OnPassive Review – Why ONPASSIVE Will Change Many Lives?


Oh ladies and gentlemen today I want to point out 7 things here 7 reasons OnPassive will change many lives now I’m a Buddhist in a format of in a sense of kind of talking it out as as though was sitting across the table or or maybe talking on the phone kind of in a one-on-one section but my hope here is that the information that is shared finds the person or persons that are in search of it and that that actually means a lot because if you’re not in search of improving yourself or or growing to be a better you then some information that that comes across your desk or or your presence you don’t really pay much attention to it so I hope this information is something that you can utilize in your everyday life to really take you to where you trying to go things that you’re trying to accomplish problems that you might have and didn’t have an answer to so I hope this information kind of find you at that point to where you can say ok now I got an idea of why I’m part of OnPassive that’s the ultimate goal here that I’m trying to portray and help as many people understand some things that they might should be doing in the process of OnPassive getting ready to to launch and move forward I will state that OnPassive is a massive undertaking and I say undertaking because I think it’s bigger than a project it’s undertaken because the I’m gonna get into the seven steps it’s gonna be seven things that I’m gonna cover on I think OnPassive will change many lives and then I will state before I get started that up my name is really at this point not important the information that’s presented is so in future as you move forward don’t really pay much attention to the name try to focus more attention on the information because the information is more of the of the action per se the main so if you focus more on the information you can get more out of it and at that point you’re not tied into the name you really tie into the information and then you can kind of move forward in the direction that you you know that you set up for yourself so the number one reason I think OnPassive will change many lives is and you probably want to take some notes number one is it it solves a problem now each one of these I’m kind of touch bases on just just a little bit because it can get real deep and a lot of information in each one of them but I’m just gonna try to touch bases on just the you know kind of at the top of the tip of the iceberg so to speak so solving a problem now OnPassive was kind of from my understanding brought to the table because there was a major problem in the network marketing space and that problem was people would wanted to have a better life and in that process of having a better life they would seek out and as they seek out they run across a lot of gurus and I’m saying gurus of people who who you know who say that there there’s something or say that they’re good at this or say that they’re good at that and not to say that they they’re not is is that the a lot of people according to this six that is not having a success rate so you have to ask a question well why is that well the reason they’re not having a success rate is because the things that they’re doing is not done correctly the things that there have been taught has not been taught correctly because if it’s been done and taught correctly then you would you would typically have a lower percentage of people that’s that’s the failure rate would be smaller so own passive was born because of that problem so when people come to the table they have either money or they have time and very rarely that they have the skill set in order for them to do it that’s why they come into the network marketing space and on passive came in and say hey we got an idea that can solve the problem for the masses to where they could come into this community and structure and kind of take away the skill set take away the know-how to actually market to take away the per say the heart and their passion in something that they don’t really have a heart and passion to do they just want to make you know some money or make ends meet so that kind of takes that out it takes out the time because one of the reasons a lot of people get into network marketing is because they wanted more time freedom right so having more time freedom is the is the very thing that they’re trying to get away from but yet is the very thing that they’re actually having to do more of so if you have to come in and do more of what you’re trying to get out of then the road that you’re going is lead you to pretty much the same road that you’re trying to get out of and see that’s not a that’s not a successful model for anyone and so with that being said OnPassive solving a huge problem is right there in the forefront for everybody to give them that time to give them that ability to earn income without them having to really go out there and and do a lot outside of maintaining and kind of learning in the process because you’re gonna definitely need to learn in the process that’s number one number two is heart and passion now in the heart and passion in creating own passive it has to be somebody at the him who has a heart and a passion for whatever that they’re doing because if it’s about the money then that’s gonna die quick and most people that’s listening to this understand and probably done experience that if they’re searching for it behind the money then typically the next shot in life that’s that’s twinkling in the darker you know a mile away it’s kind of gonna attract your attention but if you have a heart and a passion for what you’re doing hence you know ash mr.

Luke Ferro ash roof era he has a huge passion for what he’s doing here because if he didn’t there’s no way that he would be doing it right I mean that the action there kind of speaks louder than the words so having someone who has the heart and passion to be able to solve that problem is necessary is necessary because with without it then you have someone that soon as it gets tough that you know they it walks away so you know Ashley statement is I do it or I die so that means that he’s gonna put everything in it that he has because that’s his heart and that’s his passion that’s number two number three is skills knowledge and vision it’s kind of all into one I keep in mind all of this I’m saying is kind of right at the surface is don’t not trying to go too deep just trying to get the you know the tip of the iceberg so people can really understand why our passage is going to change a lot of lives so does the skills well before I get to that let me touch back on heart and passion for all of them all of the people that’s listening hard and passion is the very thing that you’re trying to be able to do freely now what I mean by that is is if you’re making money or the money is actually doing up doing the work for you or you have an income stream so you can go out there and and live what you were meant to do your heart and your passion that’s that’s in you no matter how much you fight it is actually carding you and and it’s there to come out but we need that tool and that tool is money because without the money it kind of cuts out our freedom so we need to make sure that we you know that we keep our heart and passion kind of reserved so once we start making the money again we can focus in on what our heart and our passion is because that’s unique to each one of us so heart and passion is something for the individual to recognize within themselves and say well once I start making this money and this is a preparation so once I start making this money then what are my goals what are my detailed specific goals and you need to have those in place before you start making the money because if you have them in place after you start making the money and put them in place after the you start put them in place then your mind is gonna is your mind is not gonna be all there because it’s easy to make a plan when you when you have money because you got it and you can just freely go and do but when you actually make in your plan before you get there see it requires planning it requires for you to think it out and this is why it’s necessary for you to have your Pacific detail goals in place before you get the money so and saying that is really a blessing that OnPassive haven’t lunch yet and and I’m not saying that to say oh you just saying that because you know you you don’t want on passing for lunch yet no I’m saying that because what I’m saying is accurate and if you don’t put them in place after the fact you look back and say I wish I would have wrote down my goals and put them in place before this come and so that’s just touching on the heart and the passion now get to the number three which is skills knowledge and your vision this is a deep one as though each one of them is a seven of them skills is necessary in order for you to minimize how much money you would have to to lose or to spend because if you don’t have a lot of skills or knowledge and a vision in the direction that you’re going then you’re gonna have to kind of go around a lot of circles in order for you to learn those things or for you to experience those things whether you read in a book or you still going to typically have to go in a circle in order to get it because you don’t have those skills you don’t have that knowledge and you don’t have a Pacific vision or go in a direction that you’re going so it is extremely important to recognize skills knowledge and vision for yourself and for home passive to the skills we know that Miss Dashwood fara has skills in the marketing we know he has skills if you don’t know what you don’t even heard of people talking on that go back and look at some of the webinars of his ability to market his ability to draw in a lot of people his ability to do this so in order for him to have that ability he has to have knowledge in that sector of marketing / advertising hint that’s what OnPassive is all about so clearly he’s been doing it for a while he has a passion for it and it’s a huge problem out there so it’s gonna really attract to the masses that’s that’s the reason why the skills and the knowledge and the vision for home passive is important for the company on passive and us looking at the company and to file sales that we look at ourselves and how to position ourselves for you know moving forward in in the future by our own lives and number four is time now time I like to put it as it’s like a a sweetheart that if you if you cherish it then you you’re gonna recognize how to treat it and time is that delicacy that you have to understand time is where if you understand it and how to use it and take advantage of it it puts you at an advantage if you don’t know how to use time and take advantage of it it puts you at a huge a huge disadvantage so give me an example of of time when you was a kid you didn’t quite understand how things really work in this world and you had to depend on someone else in order to to kind of guide you and to give you that information well in time as you can as you grew you that time actually allow you to gain some knowledge or gain some understanding and moving you in a forward direction so with that time if you didn’t have that time then you would still kind of be in the same position that you’re in now that’s hence taking advantage of time and people who do stuff over and over again there is a huge disadvantage to them because they’re not taking full advantage of the time because each day is 24 hours in a day and everybody has that 24 hours in a day nobody has more there’s 24 hours of the day so that means that we’re all equal with the ability to take advantage of those 24 hours so it matters in the time that you do or you don’t take advantage of all of the things that’s in there for you to grow and for you to accomplish the things that you were really meant to accomplish while you here on this work on this earth and I think that’s everything that you possibly can so it’s up to the individual to capitalize on taking advantage of of time now in saying that let me give you three components and maybe this will help you understand time a little bit better it’s three components time money and knowledge with if you have time then you would typically use less money because you have time you have knowledge in less time and then money then you the knowledge would have helped you take advantage of time because you have the knowledge and you have the money so you have to spend less time because you have the money and the knowledge if you have knowledge and time it actually helps you make a lot of money because you have the knowledge to understand you know how to take advantage of time and then that would in turn helped you to make a lot of money so timing hence why you end the goal founders because you recognize that time and do matter everybody here that’s us on the platform listen to this understand that timing do matter and to understand all those three components time money and knowledge and skills then you can see how on passive is going to change a lot of people’s lives number five marketing and advertisement in the network marketing space or any opportunity business traditional any type of business any type of opportunity any type of a person having a vision of something they’re going to need to market it or hence or advertise so if that’s something everybody needs in order to get their message across then that means that we have the world basically going to be looking for marketing and advertising so our audience or clients or customers is going to be attracted to this platform of marketing and advertisement now OnPassive have put together to where an individual can come in to own passive for a hundred and twenty five dollars and 125 would be a hundred and fifty dollars and at that point just market on passive which is to advertise it in marketing and draw majority of the people in so in saying that to take full advantage of OnPassive you would want to market on passive and allow people to come in to OnPassive because it has all of those components if you put in your own opportunity which you’re free to do if you put in your own opportunity then you want to make sure that these components are in place to attract those people into your program or into your opportunity or into whatever it is that you’re presenting out to you know to the world so marketing and advertisement is something that own passive has is something that people is looking for yes a product is something that has legally done compatible across the industry and OnPassive have something very unique or what they have and the number six one is money yeah this is a this is a nice topic because you know although we like to do you know our passion and we like to do all of those things but without the money you know we can’t we can’t really do nothing we can’t be free without money and people say oh I could be I could be free and you know in their mind make it be free but in reality you’re not free if you’re not having a way or means to get something that you want without you per se having to go and do a physical work for it so money is that – money is that component in order to freed you because the more money you have the the freer you are to a point and I say to a point is because sometimes money can’t control you so you have to ultimately get control of the money so why money is as towards the end versus the beginning because all of these things needed to be in place in order for money to come now going back to OnPassive had to solve the problem it had to have the heart and the passion it needed to have the skills and legend the company’s and and people that’s connected to the companies in order for all of this to work in needed time and it still needs time in order to perfect that because if you if you launch something early because you didn’t give it enough time then you right back at square one because you have to start over so understanding that is a huge component into why own passive will change many people’s lives and the money when all those things are in place solving a problem heart and passion skills knowledge and division time marketing and advertisement when those things are in place then the money is sure to come is is sure to come so having patience in order to get that now it’s easy to say have patience but it’s much harder to have patience when you don’t understand so understanding is the number seven it’s the last one because it should be the first one but you you because going in you would want to understand everything that you doing before you start but I put it at that the seven because I wanted to wrap things up to understanding understanding is that component that would allow you to solve that problem the understanding is that component that you understand what your heart and what your passion is understanding is knowing the skills and the knowledge and the vision in a direction that you go on understanding is taking advantage of time to listen till its maximum point understanding is knowing how to market and advertise and be effective in doing so and understanding that money only comes when all of those things are in place and that’s when it becomes valuable to the end user that’s when it becomes valuable to understand how to position yourself to take advantage of those things that’s when understanding and while understanding is the number seven because it’s the most important one all of the aspects so wrapping up is three things that I want to kind of help you guys realize number one you should have you should set detail Pacific goals detail Pacific goals because if you don’t set detail Pacific goals then there’s a lot of wiggle room in the direction that you’re going so what do I mean by that why that’s so important because if if you’re making $20,000 a month and the disclaimer here is I’m not saying that you’re going to make $20,000 or anything I’m saying as an example if you make $20,000 a month what would you do with that money now this is a question for you to answer not for me to answer for you if you make in $20,000 a month what would you do with that money now the reason I ask that question is because most people will say pay off some debt or I want to buy a house or I want to buy a car I want to I want to do something well if you want to do those things that’s fine because those are your goals and your dreams that’s fine but the problem comes into play is when you don’t have a plan for yourself when you do those things so when you write out of Pacific detail specific goals then you would have an idea of what you did it with if I make $20,000 and I want to buy a car that car going counts me $24,000 so how do I want to go about paying for that car would it be smart for me to take some money and and maybe invest it somewhere find an investment vehicle or would it be best for me to put it into my business my LLC if you have one which you should and then and then let everything run through my business if you don’t have detailed goals and dreams then that means that you’re not Pacific in the direction that you’re going and when a situation happens then you typically don’t know how to adjust to that situation because you didn’t think it out so we’re on passive actually not launching yet gives every individual that’s listening to this to say I need to be preparing for something that’s coming that I don’t quite understand yet because if you understood most people the ones that do understand is I already putting these things in place the people that don’t understand don’t know what to put in place so that’s one reason why I’m sharing this with you so you can start preparing yourself to say let me put this in place in each country have different tax laws so you want to take advantage of or how to position yourself for the tax laws these are all things and harder for you to be able to keep your money and so you can actually focus on your heart and passion that you want to do as you as own passes prepare to lunch and takes the proper time in order to do that and number two on that is whenever you set your detail specific goals you want to act on them so many times we can set a goal but we don’t really act on them we don’t believe them enough to actually move on we just write them down and you know we just go on out all day life and kind of forget about it and forgetting about it once you write them down as cool is it’s just that you need to focus so much on them to where you you can forget about them because they’re kind of soaked into your subconscious mind and once you do that you just simply act on them as you move forward never move backwards always move forward focus on moving forward stay positive and you stay in that that’s that positive rail moving forward because as you move forward doors will open up for you if you kind of stay still as well actually there’s no way at it stay still because time is constantly movement so if you stay still you actually automatically is falling behind so there’s no such thing as staying still so you always want to move forward don’t let that time catch you so I’ll constantly move forward so you can kind of get ahead because if you don’t you’re not getting ahead I and number three you want to evaluate once a week so every week you want to you want to reevaluate what you did for that week to make sure that you don’t get so far away from your goals and dreams because it’s easy for us to go a period of time and then when we look back we was like aw shucks man I bb8 it so far from what I was trying to do now you got to now start going backwards but if you evaluate once a week you can actually you can actually go in and recognize hey I need to stay of course so I need to you know I might need to push that aside because it ain’t important yeah this stuff takes a little time because over a period of time you have established a habit and in that habit you have got to the point to where you don’t even recognize that you’re doing certain things until it becomes right at your forefront and then sometimes that’s a bit late it’s indeed because you hadn’t already established a habit so it’s harder to break a habit than it is to not even create one so ideally you don’t want to create a bad habit good habits are great because those gonna stick with you so my saying is I always want to be uncomfortable until I’m comfortable so my uncomfortable becomes my comfort level and when my own uncomfortable bility comes in that means that any time that I get stressed I will always be programmed to go with my comfort level which is being uncomfortable if that makes any any sense so is there’s nothing that’s gonna typically throw me because I didn’t program myself to think that way so that means I’m constantly moving forward because if you’re constantly moving forward you always getting you always into new territory so as you – you comfortable being a new territory see Dennis is nothing – you know you can move right into new territory like as nothing because you have established that as your habit though that’s what you want to establish as you have it now hopefully these reasons that own passive will change many people’s lives I hope you you got that I kind of did that in a sense of a we’re talking sitting down talking and having this conversation because I normally like to talk one-on-one a person asked me a question I didn’t give an answer a person asks a question to say hey I don’t understand I typically then clear things up but in this format you can’t actually ask a question so hopefully in this format that you kind of get the picture of while on passive will change lives it’s going to change lives because it solves a problem it’s going to change lives because his heart and his passion is into helping people improve their everyday life it’s going to change lives because the skills and the knowledge and the vision for home passive is there and it is a great vision it’s going to change lives because it’s time everybody here has has typically suffered one way or the other because if you haven’t I don’t think you would be here so it’s time for that change it’s time for lives to be changed and many lives gonna change because of marketing and advertisement marketing and advertisement is the avenue for a message to get out period point-blank if you have any kind of message you typically go to market that message or you’re going to advertise that message out and we have that platform here we don’t acid its definitely gonna change lives because of the money the money aspect is something that’s very attractive is something that many people is waiting for is is where people don’t per se have to have that skill set their hard earned money do the work for them own passive will change many lives because of that and the last one but definitely not least his own past own passive will change many lives because the understanding of what’s needed has been established from day one so ladies and gentlemen I hope this helped you I hope this fun that finally find you where you are and if you searching for it that it finds you and y’all have a great day and hopefully talk soon later bye for now

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