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I am a very excited new member of the Oru community and over the past few years I’ve heard from some incredible experts talking about finance and money and how the world’s changing and social and Technology and today I’m really excited to be sitting down with the founder of Oru and everything that they’ve been doing to create this community that is trying to change the world but not by starting with this grando’s idea that we need to change everything it starts with you and it starts with me people just like us who are out there using the Oru Visa debit card the prepaid debit card who are out there interacting as a part of the community and I wanted to learn more about what it’s like to be in this Oru community what it’s like to be a member what the member benefits are and how we are changing the world one person at a time again I’m here with the founder Nick Vanden breckel what’s going on my friend how are you doing very nice to be here and that was a heck of an angel tell you what we got to do this more all I know we do I’m excited that we’re here today and how did we get to here today like why are we even having this discussion in the first place that’s a that’s a great question there’s a great question to ask and it has everything to do where society is today yeah just in the United States but globally when you’re looking and how people are engaged with other people yeah and clearly there’s a there’s a huge shift between what is really the baby boom generation you know the people who came up in the in the computer revolution if you will right and the current generation of Millennials and younger people who grew up with smartphones and computers yeah we have woods we got this everywhere we go everywhere it’s attached to a matter of fact in in in our travels you go to countries where the infrastructure and the local economy really would be considered third-world yeah living circumstances and the circumstances of how people just try to survive but the only smartphones yes absolutely amazing so everybody’s connected yeah and because of this connection you have these platforms social platforms like Facebook you know Instagram anything that can be done with the smartphone to stay connected right and it creates this environment where everybody is always connected to somebody else yeah and what’s interesting about that is the among time that people spend being occupied or preoccupied well with these activities and you can almost say how much productivity is lost right you know by doing that well in productivity not just from an employer or a job but productivity from being present with your family or being present with your kids when you are exactly you know I mean it’s just productivity in general and as you know a lot of this stuff is very addicting totally it’s it’s addictive to always wait for that next notification or to see if something that you’ve done is liked by some yeah somebody else yeah and then if for some reason whatever it is you’ve done is not accepted positive right by somebody else now you feel bad about yourself yeah I’m a failure because I we got earlier 16 likes yeah so now you have to remedy that and all of a sudden you spend another two hours on there yeah now what’s interesting and I think this is an important point to understand about this current generation for a long time and a good example would be video gaming mmm no I don’t know if you remember this but yeah maybe I’m aging myself here a little bit but remember those days we would play these new video game Nintendo and whatever was out yeah your parents would say you know listen you know stop playing these video games right it’s a waste of time and you’re gonna just throw your life away you’re gonna be a couch potato right which at the time probably made sense of course no you can’t say that anymore Gaming is one of the most prolific ly profitable industries in the world and now there’s professional video game players it’s crazy if they fill stadiums right now they too lot a be able play video game people play video games yes it’s absolutely mind-boggling so the notion of put your smartphone away put your tablet away don’t do this because somehow it doesn’t mesh with your rationale you have what people should be you know occupying themselves with so the issue then becomes how do you do that why would you do that and you can you’re not going to take a smartphone or current technology away from a person who grew up with it right well I don’t think our time spent on the devices is going to shrink it’s only going to it’s gonna get ink it’s gonna increase yeah this thing I don’t know if they can seen on the camera but the laptop is gone you know it’s going to be everything you happen right there on are smarter small smartphone platforms right now at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas they’re introducing things that you know between between Samsung and Apple and some of the other manufacturers some of the things that are just amazing the audible screen screens that you can just put in your pocket but they have to be just available for you so you have a generation that wants to modify the behavior of the current generation right and that’s not going to happen it’s not you know and so what do you do with that well now you get into something that’s very complex because you are dealing with an economy you are dealing with jobs and at the same time we’re seeing that things like automation yep becoming much more efficient and we all know that that is going to take jobs away robotics mm-hm all of these things are right in line with the progress and evolution of technology however like we said earlier when you are taking this productivity of you being involved in these networks but you’re not getting anything in return right what do you do with that when an enormous amount of your time is occupied on somebody else’s network and they certainly profit from it you know we’re not going to talk about know who’s here but the thing is that they take your time and they monetize your time right for their own bit so let’s talk about that for a second so I don’t want that to be lost than anyone is so when you’re on one of these networks doesn’t matter which one it is right and you’re posting about you know what what you had for breakfast you’re posting about a restaurant you just went to a movie you just saw whatever it is your only reward is ego or the dopamine hit that you get that I posted it and you liked it and the camera guy liked it and whoever else liked it but the platform is actually making money on that because they’re able to sell advertising against it they’re able to sell I don’t benefit from it at all except for my ego whether it gets bruised or improved which by the way is an interesting you know concept here because if you are let’s say quite eloquent in giving that review of that restaurant that you liked or whatever you know reference you gave to something that you visited yeah that can make you quite popular right you can have followers you can have any Louis yeah but guess what still doesn’t do anything so let’s do anything for me yeah or at best you become somewhat of an influencer yeah and then you’re the one that is monetizing the time of the people who follow you right and that doesn’t really not that helpful no it’d be helpful for you if I’m an employee sir yeah so yeah that’s a big deal yeah it’s a very very big deal so so what do we do about that and this is a problem that you saw yes right first hand you saw all these people spending so much time hours and hours of their time every day on these platforms yes building the platforms yes but getting not much in return and you wanted to do something about this I did so we are really just a group of technicians and technologists we’ve been involved in technology for 30 plus years in every possible vertical that you can imagine yeah so we have seen the development and the evolution of these platforms because we’ve been involved in yeah written the software we can have the you know built the micro processors we’ve created the technology that embodies the activities that people are constantly yet often and looking at these at these social platforms I thought and I what I saw coming years ago was that there will be a time where so many people are involved in these networks and it is so single sided mmm-hmm that ultimately you just have these monopolistic networks and you have countless people that are getting no benefit in the world that is rapidly changing yeah two words including artificial reality and augmented reality and automation so I thought what if we take the best of these social interactions right and we create a network that has all these benefits and to to kind of explain the benefits things you already do okay every day so whether you go and get your coffee whether you go travel whether you communicate whether you socially post something buy something sell something trade something all these things you already do call that your transactional behavior okay so what you do everybody does that get a routine right so what if we have a network that offers you all of these routines you know so we have a chat platform we have a social platform we have a buying and selling and a trading platform we have a payment system we have a Visa Card everything you already used to so we’re not trying to change you right you’re already doing this but now we’re throwing a twist at it if you do that on our network we’re gonna pay for it just doing the same things I already do we’re gonna pay you I’m gonna go to the coffee shop I’m gonna get my three dollar latte maybe five dollar latte if you’re in LA or somewhere uh-huh I’m now gonna get rewarded for that not and not like a traditional just rewards credit card all right that’s not what we’re talking about we’re talking about you’re actually getting money you know and and the reason why this is important is because we were thinking about what would happen if we create a network where for the first time ever we actually reward people for their participation mm-hmm and that participation is really up to you isn’t it right you could say we look at this network and I just like to travel well you have or travel so you may book your travel and that may be all you do mm-hmm but we still reward you you may not like to travel but maybe you like to use or we social which is our social platform and you stay in touch with your followers with young but very similar to some of these other networks that’s participation yeah we reward you for it so whether you use some of it yeah all of it we reward you so let’s talk about membership this is big right so I think there’s a lot of baby boomers seniors out there maybe they’re like accustomed to a membership like like an AARP yeah that’s out there right now yeah maybe younger people are in like a young professionals network so you sign up for this network this community and you get benefits from that you know percentages off of going to get your oil changed or whatever it is and so you’ve really created this membership of stuff that we already do that we already need that we already consume and now instead of just maybe getting the discount or getting participation or becoming the mem I’m also getting rewarded and the reward is actual financial reward that is that that’s the that’s the big difference it’s it’s it’s it’s a huge huge game-changer and a good analogy would be to use any of these networks that are currently out there yeah and then have yourself ask you simple question how much time am i spending on this particular network yeah and then ask yourself did they pay me last week yeah I know it’s a funny question yeah this it seems counterintuitive wait a second you know nobody does that so why would this be yeah ask yourself that question isn’t that your time yeah your time valuable isn’t your time worth something up time is something you just can’t recoup yeah once it’s spent it’s spent right because time is a currency so Nick I think the big elephant in the room is how in the world do I get paid why and why am I getting paid and where does this money come from it’s like the lottery I mean yes where’s it all comes from so just as the network is a real shift in philosophy ya know a different way of doing things that’s a real innovation at a social level yeah we decide to do something else that is completely different as well so the way that our organization works is very very simple it’s a membership-based organization yeah so you are essentially buying a subscription that you’re paying for every month yeah $so we’re we made sure that it is well within the reach of people who say if I pay that do I get at least enough value out of it yeah so you pay 595 and in return for this money you get a wide variety of benefits right we discussed earlier yeah all right so we can all agree that that money that is paid to the company is income to the network right the money comes in right well we’ve made a little change in the way things are done we take 95% 95% and I keep saying this because people go wait second was yeah yeah 5% of the money that comes in through membership and we have some other things that are monetized within the network as well for our members to actually advertise themselves yeah to the other members we take that money let me take 95% and we pay it back that’s unheard of that’s never been done before can you is is that sustainable for you as an organization it’s sustainable because as an organization we wanted to make sure that we were debt-free know that we weren’t the type of corporation that was only trying to produce shareholder value because maybe we’re a publicly traded company and everybody’s just interested in you know does our stock go up yeah we want it to be an organization that really was for the members by the members understanding that if it does really really well which is really just measured in how many members worldwide do we have that use you have services and our benefits is it so strange in today’s world in this socially connected world to say we’re just gonna give most of it back because why would you not reward the people who are building your buck or made you successful right now that’s huge let me give you an interesting analogy without mentioning names yeah saying that tongue-in-cheek by the way so imagine that there is a network out there and this network is incredibly popular and it has a lot of people yeah and they make a lot of money how do they make money they do an awful lot of advertising using an awful lot of information that’s available to them yeah because of other people’s participating them that information but but let’s just say for a second that this particular network you know makes about ten billion dollars in a particular quarter of the year yeah that’s it that’s a you know a good chunk of money we got agree with I agree with you and and certainly that would make this company quite successful what do you think would happen if this company would one day come out and say you know what we’ve had a change of heart we we truly believe that we want to do something for the people who are on our network so you know at 10 billion we just made and we’re going to take nine point seven billion dollars of that and we’re going to give it back to all of them sweet what do you thinks gonna happen to that company they’re not gonna be around very long around right yeah because all of the stakeholders in that company all of the investors venture capitalist are always backed away there’s not this is not why we invested in this company away we invest in this company to make money right now and therefore whether it’s a services company or a social company any company that has a traditional format yeah cannot really play this game they can’t operate that way now like you know the way we operate is say can we sustain our operations technology data centers everything we do to support our organization with the 5% that we keep Wow any answers absolutely got no question about it you know because everything that scales becomes cheaper anyway of course right so now you take the rest of the money and you give it back to the people what do you think is gonna happen when a member realizes that for the first time ever ever they’re involved in a social endeavor doing the things they already do and they get paid for it by the very company with whom they participate I’m gonna use the platform yeah use the platform and I’m gonna use it a lot usually I’m gonna tell a lot of other people about it right now the level of your participation is entirely determined by you yeah so that makes the network right so you’re not telling me that I have to post 18 times today that I think juice to I’m not telling you to buy anything yeah and you’re not telling me to do anything that I don’t do already right I’m already going on these platforms a little RT we’re getting guys question a lot all right sometimes people look at organization they say okay so you’re rewarding people and people tell other people you know just like when ya refer not a great restaurant to somebody else yeah but but they’re looking for this catch yeah like what’s the catch there’s a catch there’s always the cow how much how much product do I need to buy every month how many people do I need to subscribe no brand we’re not into any of that I remember what I said earlier we are a company that has a subscription to a whole bunch of benefits for you if you become a member of the oral family and you pay five ninety five a month and you would never tell a soul about it you would still have all of the benefits yeah very similar to you having a subscription to Netflix yeah no you pay I don’t know what it is these days right yeah but so I paid the ten bucks a month it doesn’t matter if I watch one show or a thousand shows right and it doesn’t matter my love art doesn’t care if you told 60 people or nobody or nobody doesn’t matter and I think the reason why you should do things that way is because it creates a level playing field yeah you’re not forcing people to do something that they’re maybe not even capable of doing yeah and you also don’t tell them if you don’t you’re not gonna get this yeah because now it becomes unattainable for most people to succeed it is not about you succeeding yeah in or it’s about you doing everything you already do but getting getting your we’re just helping their yeah so I want to talk about the benefits of membership because I think this this is huge right so I’m a member right now and I’m paying my 5.95 a month yes right what is membership well what am I entitled out to this social platform I get access to getting rewarded for my actions but what else what else many many things as a matter of fact this is one of the the really exciting aspects of this network so think of the network as this as really as this ecosystem yeah right and within its ecosystem or think of it like a city or even a country if you will where all these services and all of these products are available to you but because the ecosystem continues to grow right more and more of these products and services are available to you yeah so what we’re sharing today doesn’t even scratch the surface um well no no no not at all but ninety days from now six months are now a year from now exactly but even what we have today is significant right and so what you wanted to do and I’m gonna have you go through some of these benefits in a second for 5.95 a month if I never use a social platform if I never get paid back for going on there and using it I’m getting more benefit yes then my 595 a month that’s the goal as you have so many or benefit absolutely the goal yeah and we cannot be the ones that tell you that that that is true okay right you are the one that says you know that 5.95 is almost inconsequential to everything that I can get is a memory and I’ll give you a great example for that sure we have or who travel okay which is our travel benefit we like traveling yeah right yeah we like to vacation yeah huge I think it’s a you know one of the largest if not the largest single you know commercial endeavor in the world something like multiple trillions every year right so people like to travel I’ve never met anybody who really doesn’t yeah I have met lots of people who cannot travel they don’t have the resources to do that right but I think everybody wants to get away right we all want to whether we’re waiting till retirement to do it whether we were doing with our but whatever it is so let me give you an example yeah so you remember all right and you want to you know travel just locally Oh hotel you want to get away yeah you and you know we have a date night with your girlfriend a little staycation or exactly and you go and book a hotel just forget the airplane forget you know anything else just stick with the hotel for a second yeah and let’s say that this hotel normally has a price of $100 a night okay but through our platform our travel platform or who travel you can get it for $45 so that’s nice yeah it’s a good deal right I like it so let’s say you booked that for you know three nights yeah because it’s a stake you know you would like to go you know a little bit longer but yeah three nights so in three nights you would have saved about a hundred and eighty dollars yeah that you normally would not have how much are you paying for your monthly membership again 5.95 5.95 so you basically pay for a year’s worth of membership there you go and that’s now that’s just why I just gave you a travel benefit that’s all yeah right so all these benefits that we have have a component to them that when you are done using them or as you’re using them you’re never gonna think about the 595 yeah you’re not what’s one of the most underused member benefits that you wanted to have in this program that that members really need to know about so members watching this right now they’re like you know what Nick I’m used it for the travel I’m using the debit card which we’ll talk more about in just a minute we’re on the social platform what’s an underutilized benefit that all members should know about okay so at this point the most underutilized benefit is what we call our marketplace okay all right as a matter of fact even the websites or ooh market of a real marketplace the marketplace is our community gathering place and think of it exactly as that a marketplace so what do you do in a marketplace you talk to people ya know you represent maybe a product that you have to somebody else yeah maybe you provide a service that you want somebody else to know about so within the marketplace people transact themselves yeah that’s what they do that’s why we have in your ebay that’s why we have an Amazon that’s why we have you know the local flea markets yeah people like to gather and then as they gather they are involved socially and they of course like to sell something or they want to buy something would I want to trade something we have that it’s called our marketplace yeah and within the marketplace as part of your membership you can take a product that you want to sell a service that you’re providing or your store if you’re a restaurant if you’re a retail store if you’re a merchant you can put that on the market yeah free of charge you can post video you can post photographs you can post descriptions you can negotiate price you know with with other members yeah you can advertise to other members all of these things you can do to really within this marketplace tell others this is who I am and this is what I have and you may be interested in well and here’s the kicker when you actually transact something in that marketplace so let’s say that you posted you know this this coffee mug yeah maybe maybe you manufacture them yep and you’ve posted it within the marketplace and somebody else buys that that transaction is between you and the buyer we take no commission all right let me back up on that not even from the Commission so if I were just to sell this at my store there’s taxes there are cut merchant fees credit card fee as monthly processing fees so you know I sell this for five dollars I might only keep four in a quarter cup or 50 whatever that is yeah in the aura marketplace yeah I put this up there I sell it for $5 I get $5 you get $5 you get $5 now Wow just just just be clear yeah all right because you just mentioned this yeah yeah yeah exactly of course when you sell that mug right for $5 that $5 is income – correct man you right and we’re neither one of us are CPAs or play one on the well exactly and we and we certainly don’t I don’t tend to give that advice right because all intents and purposes that transaction is a clean transact it’s a clean transaction and what’s important and you just mentioned this like merchant fees that’s $5 if you transact that in our own internal payment system which is called or who pay see you not a benefit another benefit you can use on the web but you can use it on the smartphone as well yeah now through the or app there are no Commission’s or fees to be paid on that and that’s huge that is HUGE yes especially for a small business owner or if you’re just you know just transacting between friends or whatever it is I mean that’s more money in our pocket well then a lot of times it gets very owners every by the time you add up all the fees and all the Commission’s you know it’s not even even worth is it worth it yeah so it’s a it and I would even say that the fact that we don’t charge anything is a benefit right yeah benefit in and of itself we’re going to jump around just a little bit but with the or who pay this is something that’s really cool so I know my wife is always hosting you know wedding showers or baby showers or whatever it is it’s house and you know a couple girlfriends are gonna split you know split the food or the flowers or the decorations and now you owe me $20 and she owes me $30 so it’s a pay everyone back yes this is a great payment system just between friends to say hey here’s your 20 bucks back here’s your all that stuff you know what do you see this anymore you’re a little bit yeah we’re gradual yeah we’re grabbing it is ubiquitous things yeah a smartphone but and you know I can just show it to you right yeah you know right away here’s the app yeah and everybody has a code right there it is yeah the code and if you are in a situation like you just said all you would have to do is scan the code pay him say just on yep done up its that plane just like that and no transaction fees things like that no Commission’s no fees that’s huge none of that yeah the other side of the of the world has changed right now is just the banking system it’s becoming more and more difficult for everyday people not just here in America but all over the world to get a bank account correct and then access to things like one of these cuz I got to go out to the store and I got to swipe this yes right and so you have when I joined or uu became a member yes this is the first thing that I saw yes I’m gonna get one of these or Oh Visa prepaid debit cards right now I can transact anywhere all over the world I don’t I’m not you know beholden to one of these big banks and I’m not deceptive all to what they’re doing what they’re trying to do to me I now have freedom of banking you have freedom of banking this was a very important relationship that we created for a variety of different reasons yeah but before I tell you about the benefit that it is I need to give you a little bit of history sure and we’re going to just keep it local okay right here in the United States like a lot of people don’t know about this but the most recent research bears this out and this is research done by think tanks it’s research by that’s done by the banking system themselves yes over 30 million Americans over 30 million Americans do not have a bank account that’s crazy to me they’ve nobody these are are they just going to get their check cashed these are working folks that working people yeah who are paid in cash hmm who are paid with checks that they have to go and take to a check cashing place right we all knows those yeah and the reason why they have no bank account for the most part is because they cannot afford the fees associated with the maintenance of a basic checking account well they just cannot maintain a balance because they live paycheck to paycheck right so if they put a hundred dollars in the bank they’re they’re taking a hundred right away there’s almost no benefit to the bank to give them an account right because they’re always they can’t have any interest on your money they’re always thought the cost of being overdrawn yeah and of course if they don’t have overdraft protection which you pay for then you’re paying the yeah where the overdraft right so they’d rather just pay the the check cashing place you know the extra percentage is to get their money right then and there and these percentages are very hot they’re huge as well yeah so don’t you think that that number just that number alone over 30 million is staggering it’s a staggering no that’s a big number so take that and put it in one box per second now I’ll give you the other statistic okay and and this statistic is almost scarier over 72 million people in this country alone if they do have a card a debit card and they would go to an ATM machine they cannot take out $400 they don’t have it yeah see this is this is a scary statistics you know that you’re talking about tens of millions of people who by the very nature of what I just said are living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck mm-hmm they just don’t have it yeah you take those two together and you say it has to be a solution there’s got to be a solution for this so the Oru Visa prepaid card is another benefit that we give to our members yeah when you become a member and you just pay the five ninety five one of the first things that you get like you did yeah this card is this card right here yeah and when you got that card in the mail yeah I’m being a little presumptuous here yeah but you probably looked at that card and said well that’s a good-looking car yeah it’s a good-looking car it’s black it’s a black card like I want a black card right yeah you know our designers did a good job on that but I would hope that you immediately got this sense of credibility as well take the card it’s a piece of card right right so when you got that in the mail especially if you’ve never had one before I mean you’ve probably have a debit card or a bank card credit card so when you got this to you this was a wow this is cool I gotta get another card but to 30 million people when they get a card that they’ve never been able to get before is huge that’s a that’s a big piece of pride and confidence and excitement it’s amazing it’s hope it’s amazingly yeah like you know what I too can get something like this yeah and then you have the card and the card itself functions as a reward system it’s part of that participation yeah so when you use the card we reward you not by giving you some miles or some points but within our network you actually get paid money yeah and that money you can put on that card and then that card wherever in the world the brand of visa is accepted ya know at merchants at ATM machines you can use it yeah so it kind of becomes me think about it this way let’s say that you do not have a bank account you just don’t have one yeah for whatever reason yep now you have the Rubies a prepaid card well that you can put money on mm-hmm and you can spend it anywhere visas except it isn’t that kind of now a peg bank account right all right so all of a sudden you’re facilitating for these people something today yeah so how easy is it to get money onto the card Oh super easy right because I might be getting paid in cash I might be getting just a check at the end of the week you know those kind of things again for these thirty million folks who are let’s call them unbanked how do they get money onto the account and and how would you suggest that they use that in that regard a variety of different ways and of course you got to realize that everything we do we want to keep it simple yeah and we don’t want to over complicate things and make it so difficult for people to understand because they’re just not going to do it right now so in within the network we have a very simple function called withdraw money sounds pretty standard click on it and you say I want to you know put $5 $10 $20 on the card yep you click Submit and right away the money is transferred to your card just like that look of a button just like that so you can use our OOP a system in and by itself or you can take money within your based system I just put it on your card that’s amazing not only that it gets better now it gets better it gets better yeah so you have a card yep and I have a card yep right like I said earlier we have our own portal as well so if you spend this card you want to see the transactions right you know where did I spend money just like a bank account gnarly thank you same yeah same thing yeah you can actually go to your or a Visa card portal mm-hmm and I can take money from my card and send it directly to your card Wow no fees no fees no fees so if you’re in New York and I’m in Florida and for whatever reason you say listen Nick you know I need I need twenty dollars for something yeah you mean the pass maybe you send the check or maybe you send like a Western Union transaction so all you have to do is just you know typing their name and send gianni they get an immediate notification Wow immediate notification so let’s talk about this we’ve been talking about us yeah but this has global implications as well cuz there’s so many people in the US who immigrated here to get work to send money back home yes and like you said they maybe they had to Western Union it or you know smuggle cash across well whatever they were doing right now with a click of a button if I’m a member you know you’re working in the States I’m over you know somewhere in South America with a click of a button the money goes from card to card yeah and now they have access to that money then that’s the game changer you know not only that Western Union is actually a service provider for us Wow yeah so over two hundred thousand locations worldwide Western Union is partnered in process yeah we really tried to build this network of collaboration yeah that then translates into the benefit for the member right and so far it’s just been it’s it’s been absolutely amazing the popularity of the Clark is is growing very very let’s talk about so we’ve talked about the 30,000 and or 30 million unbanked Oaks we talked about the other set who’s kind of paycheck-to-paycheck couldn’t go to an ATM and take out a hundred bucks 200 extra dollars right what about the rest of the population how would they use you know a kind of a prepaid card why would they want something like this well when you say the rest of the population here or elsewhere in the world let’s start with the US and the world yeah so right here in the US so you have all of these different demographics right you have the yeah but like we just said we kind of call them the unbanked right oh they you know they’re at that at that kind of station in life where something like this is really helpful to them yeah but we are a very large benefit Network so for people that are not in that group we probably offer benefits that are better than the one stay half with somebody else yeah that they’re paying much more money for right and I’ll give you an example sure there are as you probably know there are a lot of just to stick with the with the prepaid card there are other prepaid cards right there and other you know debit cards like products and the reality is when you look at them and you compare them they’re not free yeah some of them are quite expensive you spend upwards of 10 to 15 dollars a month to have these cards just the card yeah no other benefit other benefits so if you have one of those cards you may want to consider getting this one pay much less many more benefits right and I think ultimately what’s going to happen with the other people is they will simply look at this network and say you know this becomes as ubiquitous as my Netflix membership ya know or anything else where I just pay a small monthly fee I am very happy with the benefits it’s a very explainable value proposition yeah and why would I do it so are the other cool things that I see as a parent yeah is I don’t necessarily want to give my kids my American Express account I don’t have them go to Tallinn but I could give them this that’s preloaded so they can go to the movies they can go to the restaurant they can bring their friends out and I can also you know my kids were going over to your kid’s house for the day I could have this preloaded and you say hey I just bought some Pizza school here’s you know with a click of a button that can send you the ten box pizzas I mean that’s that’s huge as a matter of fact my my 18 year old went to a theme park yeah yeah with a with a bunch of friends and you know they saw some souvenirs that they wanted to buy and she didn’t have enough money yeah on the card yeah so it was literally as simple as you know calling mom and but then I think it was like 30 seconds yeah she had some money on the card not only that because we’re also on the smartphone system through our or okay you can use that as well Wow or you can take the money from your smartphone and put it on the card yourself so yes for young adults this is really it’s humans amazing yeah back in our day you know you your dad gave you 20 bucks and you ran out you ran out well you need a helper well I will tell you I think that some people you know you call your parents and say hey listen nineteen extra hundred your pair may actually say why why what’s going on you know but but but it’s a good but it also teaches them yeah and it educates them about finance and management yeah you know how do you manage your money yeah and since everything is digital and everything is electronic well now we can review it and you can review no I can review it right online and see you know what they’re doing and review it with them it teaches accountability if you have responsibilities as well so let’s talk about one thing we haven’t touched on yet but I do want to spend a minute on it is security privacy all that fun stuff that comes with money and banking and putting your information online and you know we’ve heard the you know the horror stories of you know from identity theft to breaches and all these things if I’m putting my money if I’m doing these transactions I am I gonna be safe secure oh you’re gonna be this is visa yeah we’re actually covered by that enormous machine that is visa and yeah and our own internal system is so well protected most of the folks within our company have security backgrounds yeah yeah we’ve been dealing with cyber security as a matter of fact we have been ringing your alarm bell for quite some time that cyber intrusion and hacking was going to be something that people had to really take seriously yeah and most people didn’t and that had resulted in the likes of Yahoo to Equifax being hacked to me Equifax you over a hundred million Americans Social Security numbers credit card numbers addresses payment information credit information just completely comforts bad scary stuff and this is something that will not go away so our entire network is built around a firewall protection because we’ve been doing this for a very very long time good so it’s built from the ground up to protect people good and that’s really what this is all about I know that you have a very big vision of what what this is and what it is going to be and it’s right there from your mission statement and your in your slogan says we are changing the world and it starts with yours exactly and I think that’s a that’s a big thing right we we all have these grand ideas of wanting to change the world we want to whether it’s in our community whether it’s going somewhere and helping some other folks we’ve seen you know terrible devastation over the last year in Puerto Rico and Houston Texas and people will be a California California in the fires yeah I mean we all have these intentions to do good yes but we’re limited by resources were limited by the ability to take action and we think somebody else is gonna do it for us yeah why do you think that and why did you make the slogan that we’re changing the world starting with yours why is it so important to start with the individual first because exactly what you just said I think you hit the nail right on the head you go to most people really anywhere in the world and you you give them this concept of we want to make the world a better place very few people will disagree with you I I’m sure some people there’s some dictators you know that people will really want to well they want to make the place a better place no for our kids for our community a minute yeah so so that’s an argument that that most people will agree with this is one problem with the argument if your own world yeah it is not right if it’s not in order if if you are focusing really on just surviving yourself then how can you really positively contribute to making the world a better place even though you want to right so the slogan changed the world starting with yours is really what we’re all about what we want to do is help change your world yeah and then if we’re successful and you’re successful changing your world in your circumstances then we can focus on the bigger picture and that’s why it’s such a powerful statement change the world starting with yours I know you have so many people who are out there using the card using the member benefits give me a story or two of someone whose world has changed by being a part of the aural community that’s good and and let’s emphasize again that we’re a global organization we are in 60 languages wow that’s incredible we’re in over 80 countries already which is an amazing statement to kind of the universal appeal yeah what we’re doing and driven by the people that’s a great part everything is buted I hear that or ooh is a network 40 members by the members yeah and it’s very nice to hear because that’s what we always wanted it to be we wanted this to be much more of a movement than just a commercial enterprise yeah but the question you ask is is very very relevant where are we making a difference and where we’re making a difference are on profound levels with that exact group that needs it the most not so long ago we we heard from this family and the woman said you know I’ve been a member and I’m still wrapping my head around it a little bit yeah this so so much to see and so much to participate in but she said that she was able to take her kids to a meal at McDonald’s for the first time in four years Wow now I like McDonald’s like the rest yeah yeah of us but this this person took her family for dinner and a McDonald’s because she could afford it those are those are the profound stories that we hear because you know that just a little bit of extra money makes a big difference and I talked to somebody in in the healthcare business not so long ago and we were talking about how much it costs these days to be covered yeah and with these premiums just going up and down in legislation and laws you know we don’t know what to make of things and it’s just very very expensive and he told me an interesting story says you know most people budget these expenses down to the penny yeah and when when an expense is increased by as little as $10 a month $10 they can’t afford it so if they had that extra $10 you’re making a difference yeah I think we will have a much greater impact on the segment of the population that really needs to help while we’re at the same time providing all of these great benefits to the people who want them all the way to the people who are entrepreneurial and they like to build businesses and they want to be involved and they will get rewarded you know as well so we have something for everyone yeah I heard a an incredible story of one of the teenagers using Oru and he’s out there on the social network and he’s posting he’s getting some of his friends involved and because of his social activity and the way he uses the platform he now earned some rewards yes and he actually took that reward money that he got and went out and bought uniforms for his school group yeah I mean that’s me I mean that’s that’s huge he’s not going out and blowing it on a party on the weekend I mean again I think people inherently want to do good but but they need to be they need to have some of that motivation they need to have a way to be rewarded because we don’t know what to do we think that the government’s gonna go build the roads and the infrastructure and all that well it doesn’t teach them anything you know either I think if you give a proper incentive to somebody to succeed and you make it realistic yeah they will they’re not jumping through hoops they’re doing what they do and it’s like this this did this young man that you are talking about what’s what’s interesting about this is that again this is the generation that already uses smart phones they’re on it they’re attached they are constantly connected now they’re realizing hey I’m just doing what I’m already doing yeah and now get rewarded for it and because they now start to understand this process and they’re being educated about this process and they’re telling their friends about it and it is not very complicated download the app sign up use the benefits it’s pretty simple yeah when they start seeing those rewards arrive yeah the first time that happens that’s exciting it’s really exciting for ya and whether it’s going to taking your kids to McDonald’s for the first time buying school uniforms treating yourself there’s there’s nothing wrong with that either you don’t reward yourself because you’re pumping money back into the economy I want to talk about getting started with or ooh yes right so how what’s the first step how do I get started because they we’ve talked about a lot of benefits there’s a lot of different ways that we can use it if I’m no matter what they were interested in based on what we talked about today or on the website they see the benefits how does someone dip their toes in how do they become a member and then what’s maybe the first couple things they should do when they become a member well we wanted to make the membership as as easy as possible so there’s a couple of ways to do it really quickly number one you can just download the app you know from the App Store from Google Play okay so that’s a Google and the app is Gale Oru market very very seizing over are good market yeah are you market and on that app you can sign up yeah poster right there and the cool thing is is if somebody told you about it there is a way where on the membership sign up mm-hmm you can say well this person told me about it okay and we were award you for that as well Wow which is really cool but you don’t have to you don’t that’s the other thing absolutely on you do not have to there’s no it’s not yeah we don’t compel people to say well you know John told me about it right note if John did tell you about it cool let fans out let everybody know that about it then we reward you correct so again yeah it’s an it’s an incentive to do it you can go to the website or room market.com okay and and sign up there same process takes less than 30 seconds yeah you can I guess it’s like four or five different ways you can do it but those are the two the two main let’s do and and at that level is that where I’m signing up for the for the actual membership is that where I’m just dipping my toes in like what happens when I when I go to the app isn’t this is a great question and and we’ve had this before so we didn’t want to just say if you become a member you have to write away immediately you know become a member and and pay Levi with 9595 yeah you may just want to be that person that says you know what I just want to look around of it I want a window shop okay a little bit right yeah and you can do that you can sign up for free Wow so no money no nothing no money go to whole market get it get it get the app go to the website from ground free not only that right away you get benefits as well no did you get benefits right away that are 100% free we did that because I told you earlier we’re level playing field and if you tell people all we got all of this great stuff and they’ll but it’s only accessible to you if you pay it immediately creates a barrier yeah you’re being disingenuous you’re being a little hypocritical right because what you’re really doing is just plugging your network you want so we didn’t want to do that yeah we want to say sign up if necessary or if you want to sign up for free and then if you like what you see up yeah and as soon as you upgrade that’s where you get this way you go debit card can you start getting all these other other benefits you can start getting paid back on the card or right in your wallet I mean it’s just it’s it’s amazing yeah there’s so many member benefits to joining or oh I mean we’ve gone through that but the crazy thing is you’re not stopping I think so many companies they they get complacent with member benefits and this is just who we are you really believe in that mission statement that tagline that we talked about about changing the world starts with you yes and that’s what you’re doing and you’re doing a lot of really cool things what are you excited about as this continues to grow so what we’re trying to do is every quarter every three months or so we’re trying to introduce something new something that may be brand new or something we’ve actually worked on for years and years and finally bringing it to the table so there are two things that we’re particularly excited about because they’re going to happen within the next when next couple of months and the first one I’m really just gonna I know you’re gonna say don’t East yeah yeah but I’m gonna have to know so we’re coming out very soon with a product called or ooh coin okay I know what you’re thinking all right and I’m not gonna give too much away but I would I will tell you is that it is based on an entirely different set of metrics it’s actually quantum physics we’re taking literally a quantum leap here it seems like it’s coming soon it is a game-changer it is an absolute game changer and everybody that is looking at that industry in that market right now very carefully they are going to be amazingly surprised with the quality of this product the ease of use the accessibility on our existing payment network our existing Wallet Network and that’s all I’m gonna tell you about so become a member so you’re the first to know about or a coin yeah but you said there there were two things that you’re really excited about so or coin one what’s the other thing that’s the other thing is what we call Oru score okay and with order score we’ve done something that is really cool and it really came from the younger people okay like this is this young man we discussed earlier who became a member came successful very quickly and then was able to be able to buy things for his team and what is an activity that a lot of these young people are involved in young gameplay gaming yeah and and gaming has come such a long way so we thought can we do something that brings a little bit of a gaming experience into what we’re doing as a network so we came up with this this concept and this technology called order score and oral score actually uses your participation that we are rewarding you for and turns it a little bit into a game and so you can actually see you know what is my score where are you right yeah am I am i doing great am i you know you know kind of along for the ride here yeah and and the way that we do that makes the real immersive you know experience and the cool thing about it is that when we do them reward everybody they know it’s because you know they may have had a little bit of a higher score or a lower score yeah so that’s coming as well and also you know right around the corner beyond that the greater excitement of course is the growth of the network yeah the more people that are part of the aura community and the family the more people we help to live a better life yeah and to help change their world we as an organization will continue to develop new tools new benefits new exciting things that we will add and you will never pay more Wow so I love it so if you were watching this right now if you’re one of the 30 million unbanked as overseas that you need to share money with if you need something a safe secure way to share money between friends your kids anyone right now who membership joining the oral community is for you there’s a lot of ways that you can go and sign up but I’ll mention the two very easy ones for you right now go grab this guy you already have it it’s probably in your hands right now go to the App Store whether you’re on Android or iOS and download the aura market app it’s Oru market search for it download it sign up for free sign up for free and if you want to upgrade upgrade but right now just play in dip your toes window shop you can also go to Oru market dot-com and you can sign up there as well both free for you to really see what’s going on and be a part of this community I think that’s the big thing it’s the community that’s gonna make this thing great it’s the other people it’s the marketplace it’s you know everybody in there adding their social experiences and getting rewarded for it at the end of the day or remark it on your smartphone or room market.com on the web Nick this has been an incredible time thank you so much thanks for having me yeah totally can’t wait to hear your stories of your Oru membership being a part of the community make sure you sell them to us make sure you set them to Nick and we will see you real soon

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