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Again my name’s Troy Landwehr and I’m doing this webinar right from my home in Portland Maine a little over a year ago I had a friend that contacted me and I was kind of skeptical I’ve tried home-based businesses before and just haven’t had the level of success that I wanted to and when I saw this I saw something that had a competitive advantage that was very unique nobody else had and being a Shark Tank junkie I was like what do you mean nobody has this can I do this from home can I really do this from home and not go to hotel meetings and in-home parties and everything like that the reason I got started and I said I’m gonna do this part-time is I have an uncle that my aunt has Alzheimer’s disease and they’ve been struggling financially and I thought it would in a year if I could do this and have some income coming in that in a year I could make ten thousand a month that would be unbelievable and I could give a a large portion of that to my aunt and uncle and that was a big why of mine I had no idea that it was going to turn into a seven-figure income in less than a year but you know there’s a lot of reasons for that and I want to get into that I just want to share with that share with you some exciting things about new you life so before I go any further I just want to give you guys an income disclosure statement we want to be respectful to the FTC and the FDA and not at all the results are gonna be the same they’re gonna vary just like if you work for a law firm or if you play professional sports the incomes are really gonna vary a lot so let’s talk about our presentation it’s live younger and live better so what is the product well the product is the soma derm transdermal gel it’s the first and only transdermal human growth hormone HGH product available without a prescription that’s FDA registered and it has an NDC number which is a national drug code so let’s talk about the product what does it do you know I’m a big plant guy I believe in God’s foods I eat meringue guns for Lena and chlorella tumeric and a lot of great stuff and I always was curious about HGH but I didn’t want to go near the needles right so I saw wow if I could find a product that does this in a gel that’s exciting so what can it do it may improve your mood your energy your memory HGH has been known as like to know the experience fat loss experienced an increase in muscle and proves sleep may speed recovery time enhance libido healing and recovery flexibility it could alleviate some joint pain it strengths in bone density it can improve your mood it can prove and balance your blood sugar levels even reduce blood pressure it can even prevent depression I saw this I said wow that is amazing that is a blanket of benefits in one product so let’s talk about the product a little bit more see since hormones are stored in your fatty tissue later soma during gel should always be applied to the thin areas of your skin where that where ever veins are visible basically your forearms underarms inside your wrists behind the knees I myself mix it up I put I mix it up in all those different areas so HGH levels our human growth hormone declines with the age in every animal species and as we get over older even in by the time we’re sixty is pretty much non-existent so the client can be very very fast once you even get the twenty years old as you can see it declines really quickly so what is dr.

Ron Oh claps the president of the American Academy of anti-aging medicine say it says he says by replenishing your supply or growth hormone you can recover your vigor your health your looks your sexuality and for the first time in human history we can intervene with the aging process restore many aspects of youth resist disease resistant substantially improve the quality of your life and perhaps extend the lifespan itself perhaps extend a life span itself that caught my eye but what a doctor’s saying about HGH see dr. huger brunker from CBS News in November of 1999 1999 see this isn’t new this isn’t new at all back in 1999 he said HGH will be the preventive medicine of the future anyone over the age of 35 wants to be in good health and longevity will need to be on a preventive health program and I don’t know of a better program than safe HGH but what are doctors saying about our product what are they saying about the soma derm human growth hormone by new well dr. Kevin green Andy of eternal medicine said it’s not just growth hormone that’s causing all these beautiful effects it’s the glandular is working in combination with it to bring these incredible results you have a thyroid booster in this product you have a drain oil booster in this product plus herbs it’s like a three-in-one product all together dr.

Julian Gershon triple board-certified physician family medicine sports medicine anti-aging and regenerative medicine with stem-cell fellowship what does he say he says all of the patients I have will be able to benefit from this product my IGF level one went from 130 to 150 it hasn’t been over 130 in probably five years Miriam O’Connor she’s a pharmacist but check this out she’s a holistic health practitioner you know it catches my eye when I hear homeopathy so what does she say I love some of them because it’s formulated using homeopathic dilutions as such works to optimize the functionality of each person’s glands at a rate that’s unique to them Stephanie Renko DC bcn chiropractor neurofeedback therapists functional medicine specialists and brain optimization expert she says I love the gel for my patients because I get the same clinical results as if I were using 30 30 different products but better results better compliance less money all in one product so let’s talk about the options we had in HGH well before it was injections very expensive a prescription needed needles got to see a doctor and let’s talk about the pills what pills you have to fast before and after so there can be nothing in your stomach before you use a pill and you can’t have anything your stomach for a while after using and it’s less effective it’s really poorly absorbed and how about the sprays it’s even less effective but now for the first time we have a transdermal gel it’s affordable there’s no prescription there’s no diet change no lifestyle change it doesn’t taste bad and there’s no smell at all to it so let’s talk about the cost of HGH why is it growing so fast even though it cost so much if flat-out works that’s why if you talk to anyone that use HGH they’ll tell you they love it it flat out works they feel great on it if you ask anyone why did you stop using it it’s this slide right here it’s expensive 1,000 2,000 3,000 a month or more is the average cost and human growth hormone thousands and thousands of dollars a year what makes it so expensive until now because right now you can get the soma derm gel 160 999 are going on auto-ship which most people want to do right for one $new your life offers a hundred percent satisfaction on all products so let’s talk about does the some of them work well here’s a here’s a testimonial that says keep in mind that this is the only visible result others can see how can I feel inside a lack of being tired mood elevated joint pains you know almost gone is unreal I was hesitant post this before and after picture as it’s embarrassing but I know people like to see tangible results the woman on the right hand side said I started using h/h with six weeks ago here are my results so far unbelievable but let’s go to Melissa you know Melissa said huge improvement in sleep she used to wake up four times the night to use the bathroom I only wake up once now mood has greatly improved zero PMS after six week focuses have approved more alert and food energy I lost eight pounds without changing my current eating workout regimen i no longer bloated and I can see my waistline chasing changing varicose veins have been huge issue since having twins the photo below speaks to how much improvement I’ve seen in my vein and my skin changes I’m loving this gel but the real testimonial I that caught my eye maybe just being a guy is Jason Jason said I was highly skeptical before I decided to give the gel a try I took I took my friend three weeks to convince me to buy man was I wrong I’ve been using the gel for nine weeks I’ve lost almost 19 pounds more keeps coming off below is my picture after six weeks natural high-energy no jitters no ups and downs mental clarity all day long I hi work productivity productivity and motivation fast workout recovery like I was in my 20s back discomfort gone five years deep tissue massages each week are not necessary hunger control way easier to eat healthy bad cravings are greatly reduced deep sleep dreams almost every night after her his fifth week I wake up feeling ready to go great mood I just feel happier and healthier mentally and physically my cholesterol has is lower than I can remember in my adult life it was 307 it’s down to 159 no negative side effects let me ask you guys this aren’t those testimonials awesome if there was a product that could make you look and feel younger without making any changes to your diet or current lifestyle what do you want to know about it if all it did was increase your libido and decrease your back pain like jason once you want to know more well if that’s if you answered yes to that let’s talk about the money you know I’m I love talking about money I mentioned I’m a man of faith but I always say there’s nothing in the Bible that talks about that it’s wrong to make money they talk about sin the fact is if you can increase your standard of living I think we all want to increase our standard of giving now I make a little joke out of this I’m I’m an office guy nares Dwight Schrute he said can money buy love he said false money to Bobby a puffy again can buy love a little joke there but the fact is we all want to live better and we all want to do better by the people we love and we care about right so what is this business and who is it for what really is if you can help others maybe you have college debt or your kids have college there or maybe you want to do this business because your parents are working in their retirement years or maybe it’s that you don’t have the retirement or you want to pay off some bills or you want to travel more it could be any of these things but I want to have a real conversation I know I’ve been playing around a little bit we’ve joking you know I’m having some fun but let’s talk let’s really get real for a minute according to the federal government survey shows that 40% of adults still can’t cover a $400 emergency expenses guys that is sad 40% of the population can’t cover a $400 emerging emergency expense what the options what are we gonna do well option one is you can get a second job and then you have no time how about real estate you know how hard it is to make money in real estate guys I have like 20 friends that sell real estate I should say guys and girls and if I went with 119 of them would be really upset with me and what’s happening now is my real estate friends are telling me they’re gonna cut real estate commissions by 50% in the near future because Amazon is gonna start listing homes on their website not only that as soon you’re gonna be able to say Alexa sell my home how about small business how many people can afford to start a small business overhead insurances employees cost buildings you know all these things make owning a small business impossible for most people an online business you have to have the training in the background and then know how to do an online business so let’s talk about network marketing why are so many busy professionals looking at this industry well let’s look at it it’s a hundred and eighty nine billion dollar a year industry it’s established in over 150 countries over a hundred and sixteen million people worldwide are in network marketing relationship marking according to the World Federation of Direct Selling associates so what are the benefits a real business model is the benefits have to be appealing right low startup cost unlimited earning potential I never dreamed I never dreamed I would ever be able to make this kind of money but more importantly which gets me emotional sometimes is I never dream that I have had friends that would be able to make this kind of money that they’re making as well no boss no employees best as tax benefits available and I know I keep saying this but what I love about it is you can do it right from home right from the confines of your home so let’s talk about the rice choice you’re going into this industry you want to make sure then what company not just a product what company what what segment should you go into well according to global sales by product category 2017 that was published in June of last year the industry categories of skincare and health and wellness dominate the space close to 70% of the industry now is in skincare and health and wellness but here’s the issue most everyone has to sell the same types of products and convinced why theirs is better see I didn’t want to get involved in a company where I had to convince people why my skincare product was better than somebody else’s see would you agree that most people hate sales would you agree that most people don’t want to sell sell period and so if you got to go on say well this is the reason why my protein shake is better than your protein shake people have a hard time doing it they want something that sells itself and what’s great about this is you don’t have to compete with other people in other industries selling the same types of products because our company is right in the sweet spot we’re in a health and wellness field which is the largest segment of the global sales category in this industry and we’re the only company we’re the only one transdermal HGH FDA registered homeopathic gel we’re it that’s the only one let’s talk about the growth of the industry it’s growing incredibly 45% 220 it’s going to be a 208 billion dollar industry why why is it growing so fast because HGH products the injection market works it works in according to the trends according to the Google trends in the month of January and February of 2019 growth hormone was the number to Google Trends several days in a row in January and in February what’s the Hollywood buzz all about well any doctor over 50 yeah you’re still seeing with a ripped stomach they’ll sell you any one you’re seeing with the writ stomach and veins and his forearms it’s probably taking HTH that’s what almost any doctor will tell you and what about the right team see you got the right company you got the rice space you got the right product you’ve got exclusivity let’s talk about the team you want to make sure you’re partnered with the right team right well Alexei Goldstein is the founder CEO and formulator of this wonderful product he’s a great guy like me he’s kind of a marshmallow he cries easy he’s really passionate and what I love about Alexei Goldstein is is why is he just once a bee have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being that’s what he wants that’s his goal he’s a certified homeopathy he’s an herbalist he’s respected irid i ologists and a nutritional consultant Alexei Gulf seen has also created many exclusive formulas helping thousands of customers over the last 25 years guys Alexia Goldstein is truly an amazing person and who did he get for his corporate team well Bruce Levinson the president he comes from an MLM background but he’s also part of the team that was responsible in Home Depot fortune 500 company taking him from 300 stores to 3,000 stores ken Burgess has been in the industry a long time as a distributor and as part of executive team he’s made millions of dollars in this industry Steve Perkins is since out of college has been nothing but in this industry of course Vicky and Maria are wonderful and Joe Giuliano our master distributor has years of experience years of experience I would say we had the right team and check out this and less than a year we have already have two not one but two seven figure earners and so I’m lucky to be one of the seven figure earners and I’m very proud to be next up next to my buddy Chris and do you notice anything about these slide now we were the first seven figure earners in the company with many more to follow and guess what where did we do it from he did it from Rhode Island and I did it from Maine Maine have you ever heard of any company from home-based businesses where their top two earners are from Rhode Island and Maine have you ever heard of that and you know what we’re so proud of is Chris and I were able to do this right from home we didn’t go anywhere we didn’t go to Starbucks and McDonald’s we didn’t go anywhere we did it right from home and think about this one product we did this with one product in one country only what’s going to happen in this company when we launch other products that Alexei has and we go into international markets and launch into other countries can you see how we haven’t even scratched the scratch yet so how do you get started well let’s talk about that the way you get started 999 is your best value not looking to spend all your money here but I do retirement planning and I like a deal and I’d like to save people money and this is the best program because it’s only 11750 a bottle 11750 a bottle at the executive pack the Pro Pack is the next option that I would encourage people if you can’t do the 999 coming at because it’s only 125 a bottle if you have to come in at 199 and that’s all you can do come in to that it’s kind of monkey-see monkey-do so I kind of tell people do get the most product you can because people are gonna want it and there’s advantages to coming in at that level and we can explain later but that’s the best thing you do but coming out what fits your budget but that’s not all you get with all these packages you get the training you get the tools you get a personal branded website you get that you can envision success manual and training videos you can access the weekly training calls and webinars but that’s not all we have private Facebook pages that you can get on and learn from some of the top people see what I love about this is that success has a system and we want to make you system dependent not people dependent and that’s why Chris and I were able to make seven figures seven figures from home in less than a year is because we had a system that allowed us to do this right from home I’d even put on 13 miles on my car probably you know five weeks in a row that’s what I love about this business a system right from home so how do we get paid well we have six ways to get paid we have a binary very lucrative hybrid binary compensation plan that allows you to get bmq which I said big money quickly see I believe you’re the size of your belief is the size of your paycheck now with that said and I’m gonna go over some of the ways we get paid really really quickly but we have awesome I mean awesome videos that will break this down really easy for you and I’ve added some detailed videos in the description below this video so you can check this out and it will tell you exactly step by step how we get paid it’s awesome but let me just share with you a couple things one of the things I think the FDA and the FTC especially will be excited about is we have a large customer base and you can make money just on getting customers see if you get 30 customers you’ll make over well over a thousand dollars a month so we pay twenty-five dollars per month per customer per bottle every single month up to 20 customers and then when you get over 20 customers at retro activates so you’ll get $35 a month per customer and there’s no limit on how many you can get go get a hundred customers 200 customers the sky’s the limit and now with our commercial PACs 40 gels and our commercial PACs earned you six hundred and seventy dollars plus some bonuses there I mean this is amazing doctor’s office physical therapist weight-loss centers all these people are loving this product and is a wonderful opportunity for you to make money getting customers but let’s talk about how you can promote and get paid now these numbers are really conservative one of the things I hate is when people exaggerate the benefits of a product and then they exaggerate people’s income I hate that so I went really conservative on these numbers so as coordinator it’s 5,000 volume in your lesser leg okay 5,000 vanya lesser leg will earn you at least a hundred to three hundred dollars at the rank of coach which I think can be easier than Coordinator it’s three hundred to a thousand dollars a week when you have ten thousand a lesser leg volume and not only that is at the rank of coach and even to life coach you’re gonna get seven hundred fifty dollars monthly leadership bonus you can use that to vacation you can use it to pay your bills down you can use it to you know go out and get a new car whatever you want you got a leadership bonus and at life coach it’s twenty thousand in your lesser leg you still get the 750 bonus on top of all that and one thousand of two thousand five hundred per week guys I know people at that position making a lot more money than that and you know what I love about the position of life coach it reminds me of a company I was in and about the same volume it was a skin care company the same volume the same exact volume in the same amount of time would pay me about two thousand dollars on month a month here you’re gonna make 1000 to $2,500 a week if not more unbelievable complain at the level of ambassador you make in 2500 to 5000 a week and they bumped that leadership bonus to an additional $1500 monthly on top of it diamond ambassador pays you 3500 a week as much as we have people making $50,000 a week here a week is that not amazing that’s incredible but here’s what we have that’s the differentiator from everybody else this is what caught my eye on every company they say we have the best compliment the best conflict guys this is the separation of the Euro level binary that’s right we have a unit level binary there’s no limit on how many people you can recruit and it’s the check match I believe that was enabled people like Chris and myself to get to the top see how it works is when you get the coordinator they’re going to give you an additional 10% when you go to coach they’re gonna change that 10 and they’re gonna make a 15% so anyone you personally recruit in the future now or going forward you’re gonna get 15 percent check match on them on top of all the other commissions and you’re gonna get a 15 percent check match every single week on people you personally recruit anyone they recruit you’re gonna get 10 percent check match I mean when they recruit it’s 5% and life coach an ambassador it keeps going down another level diamond that goes through seven levels and here’s the thing every time you recruit somebody every time you recruit somebody you’re gonna get seven level payouts again every single time so if you recruit Mary seven levels you recruit John you get a new set of levels all the way up you know and it’s no limit and we know what really excites me right now is our promotion right now we have a promotion what’s called launch to life coach right now if you’ve never hit the rank of coordinator and you hit you’re gonna make $500 if you go to coach here you get 750 and if you never hit life coach and you hit life coach you’re gonna get $1,000 you could join the business today and hit all three of these ranks and get all three of these bonuses it goes up to April 26 because we’re gonna celebrate at the beginning of May our conference which is going to be in Texas in Dallas and so now is the time to run and take advantage of all this cash which is additional alright guys if you haven’t followed me along to this point I’m gonna ask you to pay particular attention to what I’m about to say I almost didn’t show this next slide I had to think about it over and over I had to sleep on it for two days what I’m about to show you is something every company doesn’t want you to see it’s the elephant in the room it’s not the elephant in the room actually it’s the elephant in the world every single company doesn’t want want you to see the slide that I’m going to show you and here’s what it is it’s Amazon Direct Selling is hidden threat is Amazon calm Amazon is the world’s largest retailer 50% of all online sales 50% and growing fast is from Amazon Amazon has put countless number of Fortune 500 companies away they’ve bankrupted fortune 500 companies and what people don’t want to talk about is that people have a hard time competing with them right with Amazon here’s three companies up here that I have I have a lot of respect for they’re very well-known they’re very respected in the industry and they have some really good products I have to admit and most people admit that these are very recognizable names and yet you can get these products at the same price or less than you can from going through a distributor now think about this if you’re trying to build this business does it get discouraging that your friends and family can get this product right from Amazon that has their buying habits and credit card on file already and see when you’re building a business let’s be true if I want to be very real here like be true to yourself – right I’m asking it – let’s get we’re gonna have a real talk here if you start sharing this business model with people and they come back and say hey the product is on Amazon for the same price or less don’t you think it makes it a little bit difficult so I’m being upfront I’m being very honest we may have some products in the future that could end up on Amazon we might well we have some products I believe you’ll never see on Amazon and I got a mitt I’ve done it before I didn’t want to get pitched I didn’t want my friends to come at me but I wanted to try to product to see if I liked it first and then I might go to them but I’ve done it I’ve done it too you know I’m it but here’s why I’m excited and I feel like this little kid you cannot find some of them on Amazon go look I’ll try go out and get on Amazon after this webinar and see if you can find it Amazon almost it feels like everything is bought from Amazon we don’t have to worry about our so modern product that will that will ever be on so let’s talk about timing timing is more intently more important than Talent especially when timing is on your side getting the right company getting the right product getting the right team getting something that has exclusivity that nobody else has would you say that’s timing would you agree that if you have a product that works and nobody else in the world has it that’s an advantage and that you can’t get it anywhere you can’t get it on Amazon well this is what makes us different is that the product flat-out works there’s a blanket of benefits in one product nobody else has it you can’t get it online at the compensation plan is paying out way above industry standards and we have check matching who else in this industry as a complan with this wit check matching see people are already searching for HGH products and are eager to try this I mean think about it we mentioned how this is the number two Google trend in the month of January February in 2019 180 billion dollar the two hundred billion dollar industry you know one of the products is very popular and you’ve been hearing great things about is CBD oil CBD oil has hundreds and it not thousands of companies in CBD oil hemp oil and they don’t even do a billion dollars in sales combine yet HGH is growing fast does a blanket of benefits is does a hundred and eighty billion dollar industry and nobody nobody has a transdermal HGH FDA registered product except for new you life do you think there’s an opportunity here guys be very clear and being very transparent I want to let you know a couple things that happen with all this said and with everything I’ve been going over we did this explosion in his company without credit card processing for several months last year in 2018 can you imagine building a business this fast without any credit card processing and people how to use their checking account we also ran out of product not once but twice we had no product and people were that we’re volunteering to pay two three four times the amount of what the product cost have you ever seen that in this industry where people pay twice as much three times as much if they can find someone that has a bottle that’s where we’re able to do and all these issues have been resolved we have unlimited manufacturing right now unlimited and we have a back office that’s great and we have credit card processing up and running we have all that so let me ask you this what do you do next well to get started what I would do is I get back to the person who shared this with you see you know somewhat taught me at my church said Troy when you ever make a business decision all you have to do is ask yourself two questions what is the risk and what is the reward if the reward is much higher than a risk go for it go for it what I want to ask you this is what if you just knew one or two people that were interested in the product would that excited excite you if you know just one person that might be interested in this I say take a chance on yourself right so the next thing to do is become a customer or better yet get back to the person who invited you on this video and start your business today hey guys the only thing missing now is you and I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day and say you know what I watched your video I watched you and you’re the funny guy with red beard with a red beard from Maine my friend sent me that video and you know what I changed a lot of people’s health I changed a lot of people’s life financially I’m much better off that would make me smile from head to toe so thank you for listening to this video and God bless you

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