a new review of a brand new prevalence very soon thanks for watching

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