Life Wise Compensation Plan Review with CEO Rob Alwin


Okay so listen I want to start off with something before I get into uh the Compensation Plan God said go grab your Chicken Soup for the Soul book and I’m like yes larva what do you want me to read them and he goes magic of believing because your Compensation Plan is going to help people to believe again and I want them to believe I’m not old enough to play baseball or football I’m not eight yet my mom told me when you start baseball you aren’t going to be able to run that fast because of your operation
I told Mom I wouldn’t need to run that fast when I play baseball I’ll just hit
the ball out of the park then I’ll be able to walk hey folks I hope that that inspired you
I hope that that uh touches your heart
the way it did mine so listen I have been involved in network marketing for 35 years and I have had the opportunity to take a look at a vast number of compensation plans and some of them that have been good and some of them have been crummy and uh I want you to know that it’s not just the compensation there’s four other components that greatly affect your opportunity to earn or not earn in your network marketing business but the first thought that comes to mind before I talk about those five stars Five Pillars I want to ask you why you know what started you on this journey
in fact I want to ask you something very personal and hope some of you don’t mind sharing it in the comments what is your dream what are you doing this for who is it that you want to bless who is it that you want to help what keeps your eye on the prize when you’re getting beat up and not winning you see for 20 years I drove them roads and I worked so so hard in a few companies and I really didn’t do very well but my dream was so big the mentorship was so good the loving people
I I just had to be with the winners you know what I mean it’s like I wanted to be with the Eagles and not with the chickens and it worked it seemed like there was a lot of complainers and at those network marketing meetings it seemed like there were so many people that were so focused on God’s plan and where they were going and what they were going to do with their life and what it looked like when they got there you see folks being involved in a network is typically a two to five year plan to creating a significant income one that will be able to fund and pay for your dreams maybe it’s a parent you want to rock their world they’re on a fixed income maybe it’s a kid you want to put through school maybe it’s a kid you want to set up in business maybe you want to get debt free so you don’t have that stress maybe like me he had five kids and so you wanted your wife to be a blessing for those kids and be able to be there for them so listen folks whatever your why is whatever your dream is
I want you to know that our Compensation Plan is safe and beautiful and wonderful but it’s not more wonderful than the god that we serve and the people we’re attracting and the business that we’re building folks we’re so drop dead serious about this and we’re so excited about this and we’re so glad that you’re taking the time to jump on here to learn about our compensation plan but listen there’s five key components and I want to talk just a little bit about that those five pillars number one is the corporate team if you have a great comp plan and you’re not around a strong team supporting you believing in you you’re going to be in trouble so let me tell you about our team our president Dr Chris Clem has got his PhD in leadership and he is a man after God’s Own Heart a Visionary a dreamer a believer in what’s possible a man that’s devoted himself to not only three degrees but being the senior pastor of Highland First Assembly a church where it comes across uh authentic because he is authentic and this brother loves what we’re doing and he’s agreed to become our president and I’m so proud that Dr Clem was with us when it comes to a vice president I am so grateful that our vice president of formulations Tracy Gibb in my opinion
the greatest formulator of products in
the world a thousand formulas 16 countries in 64 uh companies folks listen he is a distinguished formulator he is the formulator’s formulator and he is our brother and he is our friend and he is my partner and we get to share him with you and share to the world the best products they’ve ever seen because he’s going to go off this is it for him and this is it for me this is the one that we are going to ride off into the sunset and leave to our children’s children we’re not building this Compensation Plan to make a bunch of money and sell
the company we’re not building the business so that we can sit in Ivory Tower we got positions in the business building the same comp plan and getting paid exactly the way you do okay let me make that very clear same with Dr Clem and then let me tell you about our vice president Greg Adelman Greg is one of
the greatest presenters heartfelt solid no-nonsense presenters a very grounded man a great family man a man that knew how to marry up when he married Sylvia our vice president of relations what is the vice president of relations someone that will pray with you hear you out and help you when you’re dealing with life’s conflicts she’s been involved in Ministry for many years she’s ran one of the largest Women’s Bible studies in the country and she’s got a heart for people and that’s why they’re where they’re at with us and they also are the Masters which means we all come from them including Tracy and I and Dr Clem they are the ones that we have all decided should be the first one in this looking over all of us caring for all of us and so we’re very excited about that we’ve also got a beautiful young lady helping out with our Graphics Miss Kennedy Clem she is a very special girl and she is brilliant and she is talented and she created our logo and she helped with our mission statement and she is working on our packaging and she’s now working with the software people that we have hired to help us have the greatest cleanest simplest beautifulest website and back office and easy to use and you know me I mean I’m on the phone with him for hours you know trying to try to make sure that it’s going to be something that we’ll be proud of it everyone knows how to use and so we’ve also got Dr Clem’s wife and I’ll tell you what you talk about marrying up as well Trish is a dear heart she loves Ministry she loves people but her best skill that I’ve seen so far beyond her cooking by the way is she’s an organizer she knows how to organize stuff and she will be working
on our events so that we have an incredible convention and folks my cousin Mike who’s been with me my whole life whatever I’ve done my loyal awesome cousin has been with me Mike all when you rock and he’s going to be in charge of our customer service folks we are moving at the speed of light you have a corporate team you can believe in and I’m not afraid to tell you that every person on this corporate team loves the Lord and is here for the right reasons if integrity and quality matter to you we won’t be second in class we will be next level in class thank you Tracy for that folks I’m just going to call it straight most compensation plans at most companies there’s massive fraud taking place they’re inserting positions above you to attract a leader instead of allowing the leader to come up and show you how it’s done authentic and real they try to pay you in points instead of dollars they try to pay you on weak side instead of strong side they have you three four five six pages of a Compensation Plan you could never in your million years explain to anyone and then they wonder why you haven’t taken your overpriced products that they made you buy too many of and go out there and try to do business with everyone a message you can’t explain prices you can’t afford and you’re in over your head because they want you to buy some big jacked up package folks why is there problems with companies out there because of that where’s the Integrity where’s the person that’s thinking about the single mom who struggles and is concerned about the price of eggs and milk where’s the person that really is saying I want to put you in a position to win where is that person over the last three years as I searched and searched and searched my heart to motivate myself to go do it my Integrity wouldn’t let me go build because there was too many things that I didn’t agree with so I thought I’ll just pray for them and surely they’ll make changes no those doors close and now they’re right back out the same old thing so listen somebody needed to come up with a Compensation Plan where you got paid where your dreams could come true where you didn’t have to have a fortune to be able to participate network marketing is one of the most beautiful companies in the entire world people helping people people serving people people encouraging people people putting their eyes on a grand prize and a bigger plan and stepping into the room of self-improvement never coming out because you want to grow well folks listen for 20 years I was in three different companies struggling folks you know why one of the main reasons why I struggled
the comp plans paid so little I paid so much for their products and I couldn’t explain the program never
in a million years should it take 20 years to go diamond never now to those of you like me that just keep hanging in there praise God for you your ship’s coming in it’s called life-wise and we’re gonna go do this wise.

Our cause is gonna move people okay our cause tunnel to Tower veterans disabled homeless people that have lost their homes I mean in their lives their mental situations here’s what we’re going to do at life-wise one dollar of every product you ever buy from this company goes to tunnel to Tower who wants to know about the world’s best Compensation Plan so listen this is how it works from now until we are fully launched it is free to join no membership fee the membership after the full launch July 4th by the way it’ll be a 99 a year membership I am trying to run all the profits through you so if you can spend 100 bucks at Costco or Sam’s Club you can spend 100 bucks to be with this company but praise God you can go get everybody you know in this thing because it’s going to be free all right free so our products we have four products we have three nutritional products and we have one leadership development program that is from Dr clown okay and that is
the product that will be rolled out first so we’re going to have a leadership program and it’s 35 and it is a product that’s going to blow your mind
the best teaching from the best people Dr Clem will be interviewing all the right people people you want to learn from he is developing curriculum to help lead you into your own personal promise a leadership program to help you be the best father the best mother the best friend the best son the best daughter
the best neighbor we want to be great people if we invest in the people if you invest in yourself then we become better selves and people see our personal transformation okay here I am I’m in for free until after launch free I’m determining whether I want to spend 35 or 39 on auto ship there’s your comp plan sign someone up for free and spend 35 or 39 and watch this you can do that as many times as you like or only once you get Seven Levels I signed up a guy level one what did he do he signed up a girl level two who signed up a guy level three who signed up a girl level four who signed up another girl level five who signed up another guy level six and another guy on level seven seven levels and you get paid in cash watch this level one five bucks any order placed by your person or persons on that level some of you is going to get one and some of you is going to get two and five and ten some of you is going to get 20 or 40.

Okay you’re gonna get so excited about a business opportunity where you have access to products that you can use or sell that are only 35 or 39 bucks world class best of the best so you have seven levels level number one you get five bucks from every product on that level all your personals five bucks level two you get three bucks every single product of every single person of all these people you don’t know level two three bucks level three you get two bucks all these people you don’t know because what is that your people’s people’s people you only know your people okay and you only have to get one right okay so listen level four going straight down I signed up a guy signed up a guy signed up a guide signed up a guy sign up a guide sign up a guy who signed up a guy four levels of one dollar now folks have you ever seen anything like this before in your life where there is a known dollar amount of anyone on that level and you get paid every time an order takes place on that level so kind of like this is you okay you choose 35 39 here’s your level you could get one or you could get a whole bunch that’s your level all you’re ever worried about is My Level my one guy my two guys my four couples I can go as wide as I want and then I can go down and get paid five three two one one one one with the world’s best products it’s called profit sharing the company takes in this case 14 of profit

and shares it a little at every single level profit share profit share profit share smooth known understood only Compensation Plan I’ve ever seen before
in my life where you can get one product get one person now in the words my dear friend Charlie
I was talking to you today he said Rob it’s not one gets one he goes Rob it’s one reach one will you reach one will you be that person whose dream is big enough that you want them to have a good night’s sleep that you want them to have some mental Clarity you want them enrolled in a success training system you want them to have the best multivitamin in the world which is going to be coming around launch-ish time do you want that all right now listen since you’re all experts at the comp plan how much does it cost 35 or 39 Oh you’re good we’re building them all on one line right yes called a uni level yes how many levels do we get paid down seven how much do we get for level one five level two three level three two bucks level four five six and seven Buck a package so watch this you get in and you sign up four and they spend 35 or 39.
five bucks a piece on level one five dollars times four people is 20 bucks do you realize right there you just paid for your auto ship I mean you’re halfway paying for your auto ship right there right out of the Chute now watch this you made 20 bucks cool
the next level you get how much on level two three bucks and you got four friends and they say to you they go what do we do and what do you say go get four you only need one but we recommend go get four when you’re four people each go get four now there’s 16 people and you got 16 times three and you just made 48 bucks folks
I believe that that can be done in the first month or two imagine owning a business where you’re not coming out of your pocket two or three hundred bucks and you’ve got it covered so fast how much did you have to spend to make this thing all start 35 or 39.
how much did your people have to spend 35 or 39. how many did you have to get to start getting paid through the seven levels one in our proposal the power of four you’re bringing in four your four grows in to a 285 000 a year income now watch this you don’t want to get four you want to get two just back it down
I don’t want to get two I want to get three just back put it up a little bit do you realize that you have the power of whether you get one or two or three or four in your own business
I know this along the way so quickly you got your product paid for so quickly you’re not smoked with some expensive pack folks one of the crappiest comp plans I’ve ever seen I was in it before is this thing called a one-third two-third binary
I don’t ever want to be in a Compensation Plan ever again with any stinking company when they want me to go Jam a bunch of product down my friend’s throats force them to buy a bunch of product every single month and then tell them all you have to buy an extra extra big amount because we got this extra carrot out here and the only way you ever get it is if you hit this big Rank and you buy all this product and then you’re gonna have all these guys in the background going oh yeah everybody’s got to do it so I can make a hundred thousand dollars as they’re standing in front of their Lamborghini
I don’t want that kind of comp plan I don’t want that kind of business you know who’s attracted to life-wise people that finally want to do it the right way with proven leaders doing the simple things like loving God and loving each other like staying humble don’t go get a car to fake it to make it let’s pay off the one that you got how about this extra income that you’ve got to take away some of the pressure we are going to build a bunch of people that understand the power of four we’re gonna have a bunch of folks that maybe never get more than one or two and then they’re gonna be able to benefit and earn income no packs no sides no points no business volume no percentages all right now I want to talk about ranks are you guys ready for some ranks so check this out ranks are going to be determined by the check that you get not points by real dollars okay with our company when you are earning a minimum of 200 bucks in our comp plan that sure didn’t take very long did it on your third level you just shy 200 bucks when you hit 200 of income you’re a bronze partner okay and we’re gonna celebrate you my biggest goal is to help people to make 200 a week I know some people talk about it but I mean it from the bottom of my heart because when I was living in my 1959 avocado green single wide freaking trailer in San Bernardino California what I would have given to have had an extra 200 bucks in my wallet
at the end of the month folks we want to help people to make 200 a bunch of them are you with me and when you hit 300 in a check you are going to be a silver and when you hit 500 in a check you’re gonna be a gold partner now watch this those ranks we make them really simple to hit it’s just straight up your check but when you want to become a ruby partner something special is attached to it you must be bring three of your friends as Silvers it’s not just about your volume you want to be a leader all of these are leadership but at Ruby there are streams attached healthy ones it’s called leave no one behind you’re gonna need three of
the people that you’ve signed up or any one of their people okay or any one of their people down three of your buddies businesses you helped three of them to go silver and you were a ruby when you’re making one thousand dollars a week and you felt three people to make three hundred dollars a week down three of your different buddies Roots down the route okay down the levels Emerald when you hit two thousand dollars we are gonna celebrate you for the week for your weekly pay we are going to celebrate you and you’re gonna need to have blessed three people that have hit gold Diamond when you hit three thousand dollars a week you are a diamond as long
as you have helped three people now this has nothing to do with your money you always get the money this is not breakage not I gotta help people to get money you getting the money this has to do with leadership and accomplishment and servitude towards other people so at Diamond you gotta help three people go Ruby down three different trunks okay three different people you signed up or anyone underneath them okay Black Diamond five thousand dollars a week or more and you felt three people to go Diamond once again the ranks are to celebrate you and your leadership so if you stay focused on your people you’re going to help them to make money and that’s what I want I want a bunch of servant leaders helping their people to make money we’re going to get debt free man we’re going to be burning mortgages we’re going to be petting them off we’re going to have titles in hand we’re going to pay off those stinking credit cards it’s your turn to win



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