MonaVie Introduces MYNT – New Ground Floor Opportunity To Gen Y C


Brian Gill– VP of Marketing Communication MonaVie specified::.

Mlm is altering– scrape that– has actually altered!

Gen Y-ers, which by the year 2019 will comprise 40 % of the US populace, will certainly be investing $2.45 trillion by 2015– that’s next year!

So, wouldn’t it make good sense to deal with their requirements?

Yet do not extract the circles and flip charts right now. With this generation, there is a much more effective version for networking.

The principles of discussing excellent items and taking pleasure in a better quality of life are still the exact same, yet the techniques are greatly various.

Enter “mynt.” Heard of it?

For those of you that have actually become aware of mynt, congratses; you are very well linked! My guess, nevertheless, is that many of you are reading about MonaVie’s brand-new “movemynt” for the initial time.

I’m visiting inform you regarding this brand-new # movemynt everybody is starting to discuss called mynt, however I’m going to do it in three parts. You know exactly how it functions, right? Today you obtain part one and soon afterwards, sequels and 3. And it all gets at the online launch of # mynt on April 19!

So, exactly what is mynt?

Mynt is a # movemynt to improve the way network marketing is done. Backed by MonaVie, mynt will supply a new, ground flooring opportunity to Gen C. Gen C is a course of individuals who are constantly connected to household, friends, businesses, and passions with the current modern technology. While primarily a subset of the Gen Y crowd (between the ages of 18– 34), Gen C really transcends both birth days and age, and represents any person that is frequently using modern technology to remain gotten in touch with others and to make initial material– from teenagers and university student to prominent bloggers.

Exactly what’s most exciting is that this group is making a new method of experiencing life that is inducing a shift in just how points are performed in every sector, and mynt is leading this modification for Gen C in the direct selling sector!

Tale behind the name “mynt”.

In the U.K., “mint” is a popular expression made use of by those in the Gen Y crowd that suggests great, awesome, gorgeous, dazzling, etc. This interpretation describes the exact type of person which will be brought in to the items, the money-making potential, the enjoyable area, and the emphasis on assisting others that is coming quickly with mynt. We merely changed the “i” with a “y” in the British informality to pay tribute to the Gen Y group. Gen Y is a sector of culture that mainly composes Gen C, and Gen C is the primary emphasis of the mynt movemynt.

What mynt IS.

“mynt is kind of like a Harley Davidson gang … but without bikes … and on Facebook.”.
— Stephen Jones, MonaVie elderly director of marketing, North America.

“mynt is like tossing a stone in the water; one simple act can make a # movemynt.”.
— Calli Mott, MonaVie director of North America.

“mynt is entirely cutting-edge. It will certainly change everything. Once again.”.
— Katy Holt-Larsen, VP of North America.

What mynt IS NOT.

“mynt is not ‘the following big surge.’ Surges accident. We’ve produced a movemynt!”.
— Mauricio Bellora, MonaVie president and CEO.

I really hope that provides you a little an introduction to mynt.



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