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Hey all Scott over here coming to you live I’m here to do a brief overview about ORU. ORU is a community and it stands for one race United and if the been a benefits community basically benefits community enhancements hansung lives globally so this here is a community of people who come together and you can receive and send payments globally with zero transaction fees straight from your wallet into your wallet and as you can see there’s a lot of people in the community as the chat keeps coming up and I’m also going to show you how ORU has social social media just like similar to Facebook but it’s a private community and I’m going to show you that you can also get a free Visa debit card with a bank account number and a routing number to be used to make everyday purchases to transfer money from your ORU account to your ORU Visa account where you can use that every day there’s also a community a marketplace with it and guys this is all for one low monthly costs of $$and there’s only a thirty dollar one-time setup fee it’s actually $30 and 94 cents okay 30 dollars and 94 cents that includes your first month to be involved with this community which gives you weekly participation just for participating in the community the community gives back to you and I’m going to give you a brief overview of inside of the ORU back office and what you’re gonna get and also for referring people to this community the community gives you $10 per referral so not only do you have zero transaction fees to your ORU wallet which ORU as a wallet oh are you is not a merchant account it’s a wallet that you can participate and make payments and buy things within the marketplace send Global Payments instantly instantly not waiting two three days instantly for that one little monthly fee of five ninety five dollars and ninety five cents and also also for using and participating in the community you’re given your giving back you’re thanked because this community is a community of people who want to make the benefit community enhancing lives globally basically that’s what it is that’s what ORU is all about and the ORU wallet helps you receive incentive payments globally so let me show you here I’m gonna go into my I’m gonna start here my profile it’s me right there my profile here come on it’s a little my computer’s acting a little slow today so I’m thinking click it profile right here there we go alright so we’re gonna go into my profile right here you have your profile and all your settings it’s set up just like this is a whole back office here you can view your profile you can see your funds now remember with the funds you can see right here that for every the funds receive ten bucks for every single person you invite into this community into this community now you also have a ORU Visa Card that’s given to you for free now I want to go over to funds here so you can withdraw funds if see I have a balance of $40 and change here you can withdraw funds to withdraw the funds all you have to do is go here you type in the amount right here say I wanted to withdrawal $20 all right submit withdraw what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna go right to you or ORU visa card option now you won’t have to say what happens if I have no money in than my ORU wallet simple very very simple you go in here purchase a DVT credits alright that’s what they call it a VDT credits you can pay with paypal or you could pay with a credit card or a debit card okay a credit card or a debit card so you could say you want to add $100 $200 $300 five hundred thousand dollars instantly goes into your ORU funds right there so how are you has all these different benefits here with your ORU Visa Card oh are you health or are you social media which is very similar to Facebook but it’s more secure than Facebook this is the future folks moving into 2019 or use black Visa debit card is a free debit card which I’m going to show you you could go into here you can go ORU Visa Card it opens up a tab and I’m gonna put my username in here and I’m gonna put my password this is the entire show my card is ordered and this card I’m gonna be having done a transaction this card I’m gonna be able to take funds from here and there’s a chat right there I’m gonna be able to take funds I’m gonna be able to take the funds from here and put them onto my ORU Visa Card that’s free this also comes with a bank account number and their routing number your wallet so this is your wallet and you can take it to your free oh oh are you Visa Card so all over here you have oh oh are you advertising you’re able to click on ORU advertising you’re able to I haven’t advertised you’re able to place an advertisement if you’d like within the community now I’m gonna go into that a little bit more now that you have or are you quantum now these this is ORU Quantum dollars here okay brief overview of everything so this is quantum dollars that you can pay within your within the market so if I wanted to pay somebody within the market you also get I’m gonna show you right here I have 30 one quant $28 84 cents in quantum dollars which is equal to 31 dollars and 42 cents now don’t get this confused this is the value of own are the onr value of quantum dollars it’s a dollar nine per dollar okay per dollar so you’re making nine cents on the dollar within here I’m not a market specialist or anything like that I’m just showing you examples of what is available within ORU so I’m not a day trader or anything like this but what you can do is you can take this and there’s a transaction key there you could take that and use that transaction key to go to the market and buy discounted products services anything products services discounted vacations you name it or you has it and remember ORU stands for one race United we’re all one okay so back to the profile just to give you brief summary on it that’s all so you have the account summary you have your profile the protocol the protocol shows your genealogy of who’s within your community all right advertising and communicate communicating preferences you have ORU advertising ORU male view feedback and people to share over you people you shared with ORU member count savings center or you is packed with benefits packed with benefits of giving giving to back to the community who give to them and this is a way like I showed you before where you’re able to actually withdraw funds to your ORU you visa you’re able to purchase credits into your ORU wallet to use in the marketplace changing the quantum or to simply use it in dollars this is your money and it’s within the community and it’s funded not by any bank or anything like that it’s its own community which has great benefits where you’re able to take your community to the next level whether it be in the United States to Canada to Mexico all over the world so you could send funds to simply send funds all you would have to do is type in the person’s name you want to send it to make sure it’s there click go Emma how much funds you want so send I’m sorry is that sent funds if I wanted to send funds I have a balance it shows you your balance here you would type in the person’s name who’s in the community my funds to send you would say $details for what purchase it was so if you’re in a member to member business it’s a game-changer because you can bite a click of a button you can say you wanted to spend a thousand dollars on a digital product ok and you wanted to pay without having transaction fees for you or the other person all you have to do is put a thousand dollars added with your credit card or add it with PayPal or add it with your debit card go over here send funds to the person that you want to send it to all right soon we’ll be a thousand and details what it’s for the same thing is for receiving funds the same person if you they’re gonna look your name up you’re selling something it’s a thousand dollars they’re gonna put your name in they’re gonna put a thousand dollars and they’re gonna put it what it’s for and it’s gonna be sent directly to your wallet so it’s wallet – wallet zero transaction fees it’s a complete game-changer guys it’s a complete game-changer so and referring people into and not referring inviting people into this community allows you to receive ten dollars given to you by the community by per referral so I hope that summed it up just a little bit on how some uses of it it’s loaded with action it’s loaded with content is loaded with giving back to the community instead of taking from the community and remember it’s a low thirty dollars and 91 cents to get it set up and after that is only $a month guys I paid thirty dollars and 94 cents to get set up I already have 40 dollars in here and in my ORU Quantum dollars I have $31 $31 I took that $31 and change it into $20 in the quantum so for starting at $30 and 91 cents I was able to just by using the community and doing what the community does I was able to generate a little bit of extra income and not pay any fees so guys I hope that this explained a little bit more about how are you the links above here on Facebook or below if or below if it’s on YouTube I look forward to answering any questions that you guys have I just want to do that brief ORU review all right guys take it easy and bye for now you.

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