Pew: Twitter And Facebook Users Being Exposed To More News…



U.S. users of Twitter and Facebook are increasingly getting external news via the two services, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

“The share of Americans for whom Twitter and Facebook serve as a source of news is continuing to rise. This rise comes primarily from more current users encountering news there rather than large increases in the user base overall,” the report notes.

The researchers report substantial growth in the proportion of adult web users saying each platform serves as a source for news about “events and issues outside of friends and family” — with 63 per cent of Facebook users and the same proportion of Twitter users now saying that, up from a majority (52 per cent) of Twitter users and 47 per cent of Facebook users back in 2013.

Pew’s data shows this behavioral increase cutting across almost all demographic groups — including users under 35 (growing from 55% to 67%), and those 35 and older (rising from 47% to 59%). While on Facebook, news use grew among both men (44% to 61%) and women (49% to 65%) over the two years. Younger users remain more likely to get their news via Facebook than Twitter, according to the study.

Both tech platforms prefer to couch themselves as content distribution platforms, rather than content publishers — typically denying they have a role in editorially shaping what their users see, despite making what some might term ‘editorial judgements’ to, for instance,…


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