Planet Impact Review – Legit Steinkeller MLM or Big Scam?


Planet Impact Review

everyone does Jesse sing welcome back to another review this time I’ll be talking about planet impact this is the latest MLM that distend Stein Keller’s have launched the men at work marketing for a long time actually back in the day I think there was a 2010 ish I was in a presentation of organo gold and they were one of the top leaders there however there’s a lot of things I’ve changed since then and so in this review I’m gonna walk you through the company products and compensation plan to see if this company is legit and if Stine Keller’s still have the credibility for you guys to launch you know for you to launch this business on your own and and also make sure that you know they’re not gonna go anywhere and then everything is legit so make sure you pay close attention to this video and wash it to the end but before we get started make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel and click that Bell notification button for more videos like this and other trainings and also gonna learn how to market anything online whether it’s network marketing affiliate marketing e-commerce small business of your own or if you don’t have a business want to get started online visit the millionaire drive com will help you get started step-by-step in fact will even give you a one-on-one team member of ours that’s very experienced to help you market online and get started the right way so anyway let’s get started here so with the corporate corporate address and multiplet impact is led by co-founders Aaron Stephan and Christian Stein Keller Stein Keller and Oscar and Adrienne list of the CEO known in the you know MLM world as a Stine Keller brothers the three gentlemen rose to you know really deep close to the top especially in Europe when they were promoting organo gold they made millions of dollars their 100% after organo gold they joined something called one coin this is where they I shouldn’t have joined this come one coin was one of the biggest you know crypto scams out there and this is what kind of hurts their credibility and you know since want a one coin they haven’t done anything maybe just staying low but you know now they have finally I guess came out from the ashes and launched their own company called Planet impact so the products the main product is an abscess crip Shin called Planet impact Khadem e quick look at a company’s website reveal that the planet impact county provides access to videos and illustrations informative films published in digital format as well as teaching materials including online courses webinars concerning ecological and environmental issues aspects as well as the awareness of the clients towards them and their education to eco-friendly behaviors training videos that solve problems or make everyday life easier called the life hacks or life hack always concerning the a Froman sorry always concerning you know all the issues in environmental global warming and all that stuff so these courses are cost over two thousand euros it’s very interesting something new you know if you’re into the whole climate change thing this could be a good no fit but you know what let’s just keep going just as make sure if it’s something that you want to do anyway the comp plan by the way I’ll have this blog post in the description box below so the company uses 40% of the subscription is terribly sorry part of me subscription fees to fund the attached compensation plan Commission qualifications to qualify you must maintain 120 euros worth of retail subscriptions per month and there’s seven ranks in total ranging from affiliate over to a legend which is generate twenty five hundred seed points within a year see points are accumulated through subscription services purchased on level levels one and two of the every time there’s a 60 euro in sales volume accumulated on these two levels a reward of 1c point is earned the time period for the seed point starts when the affiliate joins and restarts every year on the affiliates sign update so residuals are paid through a unilevel compensation plan pays 14 level deep 8% always at 1% depending on the level there’s a planet impact Club basically you know planet impact Club pool is funded with Commission’s that are earned by unqualified affiliates unqualified means both affiliates who are not who are you know who do not qualify for Commission’s as well as Commission’s accumulated on unit level team like in the levels that affiliate is not yet qualified to earn on two-thirds of these Commission volume is put into the planet impact Club pool a field is ranked at Ranger and higher can earn a share of the planet impact Club pool every month based on the amount of seed points have earned so cost to join is about 60 euros final verdict for me this company it might not be a scam but you know the damage has been done because it’s ten Stein Keller’s has promoted some scams in the past Organo Gold is 100% legit this one coin is something they really ran with made millions of dollars and you know it ended up being just a big Ponzi scheme and you know CEOs of that company are like running some are even arrested and in this and for me personally this planet impact the products just don’t resonate with me I don’t know if they I don’t know if they’re worth what they’re worth just a bunch of educational courses on you know the planet environment you can just go on YouTube and check that out for yourself there’s a lot of information on that so for me I would hold off see how this company does in six months if you really really want to join this company if you’re really passionate about it okay hold off see how it does in six or seven months it’s you know where they are and go from there is just the way it is right now I would I don’t know I personally wouldn’t join it but again if you’re really passionate about this you know cause which you know I am you know I am it’s just not in a MLM just I’ll just do my own thing and you know other avenues so hold off see how this company does and from there you can make the decision to join or not so anyway I hope you enjoyed this review make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel click that bell don’t forget your button more videos like this and other trainings on my channel I got tons of trainings on different ways to make money online all 100% free on my channel I give a ton of value and also do reviews because I have been in MLM for last 5 years and it can spot a scam when I see one and also if you want to learn how to promote an MLM or affiliate marketing e-commerce you’ve got your own small business going you need some consulting maybe or you just don’t know where to start visit the millionaire Drive calm will help you get started the right way in fact will cater and customize a plan just for you and your business needs even if you’re a complete newbie or an expert we could definitely help you partnered with you know 7 and 8-figure or business owners or not MLM or anything like that we’re just business owners and I’ve personally have made six seven figures in different niches online so anyway that is the millionaire Joe calm and you know I hope you enjoy this video and I’ve seen the next one take care of buddy you

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