OnPassive Review – What is OnPassive and why thousands are joining?


Hey everybody how you doing this morning it’s Scott Nelson here and I am absolutely thrilled just to take a few minutes this morning I’m going to try to keep this as brief as possible but I just wanted to get with all of you who are thinking about getting started you’ve been requesting information about OnPassive and and when it’s actually going to be going live and what makes fun passive so powerful and really most importantly why are literally thousands almost 14,000 online marketers all around the globe have joined on passive and the really interesting thing is is that it has never been advertised were very restrictive as founding members of OnPassive as to what we can do and what we can post we we never had a website and there has not been a website for on passive and really the only way over the last five or six months that anybody even knew about OnPassive was by being privately invited by individuals by word-of-mouth to watch two videos that were recorded back about five six months ago by the founder and basically it was just real real vague amount of information because you doesn’t remember when Ash and his team were starting the idea of OnPassive at that particular time there wasn’t even a name that was publicly released so no website and no name and you got a wonder why are thousands of people I I think we’re probably seeing close to a thousand people now joining every week probably four or five thousand and once again we haven’t even launched we do have about a month and a half two months ago a website that is available for the people that are active and paid founding members and that is a site where we get all of our updates from the leadership of the company in the owner and CEO and it is really gonna be a very exciting time as I believe the future is truly unlimited with on passive now let’s just immediately address right up front I do not work for OnPassive I am a founding member I joined because I have been a full-time work from home business entrepreneur for most of the last 45 years and I have been full time working for myself from home for about 26 years now so I’ve seen companies come and go I understand the industry I’ve owned small companies I’ve been CEOs I have gone around the u.s.

And I have spoken and teach tanned trained people in how to generate income from home I’m a seven-figure earner over the last 15 years really just really got involved and really had my first big success about 15 years ago and it has been a marvelous career for me and the purpose of just in really in wanting to encourage people that are watching this is to take the step and enjoin on passive now you can join right now as a founding member that that opportunity is gonna go away probably in the next few days the next few weeks nobody knows for sure but I kind of sensing by listening to our updates that are done usually on a weekly basis that we are going to be launching what we call our founders advertising campaign which is basically going to allow you if you can get and take immediate action to participate and actually potentially see people that are registering as founding members and based on your positioning when you join obviously there is a good likelihood that you could actually see some people sign up as founders and actually be placed below you so that when we go live with our passive obviously you’re going to be getting paid right away even though you don’t know the people and you didn’t do anything to recruit them how this is going to be made possible is because of the exclusive database that on passive actually owns that’s right we work with I believe it’s four or five of the largest data providers these are people that give data of names and phone numbers and email addresses of some of the top marketers online marketers network marketers affiliate marketers all around the globe and this database is in excess well in excess of I believe four million right now that we own exclusively with on passive and about 10% of those about four hundred and twenty thousand people on that list will very soon in the coming days ahead receive an invitation to come to our what we call our NGO founders website and there they will be able to register as a founding member and grab their position even before we go into our beta testing with our on passive website so this is a very very exciting time and it you’ve always dreamt of being involved at the very beginning do not be fooled I know that we’re coming up on about 14,000 founders but I believe that between founders and members of our massive in the coming year too we could literally see millions millions of people globally that will be joining OnPassive and guess what because this is a hundred percent hands-free opportunity you are going to be able to take advantage of the massive momentum remember momentum happens after a company is in business normally anywhere between six months and two years and that is when the company just literally explodes in growth I’ve seen companies that I have been with that have gone from two thousand to twenty thousand during momentum in a matter of couple of weeks so this is going to be such an exciting opportunity and a fantastic online marketing platform that is going to be offered with OnPassive so I think you can start to get the idea why there are literally thousands of people joining every month as founders even before OnPassive goes live so let’s just look at a few of the bullet points and let me try to take this very quickly so I don’t keep you long because I know that most of you are wanting to get involved it’s just a matter of going to the website link that is given to you by the person that shared this little video with you and you can get signed up right away at least while there is time because once the campaign is ready to go and that seems like it’s just a few days maybe a few weeks away today being the 13th of February 2019 I would be really surprised I don’t know for sure but I would be really surprised at the campaign will not be running by the 1st of March that’s my own humble appeal and everybody knows opinions aren’t worth anything so please don’t quote me as saying hey he told me no that’s what I think but I think I’m pretty accurate okay so why should you I mean if you have a network marketing business that you’re promoting right now maybe you have two or three or maybe you’re involved in a cryptocurrency opportunity maybe you are an affiliate marketer maybe you have private label nutritional products maybe you’re selling over on Amazon maybe you have a skill set that you want to promote yourself as a teacher or a trainer or maybe you are a Philly –it with a company network marketing online does it make any difference this platform that is being developed in its in its finishing stages at this point in time will literally solve all of the problems all of the problems that current online marketers network marketers affiliate marketers and more have this is a platform that is going to give you and me and all people that are working online or a network marketing or direct selling a hundred percent success rate it’s it is a hundred percent fully automated okay can you imagine hands-free automated traffic generator okay there are gonna be a lot of marketing tools I can’t even tell you because we haven’t even seen the finished product yet but I do know in talking with the owner and leaders just what he and his team are doing behind the curtain right now everything is being very much hush-hush because believe me there would be a lot of people out there and programmers online that would love to have a little peek behind the curtain right now to find out what’s going on so can you for imagine a minute just imagine what’s your greatest problem if you’re working online most of the people that are watching this are online marketers or net workers right is you don’t have people that are buying your products that are even getting to your website that’s because you don’t have people that you know you may not have a marketing list like I do I mean I have a list of about 5,000 people because I started building it about 15 years ago and most of you 99% don’t have a real good warm market there’s really maybe not even such a thing as a warm market friends and family usually aren’t very good with on passive everybody wins and so you can even register anybody in your family your friends your neighbors anybody 18 years and older that lives in the US and around the world can can get signed up and because it’s fully automated that means you just don’t have to do much so everybody is gonna be given a go founders when you become a founding active paid founder before we launch you’ll be given a go founders website that will be yours for life and then of course our marketing platform OnPassive will launch here very very soon so you will actually have as part of your monthly membership you’re gonna actually have fully targeted incredibly powerful it belongs to you nobody else will have it it won’t be old traffic it won’t be lead generation companies selling lists like they do right now for thousands of dollars and they’ve been sold to a thousand other people the data that we get sent through our automated traffic generation platform from our databases these are exclusive relationships with the largest data companies in the world will send traffic targeted traffic not people looking for free vacations or free giveaways and and drawings to enter a thousand dollar gift certificate no these are real people that are working currently in network marketing direct marketing online marketing you name it that are truly professionals and the greatest need for any marketer period is visitors so that’s also another name for traffic okay this system is so powerful that it will recruit and sell for you that’s right you heard me correctly turn it on pay your monthly membership we have four different levels that you can choose from three of the four include traffic daily not monthly not quarterly no these people will be directed to your website where they can register for free try it out for seven days and if they like it they can upgrade and become an affiliate for as little as $25 and that this is a one-time out-of-pocket because it is a very unique self-perpetuating compensation plan that will earn you and then as you earn commissions you will actually progress through a series of 4 3 by 10 matrix is producing unlimited and fully automated hands-free income for you and your team for the rest of your lives that’s right you know this is what is so exciting but if I was just talking about income and I really didn’t focus on the actual benefit of the traffic the course that’s huge and that is probably the most valuable part of on passive and the monthly membership but now think about marketing tools ok videos autoresponders unlimited sales pages artificial intelligence state-of-the-art proprietary if you don’t know what proprietary means it means they’re built our team that’s right there built by our engineers our software developers the very best in the world we have I think a team of customer service engineers software people that is nearing over 200 right now and we haven’t even launched on bassett but they work all around the globe they work in Asia they work in Europe they work in China they work in the United States you name it we work 24/7 around-the-clock because we’re constantly building and refining these proprietary state-of-the-art marketing tools and platform that’s built for you and I and it uses artificial intelligence that will completely blow you away but when I looked at this and I talked to ash our owner and our CEO of this platform here’s the thing you have to understand no one has these tools nobody ever will have these because we own all of our software and all of our back office we don’t we don’t just go out and rent marketing platforms like every other company does they go out and they they buy a go into an agreement they buy a let’s say autoresponder that does follow-up and they pay $50,000 to a company then they charge you $29 a month for that and then you get a video software platform that they pay $50,000 and if you want that that’s gonna be another $29 but before you know you got a hundred two hundred three hundred dollars a month just in pain for copycat marketing tools and advertising platforms believe me I know I’ve used them I paid for them I have a company right now that I’ve been with for about a year and I paid $30 for a autoresponder follow-up system 30 bucks a month that’s almost 400 dollars a year for one tool now keep in mind with these propriety market proprietary marketing tools these are going to be included in the monthly membership and you’re gonna get all of them at that particular level and as you go to the higher levels that produce much more income potential you’re gonna have even more specific and upgraded marketing Suites of tools that will be included at each level of membership with OnPassive okay so think about the advantages nobody has them and they’re all included in the monthly membership app depending on what level you want and how many more you need okay and once again people ask well do I need to have a business or can I earn with on passive or what if I don’t have a business or I’ve got three different businesses I sell on Amazon I have a white label product I’m in a network marketing business this is an amazing platform because you can use the tools the training and everything to promote any and all online businesses so if you’re a network marketer affiliate marketer any type of marketing you can use this for and new tools will beat about what so we can even approach people that what to promote their traditional businesses maybe a real estate agent or you know an insurance agent things like that so all of these things are available and coming very very soon so the final thing is I’m then the most common question I get you may say well I don’t have a business I’m not a network marketer I’m not selling anything but I love to be able to have an opportunity to generate income from home by simply telling people about on passive of course the greatest need for the 98% that’s failing in their home-based businesses is exactly what we are offering with on passive when we go live everybody in any network marketing company the ones that you know that 98 99 percent that aren’t making it any money whatsoever we’re here and we solved all of the problems and that’s really why thousands of people are already joining us as founding members when nobody knows about us yet I mean we could go live in two or three weeks or a month and we could be at twenty to thirty thousand founding members before we even go live to the world and in talking the other day to some people I was asking a group of people what they thought based on what they’re hearing we could grow to and they all believed we could we can see somewhere between one and five million over the next year or two that will be members of on passive so for those of you that understand what I call first mover’s advantage my goodness gracious is this exciting okay so yes to answer that last little bullet point you don’t have to worry you don’t have to worry you don’t have a business I have put out a video and you can certainly get it if you want I sent it to most of you but it goes through a little bit about the simple but the most powerful compensation program that I have seen in my 40 almost 45 years of working from home that is self perpetuating that just means that I can start for $25 out of pocket and never have to reach into my wallet again because I can just let the system work for me and build income and it will basically promote me in to the higher level matrixes that will enhance my earnings by you know a thousand percent so you don’t have to worry when you start if you like what you see you sign up for free take a look if it makes good sense to you when you take a look you got a seven day free trial and then let it earn for you plug it in get yourself active you can join as many of the matrixes as you want if you want to prepay I think it’s very wise but but you don’t have to distort for 25 bucks and and use the tools I recommend getting some traffic if you are not at the 2nd 3rd and 4th Matrix yet then we have traffic that will be available that you can purchase or better yet once you reach the second Matrix level membership and the 3rd and the 4th you’ll have thousands and thousands of visitors each and every year that are coming to your website and registering and your gonna get paid on every one that becomes an affiliate so I just can’t tell you how excited I am I’m 63 almost 63 I’ll be 63 in June and I have been a full-time network marketer for like I said 26 years and I’ve made millions of dollars but that’s on to huge successes what about the hundred failures that I had over the years ones that didn’t work out most of them went out of business it wasn’t anybody’s fault except the owner couldn’t keep the business open or they were criminals and they took the money and ran it doesn’t matter but in the ones that I could have succeeded in had I had something like OnPassive this is going to change lives so what I would recommend you do is get back to the person that got you here and get your questions answered this is a very time-sensitive matter so do not waste time because once the founder’s goes away when we actually run the campaign for the founders and then we start beta testing on passive and we go live it’s gone you won’t have an opportunity at least for 6 months is what ash says so this is going to go away today once again is the 13th of February 2019 and I think you need to realize that this is an opportunity that I can endorse there are no guarantees obviously in any business and you never want to put any money into any business until you thoroughly check it out and make your own mind up do your do your research but I think you’re going to be thrilled for those of you that want to take the step to pre-register as a founding member you need to do that right away otherwise just let me know that you want to be contacted once the actual OnPassive website goes live then you can go directly to the website and register for free take a look you have a seven day free trial and you can see if it’s for you and then you can upgrade like I said for as little as $25 thanks a lot for watching hope you have a great day

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