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(bright piano music) – [Narrator] Hi Everyone! Welcome to Evie’s Toy House and today we got some really fun new toys! We have figurines featuring PJ Masks. We have Catboy and Romeo, we have Gekko and Night Ninja, and we have Owlette and Luna Girl. So let’s open these up and take a closer look. Alright, we got the PJ Mask toys out of the box. Let’s start by taking a look at Cat Boy. Here is Catboy, doesn’t he look cool? Take a look at the texture on his bodysuit. (giggles) And he has these really cool stripes all over him. His arms and legs move, they go sideways, they go down, they go forward and backwards so you can make him look like he’s running.

And his feet also goes forward. (laughs) His tail moves too, isn’t that cute? Oh my gosh. His head turns. Looking super awesome, getting ready to fight some crime. Next, we have Owlette. And Owlette is super cute, look at her. She has a rubber cape. The cape is not attached to her arms, it’s just a regular cape. Her arms go up and down, just like Catboy’s, and her legs too, so she can sit and she can stand and she can walk. And I just really love her mask. You can see this little feather texture on it. She looks really, really happy. Alright next we have Gekko. Here is Gekko, looking super awesome in green. And look at the texture on his body suit, and he has a pointy tail (giggles) so cute, and he also has these up on the front on top of his head. His arms go up and down, and his legs go up and down too. They’re a little bit stiff now but I think after a while they’ll loosen up.

So they’re brand new, and very stiff. Next we have Night Ninja. Night Ninja is looking really, really awesome. He has glitter in him, look at that, isn’t that neat? He’s wearing the gloves (laughs) and he comes with a little accessory, this one is really cool, look at that what is he trying to catch with this, what do you think? Here we are, Romeo, and he has a little accessory too. And he looks super cool. His goggles don’t come off, they’re just attached to his head.

His hair looks really, really awesome, they’re super spiky. And he also has a little pack in the back that doesn’t come off. And his little outfit here, this bottom part is actually made of rubber, so his little labcoat. (giggles) Actually, it does come off, but you probably don’t want to take it off, since it might rip, since it’s all the way up here and there’s only a little bit of space where the material is connected. And last of all, we have Luna Girl! A Good look at her–oops! I dropped her accessory.

Here’s her weapon. And she looks so, so cool, look at that. The bottom portion of the outfit is made of rubber. And here’s a close look of the face. (bright piano music) Alright everyone, here are all six figures of the new PJ Masks toys. These are super, super awesome. So who is your favorite? My favorite is Owlette, and Catboy, and Gekko! Let me know down below in the comment section, and if you guys liked this video, make sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!.

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