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I’ve only ever personally owned two LG phones in the many years I’ve been using smartphones the LG g2 and the LG V 30 while LG has had plenty of notable phones over the years these two stood out for me in a particular way and it’s this fact that makes the follow-up to one of my favorite phones ever a pretty difficult task last year’s V 30 got nearly everything right and it felt like all the stars aligned for an ideal device in many regards but there’s an always room for improvement and it’s here where we find it a v40 thin queue attempting to fill in the gaps the v40 improves upon a number of areas where the V 30 was a bit weekend including the display external speaker and the camera quality let’s hit up the display improvements first you’ve undoubtedly heard about the display issues that plagued LG Mobile o LEDs in 2017 and while they weren’t deal-breakers they certainly weren’t in the same league as Samsung made LEDs last year this year things have changed and the v4 T’s OLED display is every bit as good as top-tier OLED zon other flagship phones evidenced by both the quality on this phone and the smaller pixel three that also has an LG made display in all seriousness I can’t think of anything to really improve on this display it’s easily viewable on sunlight gets super dim when you want it to doesn’t have that grainy pattern from last year’s OLED ‘s has fantastic color accuracy no color shifting at any angle etc the biggest detractor from perfection is the notch up top but it’s about the same size as the notch on the g7 and LG has at least made the bezels a uniform size all around the phone unlike on the g7 the side bezels are a tad larger than some phones but I think this was done more for consistency than anything else I’ll still personally take a larger top bezel to get rid of the knotch and of course you can hide it in the software but it just turns black and loses the color but this is of course a personal preference the overall design and feel is far closer to the g7 than the V 30 which is both okay Anna Xin as I really loved the super small slim and light feel of the Vita last year despite it being a device of the six-inch screen this year they’ve increased that screen sized inches and it makes the device just a tad too big at seven millimeters taller than the V thirty I’m definitely someone who prefers bigger screens but I’m just not sure this was the right move to do while also including a notch and changing the bezel dimensions the way they did it’s not as tall as that other major phone with a six point four inch screen though an LG makes sure to not allow video content to be impeded by the knotch which is more than some other OEMs can say it’s 10 grams heavier than the V 30 which gives it a little more of a solid feel but it’s still an average of 30 grams lighter than most flagships this size and I really appreciate that LG does this with their phones the extra point two millimeters and thickness is there for the boombox speaker which is a new concept LG began with the g7 earlier this year and adds a significant volume and quality increase to the phone’s audio by just placing it on the table this really is only meant for listening to music and it really does make a palpable difference I think stereo speakers with something like Dolby Atmos provides more positives than this setup does but this is definitely the best way to listen to music in a room by just using the phone as it’s got bass response that other phones can’t match sense this is a resonant speaker the feel of the design is really something special too it’s hard to put into words why I like this design so much but there’s something else II does differently when compared to every other flagship on the market there’s something eerie about the design something light and pure without feeling cheap and without being a big heavy brick the way most flagships of this size are nowadays I find myself running my thumbs along the curved edges of the screen while reading an article or waiting for someone to finish typing their end of the conversation it’s little and possibly silly but it’s these kinds of things that are enjoyable parts of a design there’s one negative that drives me a bit crazy though it’s really quite a grease magnet to say the least there’s definitely a difference with the coating on the glass and I’m not a fan of having to constantly wipe the phone down just like the g7 that power button has been moved from the rear-facing fingerprint scanner and placed on the right side of the phone as most of the phones have and the new virtual assistant key has been added to the left side underneath the volume buttons like the g7 this assistant key launches google assistant with a single press or you can hold it down like a walkie-talkie and speak more complex commands giving you the opportunity to pause for a moment without assistant immediately processing your partial requests I actually like this key better on the g7 than the v40 but not for any functional reason related to the key itself rather because I use the v40 as the main video camera for the YouTube site here at Android headlines and placing it in a tripod mount is now more awkward than it was last year as I’ve got to scoot it over a bit more so as to not accidentally hold down that AI button while trying to record videos it’s a small thing I’m likely won’t affect most people but it’s something I regularly wrestle with wireless charging is here including fast wireless charging that works with any Qi wireless fast charger unlike some other $900 phones out there it’s also got support for Qualcomm’s latest quick charge power bricks which charges the battery 50 percent in 15 minutes you’ll have to purchase a QC 4 power brick separately but the QC 3 brick included with the phone will still reach that 50% mark in about 25 to 30 minutes I’ve been quite happy with the battery life in general – which got me through a full day without issue but it’s not going to come close to rivaling companies like Huawei who regularly get two days of battery life out of their flagships a combination of a larger battery and some different software tweaks some other bits to mention that have been thankfully carried over from the V 30 are the incredible HD vibration motors LG uses which are second only to the ones in the pixel 3 and actually feel even better than last year thanks to what I would assume is that resonance chamber for the speaker there’s also the millimeter audio jack with quad DAC which LG has featured for quite a few years now and provides the best audio playback in the business something else worth noting is LG’s included two-year warranty which they call the second year promise this extends the warranty to the second year and will replace the phone in full at no cost to the customer which seems to be a direct response to some quality issues LG had for a generation or two a few years back on the software side I’ve heard some people talk bad about LG’s Android skin but I’m really not sure why for what I can tell there’s nothing really wrong with LG’s skin I’ve heard people say it looks dated or that the teal color LG uses is ugly but there are plenty of themes that can fix those issues and while they’re nowhere near as customizable as what Samsung offers there are lots of good skins in the store on a fundamental level LG’s skin is solid having used the V 30 as my daily driver since last August between review devices of course I’ve never felt like I’m going back to some old device that grows slow or clunky over time the way some other OEM skins have been known to it’s even got those fantastic little haptic feedback portions like the my new vibration that occurs as a notification is swiped away and plenty of other little details throughout Samsung may have finally gotten its act together in 2018 and thus far I’ve not seen the performance issues on the galaxy s 9 or note 9 that folks have dealt with on past Samsung phones but I don’t recall LG ever having this issue and that’s definitely true on the v40 as well the biggest downside if major Android revisions mean a lot to you is that the phone launches with Android Oreo just like Samsung devices but so far I’ve received several updates for the v40 since late September and it’s sitting on the latest November security patch right now – not only that but remember skins from companies like LG and Samsung offer features that stock Android won’t get for years so while this is a year old major version of Android it has the latest security update and it’s also got more options and quality of life features than any stock Android phone could even offer for many years LG is planning their Android 9pi roll out in early 2019 but really I just don’t care pi is the first version of Android that I felt even a little hostile toward and I’m a bit nervous to see what LG is going to do with it as most OEM s seem to be swallowing Google’s bitter pill without even thinking as far as LG’s current generation skin goes it’s the little things that make it feel great options like choosing where the audio gets routed when connecting to external devices like Bluetooth speakers where you can simply click between the phone speakers or any external device right from the notification shade are really a great touch and something most phones don’t offer it’s a massive collection of little things and while they don’t individually make or break the experience the amalgam of features you’ll find here are only matched by Samsung and their usefulness and ultimately make a better phone that will consistently surprise you with things you didn’t realize your phone could do it’s also got amazing multitasking performance and does absolutely everything I want and need it to do it doesn’t have Samsung’s floating window features which is about the only additional thing I could think of people wanting but it does have plenty of RAM that keeps apps from regularly reloading the way we’ve seen a few flagships perform lately and I haven’t run across the time when the phone slows down or chugs because I’m doing too much updates have also been a huge game-changer for the camera which has seen several big time updates to improve performance and most importantly quality which was a bit lacking when we reviewed the camera in October since then we’ve seen speed improvements to the overall camera interface big quality improvements in every lighting condition it even quite a few new feature additions although some of them are certainly going to be a little more of a niche role LG is really going all out on the camera with the v40 not just because there are five cameras but because of the number of modes that are not only available but are actually useful in a number of situations and this simply puts many other phones to shame it’s not to say it’s perfect but it’s certain to make plenty of folks happy and the overall processing improvement since launched make this a significantly better camera experience than we’ve ever had on an LG phone last year I was blown away by the V 30 and immediately took to it well this year it took a little while for the v40 to grow on me it has fully replaced the V 30 for me now though and I’m going to make this one my new daily driver for the foreseeable future it certainly helps that it’s an incredible video making machine given what I use it for but everything else here is just such a solid experience that it makes me love returning to the phone time and time again as much as I love it though 900 bucks or so it’s just a bit too steep of an MSRP but of course this one offers way more value than the pixel three and phones with more features are going to cost even more than this we have seen plenty of deals that bring it lower and certainly expect to see plenty more going into the holidays too so there’s always that it’s in my top phones for the year without hesitation and I’m happy to see LG continuing the excellence they began with last fall’s v30 we hope you enjoyed that review and will subscribe to us for regularly updated content chat with us in your favorite social media network and don’t forget to check out our new look at Android headlines comm but you can get 24/7 worldwide tech news coverage thanks for watching until next time

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