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Nos Internet India: New means, brand-new thoughts but usual Ponzi
There is no information on the Nos Web India site suggesting which has or runs business.

The NOS Web India site domain (“”) was signed up on the 23rd of May 2014, listing a “Mukesh Kumar” of “Nos Web” as the proprietor.

The address supplied in the domain enrollment is based out of India, nonetheless it is improperly formatted (numerous Indian states are detailed rather than a real address).

This casts a question mark over whether or not Mukesh Kumar, as stood for in the Nos Web India domain name registration, actually exists.

What we could safely presume though is that Nos Web India is being notted having enough India itself. In addition to the business name and also domain name enrollment, marketing initiatives by associates largely appear to target Indians.

As always, if an MLM company is not honestly in advance concerning that is running or owns it, believe lengthy and also hard regarding signing up with and/or handing over any sort of cash.

The Nos Web India Product Line
Nos Web India has no retailable services or products, with affiliates only able to market associate membership with the chance itself.

The Nos Web India Compensation Plan
The Nos Web India settlement strategy is broken down into two parts, both which view members invest funds on the expectation of advertised ROIs.

10 % a month ROI
The 10 % a month passion element views Nos Web India associates invest in between $5 and $520 for 365 days, with an advertised 10 % a month ROI paid.

Reference compensations are offered down 5 levels of recruitment (unilevel), paid as complies with:

30 % on degree 1 (personally sponsored associates).
20 % on degree 2.
10 % on degree 3.
5 % on level 4 as well as.
3.5 % on degree 5.
2-5 % a day ROI.
In the second part of the Nos Web India settlement plan, members invest in in between $10 as well as $1,000 on the expectation of a marketed 2-5 % daily ROI.

Recommendation compensations are additionally paid on investments made in this component, paying a level 7 % on funds spent by personally hired affiliates.

Signing up with Nos Web India.
Associate subscription without any Web India is complimentary, nonetheless associates should invest in if they want to participate in the earnings chance.

The defacto minimum price of Nos Web India affiliate subscription is $5 (the minimum price of spending in the 10 % a month ROI element).

With absolutely nothing being marketed or sold to retail customers, all compensations paid by Nos Web India are funded by member financial investment.

Due to the ROI like nature of the payment strategy, this drags Nos Web India right into Ponzi scheme territory.

Be it either element of the Nos Web India payment strategy, members invest in and also are then paid regular monthly or everyday ROIs out of ultimately spent funds.

Similar to all Ponzi plans, as soon as brand-new associate assets runs out Nos Web India will certainly find itself incapable to meet its ROI obligations.

When that happens, kaboom. Considerably for “brand-new means, new ideas”…

Oh and if and also has any person idea any type ofConcept the the ridiculous name absurd the scheme, feel free really feel cost-free it describe the comments below!



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