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There is no info on the My Resultz site indicating which owns or runs business.

The My Resultz web site domain (“”) was registered on the 28th of August 2014, nevertheless the registration is set to exclusive.

Further study discloses thee individuals accepted as co-founders of My Resultz in official business presentations: Scott Nelson, J.J. Meier and even Tripp Mehew.


Scott Nelson credit histories himself with “40 years” experience in the MLM market.

On his LinkedIn profile, Nelson credit reports himself as a Solvaei member (cell service MLM business released in 2012, declared bankruptcy in 2014). He additionally shows himself as an International Silver Network (ISN) affiliate since early 2013.

With the launch of My Resultz, whether Nelson will certainly maintain his member memberships with these business is unclear.

On her LinkedIn profile, Meier credits herself as the President of FemOne from between 2001 and 2004.

FemOne (released 2002, now obsolete) marketed an array of dietary and also individual care products specifically targeting females.

In between 2005 as well as 2008 Meier was the Executive Vice-President of Business Development for ITV Ventures.

ITV Ventures was owned by Donald Barrett and even marketed wellness and nutrition items linked to Barrett’s infomercial business.

In 2008 the FTC penalizeded Barrett $55 million for untrue advertising. ITV Ventures was shut down because of this.

Adhering to ITV Direct, Meier has actually taken part in many non-MLM specific spokesperson and also advertising and marketing parts.

Tripp Mehew was likewise associated with ITV Ventures (I later on learned that Scott Nelson is ex-ITV as well). After ITV was closed down, Mehew took place to brand himself as a self-styled “online marketing train” under the brand name Ten99. Mehew likewise joined Solavei with Nelson in 2012.

Listed below you could see the company logo for Ten99, which has actually been repurposed and tinted orange for My Resultz:


J.J. Meier and even Tripp Mehew have actually also previously shown up together in an infomercial hocking Mehew’s book, “The Science of Getting Rich @ Home”:.


Why no info about Nelson, Meier or Tripp feeds on the My Resultz website is a secret.

Continue reading for a full review of the My Resultz MLM business opportunity.

The My Resultz Product Line.
My Resultz listing two spots on their site; “weight release” as well as “huge power booster”.

The firm declares the weight release area.

reduces hunger.
burns a lot more fatty tissue continuously.
increases weight launch as well as.
had “premium quality elements”.
On the other hand the ultra energy enhancer area.

increases power and even state of mind naturally.
calls for no pricey gos or injections.
makes use of an extremely effective shipment system.
consists of “exclusive vitamin mixture”.
No retail rates for either spot is offered.

The My Resultz Compensation Plan.
The My Resultz payment plan revolves around the recruitment of associates and even their investing of at least $35 a month to purchase products.

Employment Commissions.
Referred to as a “Fast Start Bonus”, if a My Resultz affiliate recruits four members that hire 4 associates that recruit 4 associates, each one of which order at least $35 well worth of product for two months and all within 90 days from the day the initial associate signed up with the firm, My Resultz pays out a $1000 reward.

A $500 bonus offer is paid to the immediate upline of any type of member which gets a Fast Start Bonus payment.

Matrix Commissions.
Residual compensations in My Resultz are paid by means of a 4 � 7 matrix.

A 4 � 7 matrix places an affiliate on top of the matrix with 4 positions straight under them (degree 1):.


Consequently, these four positions branch off into one more four positions each (level 2) and so on etc down a total amount of seven degrees (21,844 positions).

Positions in the matrix are loaded through the recruitment of members (direct or indirect employment), with commissions paid based on a minimum $35 a month invest in My Resultz products.

The amount of of a commission is paid depends on what degree of the matrix are loaded:.

degree 1– 20 %.
level 2– 10 %.
levels 3 to 5– 5 %.
degrees 6 and 7– 10 %.
Keep in mind that members in the matrix have the ability to purchase greater than $35 a month worth of products.

In My Resultz marketing discussions $35 is the quantity priced quote as the price of one month’s supple of one area. It is additionally referred to as “the minimum” an affiliate can purchase each month.

2 % Global Bonus.
The My Resultz Global Bonus is made up of 2 % of sales company-wide.

Affiliates earn shares in the Global Bonus pool by maintaining an active (minutes $35 a month spend) team of 4 personally hired members that have recruited 4 associates who have sponsored 4 associates.

3 % Global Leadership Bonus.
The My Resultz compensation strategy mentions a 3 % Global Leadership Bonus swimming pool.

Regrettably no certain information was readily available at the time of publication, with the company only stating that the reward is “developed for our careful leaders”.

This is a special incentive swimming pool that will likewise come with perks. Information to come.

Joining My Resultz.
Associate subscription to My Resultz is $49.90 and $14.95 a month afterwards.

There’s a big question mark over retail emphasis with My Resultz.

At the time of magazine no retail rates is given on the My Resultz internet site, neither were they stated on main My Resultz business advertising and marketing product.

“Customers” were stated in the presentations I watched, but whether or not these were real retail customers, as well as just what they could expect to pay for My Resultz products is completely vague.

The hazard with My Resultz is that the business will end up teeming with affiliates, with little to no retail activity occurring.


As it stands there are no retail qualifiers to earn commissions, nor exists any kind of motivation to get retail clients.

A My Resultz associate could join the firm focus exclusively on the employment of new members, therefore long as everybody pays their $35 month-to-month minimum, gain compensations.

The 2 % Global Bonus during that circumstance ends up being especially concerning, as it’s basically a persisting employment compensation, moneyed by members as well as paid to those that hire and even urge those below them to hire.

Whether or not members are needed to spend a minimal $35 to apply for commissions is also uncertain. The discussions I watched indicated that a regular monthly minimum $35 invest in My Resultz items was called for.

If this is the case, then an added pay to play layer is contributed to what is currently a questionable business design.

That members are investing $35 on item isn’t the problem but instead, if they’re called for to do so to get approved for payments, then the motive behind the purchase is called into question.

One indication regarding exactly what My Resultz affiliates are likely to concentrate on is a screenshot from a business marketing discussion by Scott Nelson:.


What you’re taking a look at there is a down line listing on a business account Nelson is demonstrating with. The data on the display suggests affiliates filled positions bring down a minimum of 5 levels of the matrix and numbering right into the 700s.

The total down line dimension is not exposed.

Anyway, these members are noticeable “active’ as well as are therefore presumed to be spending at least $35 a month on My Resultz items.

2 points come to mind, the very first being that Nelson mentioned earlier in the discussion that My Resultz aren’t since yet delivering any kind of items (so what are affiliates investing cash on), and that without products being delivered it’s not likely that retail kinds and significant proportion of the company-wide earnings streaming in.

Must this proceed when the firm begins shipping items, it is not likely that retail will certainly ever before be a focus within the firm, much the much less produce any considerable income versus that incoming by means of affiliates.



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