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All right hey good afternoon good morning good evening whatever part of the world that you are in my name is Scott Nelson and I’m and I’m just kind of reaching out to those of you who have been expressing a lot of interest in the Gofounders OnPassive online marketing platform that is just in the final I would guess the final process of getting ready to actually launch the OnPassive platform but so many people are really have a lot of questions and I have a passion for this this potential blessing and miracle I call it an absolute blessing and online miracle for those of you for the most part I know a good percentage of you since I have been working for myself from home as a business entrepreneur now full-time for about the last 26 years and I’m 60 almost 63 now and I started my first business when I was 18 in a traditional network marketing environment so I have about 44 years of working in network marketing and I have come to know literally tens of thousands of people like yourself that have been in network marketing some of you have only been in network marketing for maybe a few years some of you may be many many years but nonetheless I have a passion for those of you that know me to make absolutely certain that you have tremendous success and that most importantly that you have a foundation and understand what you’re going to need to do to be able to actually make money from home now in traditional network marketing obviously you’re gonna have to go out and decide on what sort of products or services or opportunity and of course a company or a platform that you want to align yourself with okay and there are a lot of people that think that sounds pretty easy unfortunately that is nothing could be further from the truth than that so I can tell you that when you look at a company you are going to have some fairly limited choices of categories to choose from things like nutritional health and supplements travel telecommunication cryptocurrency foreign currencies the greatest challenge that we faced in today’s marketplace is there unfortunately are a lot more bad businesses dishonest owners that really only want to take your money that’s just the way it is and unfortunately it’s only getting worse so the greatest need that you’re gonna have is making your mind up to either promote a company or a platform that is going to allow you to build a successful income from home that’s the reason that people like you and I want to do something free of a regular J OB just don’t feel like working from somebody for somebody many of you will be working still at a regular job until you can replace that income and have a company that you feel come confident in and that your income will hopefully come for the rest of your life from home through a passive or income-generating platform or business opportunity so for me my story now is I have made millions of dollars over the last 44 years in the industry but it was with a lot of hard work and unfortunately many people might tell you that in traditional network marketing you can get rich quick and that’s just not the truth most people that are working for companies that have been around for 20 30 40 even 50 years will tell you that they had to work five to ten some people 15 years and pretty much most of them will tell you they work between 40 to 80 hours a week that’s really what it takes it takes just an unbelievable amount of labour and believe me in almost every business that people are successful in most people will tell you that they did not make any real substantial income for the first few years that they built their business and if people are telling you that you can get rich in 30 days you can make $100,000 a month you don’t have to ever do anything you don’t have to work hard that they make promises like if you put a $5000 in the Bitcoin you’re gonna earn 3% return every single day you want to run from those opportunities as quickly as you can and this is why I myself with all of my experience have got totally to the time in my life where I don’t want to work 40 60 80 hours a week I’ve done that before that’s why I invested in myself and did that when I was 20 30 years younger because I had the energy now at 62 and a half I don’t want to do that so I’m looking for something that I can do that can help other people with a legitimate or what I feel the legitimate business model will be that will actually change the a that people like you and I I call ourselves at home or online business entrepreneurs so about gosh back in August of 2018 I received a phone call from a friend and she told me about a gentleman that was building a business platform called at that time there wasn’t any name but now we know after five months that it is called OnPassive and OnPassive is a company that has not even launched yet OnPassive is going to launch I believe in the very very very near future maybe in the next two or three or four weeks but there is no date officially announced when the company will watch most of you have been receiving my information and occasional emails inviting you to grab what we call a founding member or a founders position and go founders as you can see is really a secondary website really it’s the first website of the two that is specifically dedicated to people who are founders and I’ll give you a little snapshot here and just just a little later in the video but I’m gonna go through this brief outline and I’m gonna move pretty quickly because I think there’s just a lot of questions and instead of trying to email back people that are asking for informations that are wanting to receive a private invitation to become a founder with OnPassive and just a lot of questions that I think will be helpful for you and if you’re going to be joining us you can feel free to keep a copy of this video and share it with people that after you become a founder if you decide to do so you have a couple of different options I’ll explain that but you’ll be able to share this information and let it do all the work for you okay so the purpose of this platform that ash Farah is is creating with OnPassive he currently has I think close to 200 people working with him ash is a gentleman that I worked in the same company with back in the early 2000s I did not have an opportunity to ever meet him personally face to face but anybody that is in online marketing and has been I think ash has been involved for about 15 16 years now and ash had a massive downline sales organization with this company he was the number-one earner and what we call recruiter with this company and at one time I believe Ash had a downline of about 800,000 members that’s unbelievable numbers the largest downline I ever had in 44 years was the 15,000 so you can imagine how much it takes to build an organization of 800,000 plus now ash is a master internet technology guy he has always done his marketing at least for the most part on the online marketing once the internet was on board back in the late nineteen nineties ash got involved I think he’s been involved in home-based business now for about 15 16 years and he just got extremely good and with his technology background he has been able to build his own online marketing tools which are proprietary and he has used those and have been able to make millions of dollars online and the purpose of what he’s doing now is specific to the greatest challenge that people have in making money from home even finding a business that will work for them ash basically made a lot of money in that company him and his wife and I think they now have either one or two children I think one not sure of the age but fairly young ashen his wife and this young boy I believe have been enjoying life they don’t need to do anything but like everything else all good things kind of come to an end in our finances if we don’t work for many years obviously it’s very very easy to go through a lot of money and and then all of a sudden you go Wow well listen I I’m not feeling real comfortable with our reserves and so ash decided that he better start looking for what he would deem to be a solid reputable honest business opportunity that he would be able to employ his own proprietary online marketing tools to simply plug in to a company that he felt good about one that he felt that even in this turbulent time of home-based businesses that would be a really good good opportunity that was solid that had good honest owners with integrity and that could last and be something a business model that could be sustainable he was shocked when starting about a year or two ago he started to look at hundreds and hundreds of different home-based business opportunities affiliate programs network marketing businesses all of it and could not find any that he felt were gonna be around much more than a few months maybe a few years but he wants to define something that he knew he could feel good enough about that could support him and his family for the rest of their lives he’s a very hard-working man and he doesn’t mind working hard for several years in order to enjoy the fun from the results that that hard work would bring so anyways he was very dejected and is having conversation with friends and family and was telling them how hard it was he literally could not find anything that would work for him and so he decided that he didn’t want to have to go back and do it again but that he was gonna go back refine his online marketing skills and hire a team of people and build a online marketing platform that up until this time has never even been envisioned by other companies or other online marketers and why is this important to me and to you is because probably if you ask yourself honestly or think how much money or success are you currently enjoying have you ever had real success have you been able to reach your financial goals in any home-based business 98% of you if you would answer that question honestly would be a big resounding no in fact really it’s even a little bit higher than that they say that actually about one half or one percent of people that start a home-based business in network marketing or online marketing have ever made a million dollars in fact I think one and a half percent have never made over a hundred thousand dollars in any given year online in network marketing or any product or business opportunity so now we gonna we’re gonna tell you a little bit more about what go founders and OnPassive really they’re really the same the company really is OnPassive okay go founders is actually a private website that has been and is still being finished that is going to always be available for those of you who take advantage of becoming a founding member of OnPassive when I was introduced back in late August of last year 2018 I joined on the 30th of August 2018 as a founding member you can become a founding member in this first year for a 90% discount that’s right so it’s only gonna cost you $97 97 9 to grab a founders position with OnPassive.

Okay OnPassive is not launched yet it is a separate website and when OnPassive launches all of the people who have chosen to become founders they opened up the opportunity to become a founder I believe believe in July of last year so what August September October November December Jenni about six months ago when I joined on August 30th there were about 1,500 founders that joined prior to when I joined and now here just five months later we are rapidly approaching 15,000 global founders now this is an amazing statistic because there’s never been any advertising for go founders there’s even when we started we didn’t even have a name for the company and we to this day don’t advertise any links for OnPassive so to have that type of response to enrolling by private invitation word-of-mouth and seeing this grow to nearly 15,000 founders in just about six months has never ever been heard most network marketing companies most that have been around for 10 to 20 years maybe more don’t even have 15,000 members after that amount of time so really the difference is when you join if you choose that you want to become a founder of OnPassive you will just simply pay $97 that will be good for one year just so you know that that’s a 90% discount and if you choose to want to renew next year of course you’ll pay the regular price but there’s no need to worry about that because the way that this compensation program is structured with OnPassive I don’t think money will be an issue if you pay attention and I want to emphasize that this really truly is a hands-free passive opportunity the online marketing platform that is being built for us will allow you to generate revenue like you’ve never ever dreamt it’s also going to give you the tools and the the training and the understanding on how to use these tools to promote any online business any Amazon business any network marketing business any affiliate business any business that you want to explode and bust through your own compensation plan with whatever company or companies you’re currently promoting is the perfect thing to have for you most of us will realize that our income will probably be substantially more just promoting OnPassive as a tool and marketing suite to people who need contacts and traffic to build their businesses but that is completely optional I have three existing things that I do online they are all pretty much passive they don’t really require me to do too much so I don’t have to do a lot of recruiting but these tools when OnPassive goes live will be a great help in building that for me also but most people that are reg during as founders are pretty much planning on just using the platform for OnPassive and their most generous compensation structure along with all of the laser focused prospects that will be driven to your OnPassive website day after day after day which by the way eliminates the greatest problem that probably new and others you know have experienced is you don’t want to sell and you don’t want to recruit.

So I’m passive will be the perfect program for you because it is passive and it is hands-free it will literally build an income over time this is not get rich quick this is basically understanding you can grow your income as fast as you want but you don’t have to do anything if you’re patient enough to see your income grow each and every month month in and month out okay so number three our Commission’s being paid yet when I refer a founder now there’s no sponsoring in requirement at all with OnPassive with go founders right now that’s all we have is just the opportunity to refer other founders people that want to take advantage of top positioning because remember when we go live with OnPassive the founders those who have understood the advantage of being a founder anybody that joins after us we’ll all be placed in the company matrixes underneath the existing founders so that’s a tremendous advantage it’s called first mover’s advantage okay but there are no commissions paid on referring a founder for ninety seven dollars that is just the process of how the owner ash and his advisory board decided to raise funds for the development of not one website but two websites along with the OnPassive platform okay so you know there’s a lot of them that go out and they go to private investors they do crowdfunding or whatever to raise money but in most cases when you do venture capital and things like that you’ve got to pay back in interest and/or equity ownership with the company and ash did not want to give that away so he’s kind of doing this own what we would call private equity but it’s done from people that he has contact with in our online marketing network marketing world that understand the value and the perks of becoming a founder and getting in at the very beginning before the opportunity to become a founder either gets way more expensive or goes away completely I hope that’s real clear so that $97 is what is going to which has already allowed us to open our first Administration office in Orlando Florida back in last month in January I believe we have some technicians and software developers and engineers already at an office in India another one in Asia and I believe even a third one in Europe and we will be opening hundreds is hundreds of new offices that will be anywhere from technicians customer service and our global leaders for the company that will be selected there will only be a hundred offices that global leaders will be able to have this is going to be awarded to people that have really caught the vision from the very beginning okay so no Commission’s are being paid until OnPassive officially launches now four founders what will happen when OnPassive is available then we will move all of the existing paid active founders who paid $97 and they will be positioned in the matrix of OnPassive before anybody else we will then as founders do approximately a two-week beta test and once the system is working the way that Ash and his team want it to work then guess what then we will flip the switch and we will then be able to open the floodgates of new members or what we call affiliates that will be able to sign up with OnPassive when they enroll they’ll register for free they will have a seven-day period to take a look if they want if they like what they see and they want to become an actual affiliate they can get started for as little as $25 per month and that’s a one-time out-of-pocket because it’s a perpetual income that will allow our members to actually earn their monthly subscription for the affiliate program and more without technically ever having to reach into their pocket just by earning Commission’s and paying your monthly subscription or your membership through the Commission’s that are earned with OnPassive.

There is no official launch date ash has done an extremely wonderful job of keeping that he is a very smart young man professional high levels of integrity amazing friend very very passionate I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody that works quite as long hours I don’t know people joke with ash they ask him when you sleep he said I’ll have time to sleep later so he is not going to do the greatest mistake as a past network marketing owner CEO president trainer teacher I’ve been in the industry 44 years I’ve seen hundreds and I’ve been involved with over a hundred companies that have tried to launch before they ready and I admire and I encourage a sh not to launch on passive until it is ready I know that he does not like to go back and have to make repairs it takes in a very very much amount of time it’s a time-consuming task to have all your programmers have to go in and fix things that don’t work as well as a major discouragement and one of the greatest causes of attrition in our industry people put money into something they want it to work now is on passive or are I or am I saying on passive is gonna work flawlessly I doubt it I’ve never been I probably been in over a hundred pre launches and beta tests before and even when we launched after beta testing there will undoubtedly be some things that will need to be upgraded and things that will need to be fixed and it will be a bit of a bumpy road but if you’re patient and you can envision just dream of having income like you have never seen before then I think any bumps in the road or anything like that any waiting that we’re doing right now because we all want to get paid but it’s amazing to hear that out of about almost 15,000 paid active founders that we have as of February 9 2019 very very very few I’ve had two people in my group I personally have registered and referred almost 200 active founders in so far to have requested a refund from ash and he gladly returned that and those two have indicated that they want to wait till we go live which of course is an option if you don’t want to be a founder don’t worry there is a place for you with this that will make it really really simple okay let’s talk about how we will earn and get paid through the platform and with that I want to jump over and show you the proposed compensation plan okay what you see here is just a screen shot that we are looking at and as you can see something very unusual here is that we don’t just have one compensation plan we actually have four different matrixes and as you can see the compensation plan is paid through a three by 10 matrix it’s a forced matrix and everybody that signs up with OnPassive will become a free member that’s how it starts we want to make sure that people feel as a member of impassive that they are in the right place this is what I love about Ash he doesn’t he does not want people to be in a place where they feel that they need to be we have an open refund policy which is if you feel at any time you are not wanting to be part of this anymore you can request a refund in any amount of money that you put in to this business that you have not received back in compensation so the difference between what you paid and what you received if they if you are out of pocket you’re going to have an opportunity to get a refund so I’ve never seen anything quite like that so that is exceptional but you’ll have seven days you’ll be able to access the same way that all paid members are going to you actually be able to see any people in your downline that might be growing even before you pay the $25 to become an affiliate so you really don’t have anything to lose so we feel that when you take targeted traffic from some of our traffic Internet traffic providers that will provide us exclusive content each and every month if you are a member of any of the top three matrixes the pro level the leader and the master levels that membership will include many other perks but one of the greatest benefits of the three top levels is these exclusive data providers that we have exclusive agreements with to provide our members and affiliates with targeted people that have been directed daily not monthly not yearly but every day – you’re OnPassive website and encouraged to take a free position and take a look at what OnPassive can do obviously is a massive advantage you know 97% of the people that join a network marketing company or a affiliate program never make over $300 in a month that’s just a statistic that’s out there with the direct selling associations they do that research and they know what the numbers it the other great problem is 80% of the people that’s 8 out of every 10 people that join a home-based business that really requires you to recruit and OnPassive does not but but 80 percent of the people that join a home-based business network marketing opportunity never recruit one cold prospect when I say cold prospect that would be a person that you’ve never talked to before and so when I looked at this compensation I could see the tremendous potential and earnings potential and self-perpetuating passive growth of this company and you know this is astounding we don’t know how big the company is gonna grow and how fast but one of the things that is being done right by ash is that he is hiring customer service people and training them and his staff is training them every single week every single week Ash and his team is interviewing people they are talking to and then they are training customer service so when we go live with OnPassive we are going to have perhaps hundreds of customer service and staff in our Orlando offices and other locations around the world so we’re taking steps to prepare to become a massive platform in the very very early stages now we don’t know if at the end of the first year we have a hundred thousand or ten million that’s just going to have to prove itself over time but if you look at the forest matrix the income opportunity with when people join every single person below you through those ten levels and if you look over here on this column here you’ll see that potentially you could take fifty nine thousand twenty thousand that’s eighty thousand eighty eight about just under ninety thousand the tential people could be in your organization and if you were just a affiliate to start let’s just disregard these other three you can see that if you did hypothetically end up with a full ten levels of $what we call affiliates your monthly income here would be just over 1 million dollars a year ok now is that likely to happen Oh time will tell I believe absolutely.

I think over the next five years maybe ten years no guarantees that we could see people that have worked hard that have had the blessing of a active organization working above them creating what we call spillover from above and people below the that they themselves have referred and others below them have referred because remember you could actually join pay $25 a month never ever introduce any members there’s no qualification as long as you are paying your monthly fee you are going to get paid every time a dollar is earned it’s going to show up in real time and you can make your withdrawals directly to your e-wallet as often as you like not once a week or once a month or once every six months no waiting around for a paycheck to come in the mail this will be instantaneous and you can withdraw at any time but I look at that number if I did have in this just example that’s all it is because there are absolutely no guarantees this is a disclaimer that I must make to anybody that’s watching I’m not sitting there saying that any of you watching this will ever make a hundred and eight thousand dollars a month with on passive but let’s just look that in a hypothetical situation you only had a ten percent success rate which would mean you would have roughly nine thousand people in your organization right okay because there’s about 90,000 and it so get only 10 percent of that 9,000 could you live with an extra $11,000 every month for the rest of your life by I always jab I tell people a 90 percent failure which is never a failure but 10 percent success in this matrix even at the twenty five dollar level would give you an income monthly I said monthly over $10,000 a month are you doing that now in your current business or your job I would say 99.999% would tell me no there is those that have been successful from home and obviously there are a lot of people out there that have regular Jo B’s jobs that pay well over 100 but the average person the one percent is about those that’s about the accurate number of people that make that kind of money now the really cool thing I love about this is you say well that’s okay I can afford $25 a month and I love the idea of what you’re sharing we get even at the $25 level we’re gonna get some autoresponders and some things that I can use that are really going to allow me to explode my Amway business or my travel business or whatever it might be but I just can’t afford to also pay an additional $125 a month on top of the 25 I don’t have a hundred and fifty dollars right now that I can put in every month so that I can be an affiliate and a pro member right well listen we’ve solved that problem with this compensation program because guess what you are going to be able to start at the $25 level and be earning every month and as soon as you have earned an extra 125 dollars in commission you will be promoted with that commission when you reach 125 you will be promoted then to the pro level and you’ll never have had to reach into your debit card your credit card or your bank account in order to pay that same thing happens if you are in the affiliate and pro and you’re active the moment that you earn two hundred and fifty dollars additional in commissions through the top two levels it will automatically then promote you up to the leader position and finally the same thing happens with the Masters matrix okay now just take a peek at how the commissions increase because let’s just say for a moment you were a member of all four matrixes one of the huge benefits and the reason that I recommend everybody that I’m talking to that I have personally referred as a founder as we prepare for the launch of this magnificent opportunity in this compensation plan is if at all possible we need to get everybody to that hundred and twenty-five 250 and 500 dollar level because included besides all the magnificent marketing tools and systems and platforms that are included every month in each of those three levels the 125 the 250 and the 500 is something that will change our lives and grow our downlines on auto-pilot and that’s called targeted traffic you see right now I believe we have exclusive contractual relationships with I believe Ashe said four of the largest five targeted traffic providers globally that will exclusively be under finance or not financial a contractual agreement to provide all of our members traffic that will be directed to their on passive websites alone that means that they’re your lead when somebody is sent on a daily basis weekly basis monthly because there are no guarantees how many people that come and visit but we do know it’s guaranteed visitors and just think when they go to your website they can sign up to take a look for free for seven days and then they can join if they want if they don’t want to join they don’t have to I can’t help to believe in my spirit that this is going to map cause massive growth and promote you in your income to where I feel this is my own humble opinion that you will be there’s really not going to be anything that will stop you whether it’s in three weeks three months or three years to being active every month in all four of those compensation plans the affiliate the pro the leader and the master and if you look over to that far-right red column this is the same scenario of full matrixes in all four now you look that’s mind-boggling that’s over two million dollars if your affiliate three by ten your pro 3 by 10 a your leader 3 by 10 matrix and your masters were all full with approximately 90,000 members that’s gonna take I think many many many many many years if it ever does happen for most of you depending on how hard you want to work obviously it probably snots but just imagine if it did in this wonderful hypothetical example your income would be over two million dollars a month but let’s go back what if you only had a 10% success after five or ten years could you live on two hundred thousand dollars per month that’s right per month that would be about two point five million dollars for the rest of your life now this compensation program has many other things to it and I’m sure there’ll be some tweaks because this is what was released back many months ago it’s just kind of an example it’s meant not meant to be a guarantee and most of you have already seen it but I think one of the greatest misunderstandings is understanding the potential this has nothing to do with your own business so let’s say you are using on passive and the marketing tools and the platform to not only earn your income it’s going to happen naturally here but also using the incredible ingenious technology that uses artificial intelligence to promote products services or opportunities other than on passive just think how much income potential and enhancements this will bring to your existing product sales or business opportunities all right so that’s how you earn through the platform and remember we haven’t launched yet so there obviously can beat some changes but that is just a really good example because people that are receiving and watching the two videos that ash has recorded obviously they are asking if we could do a review so that’s what I did and by the way this is coming to you because you are one of my personally enrolled founders or you are people that have already requested information and then sent a link or a private invite to find out more about this incredible opportunity with on bastard that is coming sooner than later we’re patiently waiting for ash to flip the switch and that will happen in a perfect timing okay all right so what do we get as benefits as a founder why would I want to spend $97 to become a member right that’s a good question well right now like I said we have about thirteen thousand four hundred founders I think last I looked and that’s all happened in the first six months and it’s a tremendous advantage because being positioned at the very beginning what will happen is when we are ready to beta test on passage we will take all of the paid active founders based on the date they enrolled and the time that a payment was received for the ninety seven and recorded by go founders and then they will that will determine their spots so if you came in right now you would be in the first thirteen thousand five hundred people probably and anybody that comes in as a founder whether we have another two thousand founders or another ten thousand founders before we actually go live with on passive because when that happens all founders positions will go away for a minimum of six months and so you won’t no longer have the opportunity to become a doubter so it really is coming down to first mover’s advantage if you are one like me that wants to be as close to the top of a compensation plan and there’s an opportunity to position to do that absolutely I’m going to do it there are many other perks that will be exclusive to our founders that number one the Go founder site is a place that will have perks and training and special incentives and extra traffic just all kinds of extra benefits that will only be available to founders not regular members so when we go onto the on passive program the founders opportunity will go away at least for six months and if and when it does come back it will be at its regular price of nine hundred and ninety seven dollars per year to remain a founder so like I said I believe that if you’re a founder and you are just paying attention and helping others because you can and want to refer as many family and friends and loved ones who you truly care about and who really do need a financial blessing in their business in their opportunity and in their finances so certainly you want to work hard if you have friends and family that you want to just get them a invitation a private invitation to come over and watch the two videos that ash actually recorded back about five months ago that shares his vision even before we even knew the name of the company that was recorded but it’s a beautiful story of Ash’s willingness to answer the call to become involved in this project for the next several years and to bring a great financial blessing and earnings income ability to you and your family and friends so that is just a little recap there of some of the benefits they’re gonna be many that will be announced I don’t even know about so becoming a founder is 497 dollars for the first year here and remember that twelve months does not start to run until we actually go live with on passes so let’s say that we went live I’m not saying we are but let’s say we went live in March but say March first you would have a founders position all the way till the last day of February of 2020 so your 12-month membership as a founder will begin when on passive goes live okay so I’ve already explained the on passive income levels what it does it’s going to be just varying levels of tools marketing tools and of course levels of daily visitors that will be included with your monthly on passive membership so so what’s the big picture well I just got done giving you a brief reason I feel that this is truly something better than anything I’ve seen in my 44 years in home-based businesses I also know the failure rate so the big picture is that Ash has and I have and people who are leaders have is to help as many people to finally be able to see those things that in the past have only been pipe dreams no real hope of of ever really getting there the old-fashioned way they say the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things in the same exact manner and expect different results and unfortunately we know that that’s just not true that really is insanity so if you feel like you’ve been operating in the what I call the insanity zone then I urge you to get back is lead to me in this case or anybody else that might share this with you once you request a private invite after you’ve watched the videos if this just helps make it a little more clear to you then I think it will have solved its main purpose I hope it will be a good way and I hope I’ve answered a lot of questions I really do appreciate it and I pray that this will be as much of a blessing as it will it will be to me as it will be for you and your family god bless you and

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