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Affiliate Program
MyWealthPowerSystem released remaining month as well as determine John Blanchard as the business’s “owner and also developer” on their web site.

Carol and also Greg Carr seem the sustaining act, accepted as “carbon monoxide creator and also admin” and “admin” specifically.

My Wealth Power System was produced with one goal in thoughts and that was to develop a program where members can earn a number of earnings streams concurrently.

john-blanchard-mywealthpowersystem-ownerIf you see the MyWealthPowerSystem without an affiliate reference hyperlink, Blanchard (right) appears as the coded sponsor.

Blanchard’s location is offered as Alberta, Canada, which is presumably where MyWealthPowerSystem is being lacked.

In late 2013 John Blanchard introduced RWJ Marketing, a recruitment-driven matrix system. Blanchard also used the plan to channel individuals right into various other questionable possibilities he was in at the time.

Carol Carr was likewise associated with RWJ Marketing, as component of the group taking care of the firm’s social network buildings.

Troubles first emerged in early January of 2014, with Blanchard intimidating to end the account of any sort of members which made issues or were deemed “unfavorable”.

Do you wish to maintain bouncing around program to program as well as never hiring anywhere? I have been there done it and finished with it!

I already have some members that left us a few weeks ago and now are would like to return … WHY? Because the turf is not any greener beyond and also never ever will be!

RWJ Marketing is and laugh if you wish to but we are a true retirement plan that overtime will certainly make you more cash then you ever thought possible.

After a collection of modifications to the RWJ Marketing payment strategy introducing March, Blanchard revealed he was shutting down the scheme on March 22nd.

I do not believe I need to claim much about our existing team develop system except that it is not doing so well mainly since we have just a hand loaded with participants advertising … for over 3000 participants.

This does not work as well as come’s down to the exact same problem with all group build I ever before owned or been a part of.

I understand why numerous do not promote which is because it does not benefit them straight. I can recognize that … it does acquire discouraging for an individual that promotes their butts off just to benefit somebody else.

Having stated this I have actually developed a new system that will encourage participants to advertise due to the fact that it will straight benefit them.

This new system is the most effective of both world … It benefits the ones promoting as well as help’s the participants that have a tough time recruiting still construct a business.

RWJ Marketing will certainly be gone and we will move our group construct to the new system.

RWJ Marketing members universally reacted adversely to the information, asserting that Blanchard had actually been concentrated on paying himself and his “original little family” of associates in the weeks preceeding the news.

Part of that family members was Carol Carr, whose other half Greg was likewise an RWJ Marketing associate.

Baseding on RWJ Marketing associates, even funds from their ewallet equilibriums that had not yet been withdrawn were taken:

I have been notified by RWJ members that also funds that were being maintained in their budgets in order to pay the normal costs before the changes have actually been taken.

They were transformed to points, and now those points have actually been gotten rid of, and also the cash lost. Someone informed me that he had $260 in his pocketbook which he has actually lost.

Normally in a program, Admin respects that cash in the budgets comes from the member, except him to do as he decides on.

Babble on social networks reveals that RWJ Marketing associates which dared to ask where their cash was had their member accounts terminated quickly.

Has any person worked out the amount of John Stole? 3000 participants x minimal $30 equilibrium = $90,000.00 minimum, the majority of people had far more than $30 and some as long as $200 plus all the missing matrix 7 and also 8 money.

I asked support what happened to my money and also Carol stated John would certainly get back to me but basically the cash was used to pay in waiting members that authorized just before the factor system started

Blanchard at some point took place to launch a new matrix-feeder he called “Easy Downline Club”, nevertheless that shows up to have actually collapsed within a few weeks (April 2014).

Blanchard then tried to introduce a third feeder plan called Presidential Diamonds Club.

In an e-mail sent out to his members on April 17th, Blanchard wrote:

I will not get involved in all the information but EDC never ever acquired off the ground for the easy factor that a a lot of members we’re working against us …

You will observe that a a lot of them you will not discover in below and that will continue to be this way.

RWJ as well as EDC are both dead. The members that are in below presently are the members that revealed us that they are major about their company.

There will certainly always be people that are negative as well as like to grumble concerning every little thing however I assure you the Presidential Diamonds Club is except them as well as I will not also blink an eye prior to removing them from this group.

I will certainly not allow individuals try to destroy it for others that are major.

Governmental Diamonds Club doesn’t appear to have actually lasted as well long either. The website was still up as of February 2014 (the domain is now parked), however activity shows up to have delayed around mid 2014.

Having ultimately ditched the Presidential Diamonds Club, Blanchard and the Carr’s are now back with MyWealthPowerSystem.

Continue reading for a full evaluation of the MyWealthPowerSystem MLM business opportunity.

The MyWealthPowerSystem Product Line
MyWealthPowerSystem has no retailable product and services, with members simply able to market associate membership to the business itself.

As soon as subscribed, MyWealthPowerSystem members could then buy positions in the business’s compensation strategy.

Packed with these positions is access to just what looks hosting as well as access to an identified ads internet site.

The MyWealthPowerSystem Compensation Plan
The MyWealthPowerSystem payment plan combines a matrix cycler with a company-wide matrix for recurring compensations.

Matrix Cycler
MyWealthPowerSystem offer members positions in a six-tier matrix cycler.

These are a collection of 4 � 1 matrices, with each position calling for four placements below it to be filled.

After these placements are loaded, the position on top “patterns” out and a commission is paid.

By chance the expense of placements in the matrix cycler are not supplied in the MyWealthPowerSystem compensation strategy, however one would certainly presume associates who register for $39 are offered a minimum of one placement.

Here are the six-tiers MyWealthPowerSystem usage in their matrix cycler:

Bronze– pays $10 and also entrance into a Silver matrix
Silver– pays out $25 as well as entrance into a Gold matrix
Gold– pays $100 as well as access into a Platinum matrix
Platinum– pays out $200 as well as entry into a Diamond matrix
Ruby– pays $300 and also entrance right into a Titanium matrix
Titanium– pays out $2000 as well as re-entry into one more Titanium matrix
Referral payments are paid when personally sponsored affiliates cycle from any one of the 6 matrices as adheres to:

Bronze– $5.
Silver– $10.
Gold– $25.
Platinum– $50.
Ruby– $100.
Titanium– $250.
Recurring Commissions.
Residual commissions in MyWealthPowerSystem are paid out via a company-wide 5 � 5 matrix.

This matrix has five positions on level 1 which then branch out right into an additional five levels each:.


This makes up level 2 of the matrix, with these placements once more branching off to make up the third degree of the matrix.

This process repeats itself twice over once again to comprise the 4th and fifth degrees of the matrix.

Commissions are paid as placements in the matrix are filled, with placements filled through employment of new affiliates who pay a $39 charge.

The amount of of a payment is paid is determined by what level of the matrix a freshly loaded placement is put:.

level 1– $5 per loaded position.
levels 2 to 4– $4 each loaded placement.
degree 5– $7 per filled up placement.
Keep in mind that these are continuous monthly compensations, based on all associates in a matrix paying their $29 a month associate cost.

Employment Commissions.
Atop the recruitment-based matrix payments detailed above, MyWealthPowerSystem affiliates are likewise paid a direct $5 commission each associate they subscribe at the $39 degree.

This payment is paid monthly, as long as the hired associate continuouslies pay their monthly $29 affiliate cost.

Joining MyWealthPowerSystem.
Associate subscription with MyWealthPowerSystem is $39 and afterwards $29 a month thereafter.

With MyWealthPowerSystem John Blanchard is obviously attempting to record a few of the preliminary drive he gained with RWJ Marketing.

In maintaining with using his chances to feed people right into similar opportunities Blanchard has actually joined, MyWealthPowerSystem is being made use of as a feeder for Four Corners Alliance.

Drawned from the MyWealthPowerSystem FAQ:.

I comprehend You are running a 4 Corners Team Build.

Yes, MWPS do have a big 4 Corners Alliance Group team construct.

Four Corners Alliance is yet another matrix-based system, viewing members pay charges in order to certify to obtain payments when they hire others that do the same.

As with all recruitment-driven plans, RWJ Marketing collapsed under its very own weight, with MyWealthPowerSystem doomed to the very same fate.


Considering that it employs a similar matrix-based payment strategy. Affiliates register and are provided a placement in the cycler and company-wide matrix.

As new associates join the system, they get paid.

This advances for as lengthy as everyone pays their $29 a month fee. Yet ultimately those at the end of the scheme are visiting locate they can not hire anyone new.

When that happens, they stop paying their month-to-month charge and also those above them stop making money.

They stop paying their fee and also as this effect drips up the MyWealthPowerSystem affiliate family tree, eventually a company-wide failure is triggered.

Then you simply need look at the history of RWJ Marketing to see what will happen.

As each MyWealthPowerSystem’s FAQ:.

Can I hire a Refund.

No, we have a rigorous No Refund Policy.

John Blanchard does a runner with your cash and also takes place to launch something new. That he calls is MyWealthPowerSystem is not a chance.

There are 3 prior examples staring you right in the face at the beginning of this review. Does any person actually think a 4th time is visiting be any different?



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