OnPassive Gofounders Back Office Review 2019


All right everybody it is currently February 5th 2019 this is Scott Nelson it’s about here in the California desert I hope everybody in the OnPassive gofounders team is doing well and that everybody is getting ramped up it’s gonna be very very exciting in the days and the weeks and the months ahead for all of us and I just really am feeling that I need to be contacting people on our team and hopefully everybody understands the importance of passing along any information you get from me or anybody from Ashe or the corporate office just make sure that it gets immediately sent out to all of your personally referred people that are currently active paid founders okay if you had anybody that signed up that didn’t activate this information obviously is not for them simply because the information and training that I’m provided and providing for you is simply for people who are paying attention because we are getting very very close I don’t have any dates or anything for you I wish I did but in my conversation and correspondence with other leaders and with Ashe himself I feel that the at least the advertising campaign for go founders is getting very very close so that’s why I feel it’s really important we go back over some things so what’s the first thing we want to do so we want to go and we want to log in to the NGO founders website and you should be doing this every single day seven days a week I do it probably three to four times a day because what I’m looking at specifically is I’m looking at this area which is a live count this was done just a few minutes ago almost 13,000 bounders now that’s amazing because most of us joined when there was less than 500 that is a that over the last by nearly curs okay so I’ll I’m out once again Smith’s area it’s okay it is a new webinar in here it’s going it and it’s gonna say you want to make sure you check this you when you go to webinars webinar where there is right now the last ad was I believe 22nd of June about two weeks ago one this week obviously hasn’t to us that’s about built to see the founders up not doing any opportunity the biz money called OnPassive available so there’s still one the go founders weapon lis gonna be available to people aid found exclusively let me go live with OnPassive that’s where we will start early minute-by-minute or group grows I do recommend if you are last week or two where if your back office you better get go down their site and easy to navigate from your brand-new I would recorded webinar the recordings let’s starting at the top all the way back to September demand that what you tickly start at the first holidays 27th the ninth the 15th and the 22 worse make sure the 27 it’s probably or four hours worth of it is important but there are some really great meant that you learn as this is the time that we headers together whips and this is where the people their level of success generated those how much you are going to be them so I pay attention to web also announcements because enough information to justify doing a weapon our will post here in the kitchen okay these are just welcoming and other leaders a Jew lations that’s when we went in an hour you know coming up you can see their announcement seats you know green some different updates but you don’t have to worry about up here this was died where he first for summary I should puts the month February thousand nineteen hit use when is January there is something new but have a little red flashing thing this is the beginning of the chat board and used a whole lot yet it’s brand new and this is up in instead of having two Facebook pages and things like that you’ll be here and plug do you know oops you know so this is gonna be a really here that will enable all Munich eight in a private main you understand what I said to screw around with going over and wasting time and a pub we want to make sure we protect our company that just thriving and community here is I don’t know why that D maybe it means we went all do there that just came out over there this might be a good example that was just posted hang on there’s a lot here or the website doesn’t appear that disco is still the ones why it’s really important to jump down a lot of times people are they’re asking error can they find links promote goes out you cannot pong pass it and there is no income a founder for ninety seven dollars there is no commission paid that is just a way of the company raising funds to keep it growing and hiring new customer service in our employ there are over two hundred employees now with go founders and untasted so it’s a growing concern and we want to make sure that the money that is raised people that are becoming founders will be used obviously to the state of the tools and websites training videos and all the good things that we need in order to grow okay so what you can do is come to my links and you can click on us and this is where you will find links that you will be able to use to send out to your list so if you’ve got personal contacts most friends and they want you to send them a personal invitation you can use these but I recommend using my Asians for that have giving you outright permission or have asked you to send them a in go founders these links here are merely land pages so you have four different in links under that takes you directly to your registration ok and this is just a video just a flash video if you want to copy this link you can use that to promote but let’s just if I want to say oh I want to send Bill Johnson cementation so I didn’t ask him for permission so spam him so I just go up here and I paste that link this is what it looks like but I would paste that link right into an email and I’d say hey Bill I don’t know if you’re open to looking something very unique but there is a really amazing online meet that is coming I’m doing you a short little soul video which you want to come to like this click on the play right it’s gonna give you a one minute and 22 second quick sizzle video just no words just text and music I had volume off and then make sure that you tell bill to submit his name his first and last name and his hell in a dirt I recommend them using Gmail if they have a gmail because that way your invite will probably end in their inbox when they receive it they just have to click on the link cepting the invitation they say open it up it’s going to give them an opportunity to watch the full’ through videos that aid that will allow allow them to hear first of all the story why ash decided to take on creation of OnPassive and go founds the second you know is a little bit more in detail about the model of on pass at that time there wasn’t even a name for the business that the video five or six months ago so a little dated but they work really well make sure they fill this out Riedel with a good email address preferably gmail is for their invite that happened go to their email right away okay if there’s a delay just happen to be patient it might take them a half an hour to an hour and then it just gives a little you know update their on what this platform is going to do so you can obviously see right here right okay so that is the in the links so all your links are under my links if you had somebody they Scott please send the information on Gulf want to become a founder I want to find out more about whatever then I would personalized I would personalize my enmity and this is where you can start there’s about fifteen templates and you can create your own if you want by clicking I think oh here you go you can create your own template right here now here if you want you can decide which one you want to start with so if I want to click on that and I want to be view it I could click and I can see what the little email is going to say these are autoresponder messages these are just simple little thugs in the first message you can select one you want to recommend going through click into I usually start with um where did I start with usually oh I think I saw bird the latest news and you can preview and you can start with whatever we want ok just click ok I don’t know why it’s not giving me oh it’s just operating really slow ok so you just do that and then you come down it there’s your information just make sure that that’s you and your name is there because information that’s when you’re at the bottom so this just lets you know what the and you know choose the one you want that will be the first one they get from you as soon as you fill in their first name their last name and their email address before you can send you need to come down here make sure you adhere this is not for people that have not requested these are people who have given you permission and are eating free personal and also once you add them in you can add work by just clicking here you don’t have to send five or six people separately once you put in you know John Doe and then you go John Doe at Y comm now you should be able to add another one it may take a second to pop up another window oh I think I maybe I need to put this but you think you need to if it’s working right now may not be doing multiples yet I know oh there we go so you see I clicked it twice and so in this case I could put in another two people that have requested a personal in if I make a mistake I can remove or remove once they’re in there and you’ve checked that box you just need to send okay that’s all there is to it okay so that is the personal invite so that should give you and then there’s things here there’s a team summary if you want to see your personals to make sure that they’re showing up click on I team click on that wait for it to open up and then what it’s going to do is it will show you your owed oldest your first rolled all the way down to your neck so you can see here our dates here and there is your last page and you can see here was the most recent number 173 Michael Henry so that is how you are able to check your downline location so that is your back-office and of course you want to make sure also make sure your profile is accurate ok so click on profile make sure your sponsors name is there it is and their phone number is correct and their email now you can contact your sponsor directly that is your company ID number this is your country make sure it shows your correct country your name on your account if you want to change your email I don’t know if you could do that but you’ll have to contact customer sort your phone number your sponsor and date that you’re enrolled once you update that click on update and make sure it gives you a updated if you want to change your password you can do that manually come in here click on this button then you can change it make sure after you change anything that you click on update alright so that is again this is probably the last recording training I’m gonna do on this back-office because if you’re doing your job keeping a copy of all of the trainings that I have sent and anybody else is doing in our group and you’re keeping them and then you have them labeled and keep them in a folder and then if you have a new enrollee remember you’re only responsible for your own personally enroll right because you have that contact information and when we start having traffic and you get people that you don’t know when you get a notification that they signed up my goodness graceful and welcome them to go founder or welcome them when we have on passive and start to build a relationship with them really important okay the last part of today’s I wanted to run back over now this compensation plan was what was part of the second do that ash did back about five months ago and this could change so please understand that basically this just shows you the different compensation and this is for on passive remember we are not live yet but when we go live there will be a compensation matrix like this in fact they’ll be for different levels you know it’s what they call a 3 by 10 matrix okay so everybody that wants to be a member you don’t have to be a found anybody then to OnPassive may have an opportunity for a thousand dollars to become a founder when we are live but most people will come here and they will sign up initially for free everybody starts with a flat site so once they sign up for free they will be given a position in this first twenty five dollar matrix as an unpaid free affiliate that means they can’t earn any money but they’re gonna have full access to their back office they will put in their profile but they will not get paid until they upgrade and pay the $25 that’s $25 a month the good thing about the ash has designed the compensation if everything works according to plan you should never have to reach in ticket and use your credit card or debit card again this is a self pachu ating matrix which merely means that each and you’ll probably pretty quickly because of the anticipated growth there is no guarantee but you should be earning if you have three people on your first line through spillover or through your own work and then you have nine people on your second level you could see that at this level you would be receiving $33 every time there that was happening so obviously if that were the case every month that twenty-five dollars would be paid out of your commission you wouldn’t have to reach on to your credit card and then as you earn and earn and earn and start to grow you will as since you have a hundred and twenty-five plus the 25 you will automatically through your come in through the compensation plan not having to reach into your wallet unless you want to and once there is a hundred and fifty available you will be active in the affiliate and the pro level now there’s something very important to remember about being in the pro level and if you are prepared for the lot of odd passive you would be very foolish not to plan to get into at least the first two levels why you might ask because as an affiliate even though you earn as your downline grows I mean if you had a full matrix you could be earning a hundred and Able’s and dollars per month if that was full with eighty some thousand people I doubt that will happen for most of us at least in the first many many years gonna take a while obviously nothing comes overnight if any of you think you’re joining a get-rich-quick this would be the wrong wrong opportunity with OnPassive I think it will be very fast but it just depends on how hard you prepared at the very beginning during on passive or during gophers for those of you that have put in France and family members you’re going to have a huge jump start because as people are if you enroll them they’re gonna get some free traffic and that could put people and build an organization some of you will have hundreds or even thousands below you on your team when we go live with audacity so the reason it’s so important to make sure you get in to 125 member you can buy your way in to all four matrixes you can buy your way into the top or the bottom three because you always have to start here so let’s say ashe says okay we’re ready to move our genealogy and ready to launch OnPassive then you all make sure you click on upgrade cuz remember you’ll enroll in the order that you are now as a founder into OnPassive but you will also be a free number until you upgrade and when you upgrade you’ll choose the level or the levels that you want to begin with I’m gonna come in all four which is called all-in for $900 because I already have a team almost a thousand people okay but you will definitely if you can I understand someone have to earn their way get into the pro level minimum because at the pro level you’re not only gonna get more tools and high-tech things that you can use to build your businesses and products whatever you’re working with right now but most importantly it’s going to grow because every day there’ll be traffic that is included in the pro level and more traffic higher levels of traffic at the leader level and even higher levels you’ll have three different levels of traffic which potentially means you could be get ten a hundred even a thousand visitors a day to your OnPassive website and since it doesn’t cost anything to start to get your website most of us are gonna see this explode by having trapped at every single day that’s right every single day not every single month you know most the time you get by traffic you one big hit of traffic it’s very expensive to buy safe lists and good quality what with OnPassive as long as you’re at the minimum of the one type and the 125 you’re gonna be getting traffic here you’ll be getting even a higher level traffic and tools and good helpful things to learn to use for your online businesses or MLMs at the 2t end then just imagine if you’re all in you’re getting three times if not more traffic daily daily not monthly and that’s what’s gonna grow these matrixes and if you look at the potential payouts and you can freeze this video and just kind of salivate at potentially two million dollars a month can you imagine that that’s crazy okay but I always say what if I only had a 1 percent success success rate what if I only did in let’s say five years I was only doing one percent of that number well let me ask you a question one percent of two million is twenty thousand dollars a month are you making twenty thousand a month right now do you think you’ll ever make twenty thousand dollars in your job or your home-based business people but most of you the 99.999 will never make that because we know that it’s very difficult and takes many many many hours per week and many many many years to get up to a six-figure income all right so that really right there is it okay this is really really exciting stuff and you need to understand the power especially in these matrixes at the 125 the 250 and the 500 now you cannot just come in and join as an affiliate skip the 125 and the 250 you didn’t want to you won’t be to just jump ahead you have to work your way up so some of you the smart ones that have an extra thousand dollars sitting around in the savings account not earning anything you’re gonna want to get into the all-in so you can get paid especially if you’ve got a group that’s growing and with the spillover that I believe might happen for many of you you could see literally hundreds like said even thousands of people over Todd that start to pop down underneath you because in a forest matrix you’re gonna get paid on every single person in your three by ten and if you are in the 250 a quaint value to get paid on eleven and twelve so you’re gonna be getting paid on levels one through twelve if you are in the 500 master matrix it gets even better you’re gonna get paid through 15 levels so that is amazing isn’t it so understand the caption plan okay the next thing is to make sure that you remember I still have it out here yep there’s that there are only two ways are three ways to O to contact customers on I prefer email so it would be support both alders net now when we owe to OnPassive when it goes lot then potentially it might to having also support at on pass a member as far as I know from what ash has shared the NGO founders dotnet site will remain live but only accessible to founders okay there’ll be special perks and deals and awards and trips and incentives that way for the founders only but right now of course we won’t go founders or your email support has anything to do with problems with a offices somebody’s not showing up there’s a wrong date or wrong phone there you put your email in there we’re on you want to act support that go founders on these at or at governors net submit one ticket allow uh pre days it’s usually faster but two to three business days to hear back from support okay I’m able to help you only on issues that have to do with building business I have nothing to do with your back ops I can’t change your email I can’t help your friend that they can’t find that has to go to customer support the other way you can contact is right from the Gofounders website if I still have that oh is to come down and click support and you can use our ticket system back here and when it clicks over there it will show you there you go you just come there’s your name your email your phone number the Leki closest subject or category you’re contacting them about and then write a short description along with your name and email and phone number it’s already in here you don’t even have to worry about it which makes it nice put your problem in a short of words as you can understand that they’re gonna be reading probably you know hundreds of tickets a day you don’t want your life story and what the weather’s like and how your kids are doing just make sure you be brief but very thorough about what you’re trying to communicate because that is very very important wait and then just jump them back so I’m here to help my person rolled if you’re a roller who referred you to gofounders or OnPassive has dropped off the face of the earth feel free to contact me by email no phone calls just contact me by email because that’s what I think frequently include your name and your phone number and I’ll try to get back by email probably and even sometimes I didn’t try to contact you by okay and in emergency urgent needs only ash makes himself available but remember this man is working to make something very very special happen all of us so please don’t bother ash to ask them how the weather is in Orlando or how his family’s doing don’t rush to say hey I I think you should change the color of that way to orange instead of green so please only if you can’t get your it taken care of in three business day you don’t hear from customer support then by all means ash would love to know about that because we are training customer service people all the time and of course as your sponsor if I’m your sponsor I can help you with the basics but I can have nothing to do with the technical support or the back-office or changing people’s positions or anything like that anything like that needs to go to support that gofounders dot net or use the ticket system in the back office so I hope this has been helpful I’m gonna try to be a little bit thorough we’re gonna be bringing a lot training to you as we move forward into OnPassive I know I’m excited about getting some of the training from some of the very best online marketers like ash and his connections I’m a traditional business owner and a network marketer and sales person so I do not have a lot of online training with different types of fools the type that we’ll have through OnPassive but they’ll be training you know OnPassive back-office it’s gonna be very exciting future so what I would recommend in cuisine what I would do is I would recommend getting busy and paying attention sharing the founders opportunity I believe it’s gonna go away soon when we when we go into the actual campaign and I believe right after the campaign then ash is going to increase the price back to the normal price to become a founder of nine hundred and ninety seven dollars so if you’ve got a friend of yours and they would like to grab a top position in the first thirteen thousand people gosh I would think that you would want to get them in at a ninety percent discount and so what you want to do is contact them get them an invitation out so they can go in and watch the videos as quickly as you can all right get busy it’s gonna be a great ride ahead I’m excited for all of us and thanks for watching this training remember it’s your responsibility to get this to all of your personally enrolled active founders this is not for anybody except for active founders this video should not be shared with anybody who is not an active founder with go founders it should never be posted in any public domain all of my videos to you are always private on my youtube channel so they cannot be shared or viewed by anybody that just goes to my channel so please respect that you’re going to lose your position if I catch you because I will report it immediately to corporate with ash and he is absolutely full-on serious about compliance for all of us we want both gofounders and OnPassive to be around for many many many many many generations to come all right god bless you all and have a wonderful day

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