NEO Cryptocurrency Review – Simple Things You Must Know About NEO 2018

Welcome back to crypto land everybody my name is Matthew Timothy and today we’re gonna talk about neo this is not gonna be a neo price prediction because like I said in previous videos we cannot really predict the price we can do you know speculations and thoughts and stuff like that but what I want to do with this video today like I said in other videos I think it is important for us to start collecting some Ultimates right now because I think they’re gonna take you a long way in 2018-19 in moving forwards so the prices are down right now I’m really happy to see that it’s Black Friday in crypto land meaning you can buy a lot of these alt coins at a discount if you’re trading already you probably trade with big point bears so it’s not gonna make much of a difference for you but I want to give a quick breakdown on the Neo project and not want to I don’t want to go too deep into it if you want more information and more in-depth information leave it in the comments below and I will do a follow-up video on that as well but I just want to give like the basic stuff for you to start making a decision whether neo is the right one for you neo starting 2014 on the name of an shares a couple years later down the road they rebranded and now it’s called neo some some even refer to it as the Chinese ethereum and here’s why it is a distributed smart economy network and it includes delegated by Sentai and fault tolerance algorithm neo X neo contracts neo FS and neo Q what that means again if you’re interested in that leave in the comments and I will make a follow-up video on that but basically what differentiates it with aetherium is that it supports many additional code bases whereas aetherium only uses its purple its own programming language called solidity which you know it’s harder for developers to first master it and then started using a platform and on me oh they can just use their own program programming language and go from there so with that being said you know aetherium obviously has a lot of scaling issues and neo doesn’t have that yet I’m seeing here another cool thing about neo is this the gasps because if you hold neo you get sort of like a dividend idea gas is the fuel that fuels the neo blockchain and basically if you hold neo on your by Nance wallet you can sign up for that in in the description there’s a link if you hold neo in your bi’ness wallet you get a monthly amount of gas and gas basically moves with a neo price so as neo goes up gas also kind of goes up as well so looking at the market gap of neo you see here now it’s $45 last week it went to its all-time high at $70 and the market cap right now for mio is almost three billion dollars if it’s competing with aetherium you know just like our Don oh and some of the other points he theorem is fifty five and a half billion dollars so there’s a lot of room for growth for neo especially you know when the when the Chinese Chinese government gets around neo and wants to integrate it into you know the whole infrastructure in China China is a huge market guys so I want to talk to you about some of the strengths of an opportunities of neo neo is has a sister company on chain that is already the made man in terms of financial services industry it is also currently working with Chinese and Japanese government along with large corporations in including Alibaba neo is considered more of an open source public cloud model which will be separated from on chain but can also interconnect with terms in terms of cross j functionality as we will see more of with neo X the white paper you can find here at neo dot org definitely recommend reading into that not gonna go into this in this video the Neo website like I said neo org you can check that out here you can get a neo client to hold your neo on their site you can also hold neo and by neo on by Nantz I did a video about how to buy cryptocurrency on Finance yesterday so check that out as well they have a Twitter account that they’re really active on really recommend following them on Twitter as well and so yeah that that was basically what I wanted to share really short really simple if you want more information about neo again comment below and I will do a follow up video on neo if you’re new here to this channel subscribe and I will see you guys on the next video and until then stop settling let’s are living the coin life

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