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Hey everybody this is severe welcome to a video tutorial on a roof skull in this video tutorial we’re going to look at what is a ruse core what are the fundamentals behind it what’s the vision the purpose why was it created and then we’re gonna look at how the money flows into and out of school and then we’re gonna look at how we specifically receive scores so let’s go and look at what is our school so the fundamental value proposition in arrow is that we create a platform and ecosystem of community with technological tools and benefits that empower and enhance our life and we do that all for a very low monthly membership fee or $a month no matter where you are no matter who you are it’s that one low monthly membership fee but then we have this benefit called a roo score which values our time it game fires the experience on the platform and assigns a score to your activities your participation on the platform because our recognizes that it’s the members in the community that make the platform great so what they do they reward a member for their participation every time you perform an activity where you pallab ur 8 or support someone or share the OE platform with someone and grow the membership grow the family you receive a score and at the end of every day you are rebated actual US dollars that score is converted into US dollars and deposited straight into your my funds your e-wallet in your back office and that’s for every single member whether they’re a member that joined for free or a premium member whether you participate heavily or not at all just being a member you’re valued and you receive a score and you receive a daily rebate so what this does is that the more you use it the less your monthly membership fee will be it’s already solo $but as you use the platform the five no.5 becomes less and less every single day so that it in some circumstances it could be a few cents that you receive at the end of each day well you could even receive several dollars depending on your level of participation now this isn’t necessarily meant to be an income for everyone you’re not guaranteed to be made rich with this this is a generous benefit that values your time so that your membership subscription is reduced now in some circumstances for those of us who are members who participate very heavily compared to the rest of the membership we could receive significant score and thus significant daily rebates the vision of our is of course to make people economically empowered transactionally viable aroo being a non-profit foundation dedicated coming funds along with contributions from its charitable foundation to the members through the mechanism of participation this isn’t just a handout it’s an incentive to participate on the platform to collaborate to share to work with others and support the community and to use the benefits provided and through this one benefit a ruse call those funds can be delivered right back to the members which is a radically different concept to most other organizations which keep the funds for themselves in this way borough will soon be the first network in modern history to fund members around the world for their participation each and every day there will be no discrimination regarding people who can’t afford to join or they can join as free members and then participate their way to Premium Membership this will help hundreds of millions of people around the world who have no access to a debit card or credit card or a bank account to become economically viable and to give them purchasing power through the arrow prepay black so let’s look at how money flows into and through our score there are monthly renewals where members renew for 595 a month or there are new members joining paying the registration fee there is the aura foundation itself and its contributions as well as other funds such as from media view that all go into daily pools and at the end of each day around midnight Eastern Standard Time those funds re-baited to every premium member and also to light members at a slightly lower rate so with member renewals the 595 you can see here there are some fees tiny bit going to over but the vast majority goes to the members 550 of the 595 as members new members joined a 3434 is split up into these amounts there’s of the first month’s membership so the 595 as I showed earlier there’s also the manufacturing cost of the aroo Curt there’s a $10 instant rebate at the end of each day that goes to the inviting members and again there’s some fees and a tiny bit going to oh and then the remaining nine dollars goes into the pool the early foundation gives varying amounts each day there’s a base level so that every single member even if they don’t participate that every premium member gets a baseline daily rebate as well as a few other amounts that fund contributes to the daily pool and then there are other revenue streams such as from media view and all the companies or individuals that advertise through media view their funds go into the daily pool so for this example if we had $300,000 in the daily pool and there were 1 million points of activity distributed that that day if we had a particular member that was active on the platform and represented 1 percent of the total activity in other words 10,000 points that would represent 3000 dollars that day so 1 percent of the 300,000 if their activity are represented 100 points out of the 1 million they would have achieved point 1 percent of the total activity and that would be three hundred dollars a day yeah if it was ten points point zero zero one percent of total activity that would still be three dollars a day so you can see if the daily pool is quite large even a small percentage of the total activity would result in a fairly decent amount per day given that you only pay 595 per month so let’s go and have a look at what the back office looks like for our score so if you go into your back office and click on my accounts and then you’ll get this menu and you’ll have the Aero score menu if you click on that you’ll get this user interface you’ll see in the top right your current score in the middle top you’ll see your rank currently against other members you’ll see your level and a little bit more about that later on and you’ll see your previous score history so each day’s score and under here there will be some suggestions of how you can earn score and under milestones you’ll have your most recent score that was applied to your current score and then you’ll have the leaderboard the top 10 highest scoring members now back to the level so as you receive score you’ll have a Kym you’ve amount every day it gets reset but there’ll be a cumulative amount that is recorded and logged away and as you reach certain milestones and the milestones panel will show you how many points you need to get to your next milestone you’ll go up the levels and you’ll go from a seed all the way up to a tree and when you actually achieve a tree an actual tree will be planted in your honor as part of the United Nations reforestation programs so how do we actually receive score well as I mentioned there’s an artificial intelligence that tracks all of our activities and awards score for those various activities now these artificial intelligence make sure that members don’t try to game the system so if you try to create a bot that would log you in and log you out continuously or post messages on your behalf while you’re off doing something else it monitors that and it recognizes that behavior and it will not score that as it’s learning and it’s constantly learning some behaviors you may get away with and think that you’ve got away with it but it’s always watching and it’s always learning and it will stop those sort of behaviors but for the members who are using score appropriately you will notice sometimes that the score that you receive for each activity varies over time and the amount that you’re rebated for a particular score may vary as well and that again is to stop people gaming the system and trying to figure out how many points for a particular activity and then skewing their behavior and acting artificially remember the normal paradigm is for you to just use the platform for your everyday activities and that you will be rewarded through score for those activities you’re not trying to go out of your way to perform some activities over and over to try to game the system so as you perform the activities activities with the highest scores will vary across time and location so as I said the AI might promote certain activities in one geographic location that will be different to another geographic location so maybe in the u.s.

The marketplace might be already doing really well but maybe in Australia we need more people to post products in the marketplace so there’ll be a higher score for posting products on the marketplace in Australia where is in America it might be buying quantum that has the highest score there’ll be certain activities that will always score more highly and there’ll be the activities that less easily gained and sharing a room and growing the community will be one of the highest scoring points and there’ll be other various activities that are similarly less it was easily gamed and really beneficial for the ecosystem in the community and they will always have fairly high scores but there there is a certain randomness to the scores and certainly certain scores a certain value of score might not have the same rebate amount as time goes on but what is guaranteed is that every single day no matter who you are if you are a member where the light or a light or a premium you are guaranteed to receive a rebate into your my funds every single day which has never been done before now one amount that you receive into your my funds account each day thank you rebates for inviting other members who join the community to join the euro family using your share code that you can find in your profile and when those members join and pay their thirty four dollars and thirty four cents if they become a Premium Member you receive a $10 gift and that is awarded to you at the if each day when the score rebate is applied to your my funds so if members in your own family also share with others you will likewise receive a score in this way we are encouraged to grow our own family and to support them in it as members in your own family renew each month you also receive a score so the more you share participate view collaborate the more points you receive and the higher your daily rebate deposited in your my funds account years so let’s just look quickly at premium versus like membership and help pertains to score of course as a light member as a free member you do not have my funds withdrawals activated or enabled and you cannot order a prepaid debit card but other than that all the features are available but as far as score is concerned any daily activity rebates are applied and you do get score if you are a light member but they are slightly less score than a premium member now if you share a room with a premium member and you are a light member you to get a $10 to sharing rebate which is extremely generous of you but if you as a light member invite another light member you get a score if you invite if a premium member invites a light member they get a slightly higher score but if that light member upgrades to premium both a premium member or a light member who invited that light member who had just upgraded to premium will again get receive a $10 rebate which again is very generous of you and that will enable a a light member to quickly accelerate and become a Premium Member now let’s look at some specifics if you successfully invite members to Aroo or you advertise through a well you transfer funds to other members or you trade quantum our community currency or if you trade on the marketplace posting products listing your store listing your services and if you utilize the ARU health rx card or utilize the aru savings Center if you log in simply just logging in editing or updating your profile using a social or email and a chat these are just some of the activities that you can perform on the platform in the Euro community here in our ecosystem to receive score our score is creating history set to inspire a generation to achieve economic empowerment transactional viability for billions ruse call transact yourself share your products your services your passions and ideas to make the world a better place for you and for others

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