‘Lord of the Rings’: From historians to comedians; which are the best jobs for the characters?

From the history of the rings to Sauron’s doings, to Gollum’s life, and more, Gandalf is clearly the best for this job. He takes a great interest in the past and has a certain sense of pride in his understanding of history. The best historians have a great passion for their field of expertise, and Gandalf is an individual who has a wide range of knowledge that he could share with the world.

His bravery makes him ideal for this job. While stunt performers typically don’t end up directly saving peoples’ lives, they do protect people by putting themselves in dangerous positions in their stead. Boromir would love the chance to prove his toughness to others and would likely take on any challenge thrown at him.

Frodo-Real Estate Investor

Frodo was born into quite a bit of wealth and was invited into even more of it when Bilbo took him in. Since he was already sitting on quite a bit of wealth, Frodo would most likely let the money work on its own by investing it in more land, so others would pay rent to him. It’s also reasonable to assume he’d invest much of his wealth into stocks and other investments. It pays to be rich.


Before traveling with Frodo to Bree, Sam lived a comfortable life in Hobbiton as the Baggins’ gardener. He loves nature and has a deep passion and appreciation for things that grow. Sam would be excellent at planning out gardens and yards, filling them with all sorts of varieties of flowers and other plants. He’d also take great pride in keeping yards clean and in tip-top shape by mowing lawns. His clients’ homes would be the envy of the block.

He has the most refined tastes amongst all the characters and is clearly passionate about ale and pipeweed. What better career path to travel down than to open a bar or restaurant and offer the finest ales and food money can buy? Knowing Merry, it’s fair to assume he’d host a karaoke night at least once a week, as having a laugh is just as important to him as having a belly full of good food and drink.

He may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but Pippin certainly is a chipper fellow who always has something silly to say. A bit of comedic training could help Pippin improve upon his already naturally funny disposition. Peregrin is skilled at bringing a smile to other peoples’ faces, and it wouldn’t take long for his name to spread and his gigs to be sold out.

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