Legit Work-at-Home Jobs in California


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Are you looking for a work-at-home job in California and feeling like opportunities are slim? You aren’t alone. Despite FlexJobs stating that California has more remote opportunities than most, many at-home job seekers don’t feel the same way.

The fact of the matter is the vast majority of job leads have a location requirement. For some, this may be because onsite training or occasional meetings are required. For most, however, it comes down to local laws. Many states have stricter employment regulations, and even taxes, that can make things more complicated. So much so, many companies choose to avoid them altogether. There are quite a few companies though that do hire California residents. We are talking about those today.

Note: A new California law went into effect January 2020 that has put the status of a lot of remote jobs in flux/in jeopardy. The below list is a place to start your job search, but these companies may or may not be hiring within your state at this time or at some point in the future depending on how these new requirements/guidelines shake out. There are no guarantees and things can change at any time.

Verified Work From Home Jobs in California (as of February 21, 2020)

The below companies have recently had job openings open to California residents. Most of these will be employee positions versus freelance/independent contractor. Hiring requirements can change at any time.

Amazon work-from-home jobs are highly coveted. Although they hire in a variety of industries, their seasonal customer service roles are the most popular among my community members. These positions do not come up often. You will need to keep an eye on their website and apply quickly when they come up. (Check out this post for a few pointers to stay on top of your favorite companies’ job openings.)

Automattic is the company behind WordPress, Woocommerce, Tumblr and more. And, they are located in California so it’s not surprising they are open to hiring employees residing in the state. Their positions are often full-time and come with a lot of flexibility and benefits.


BELAY is a virtual assistant company. They are frequently seeking Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers and Web Specialists. You will need several years of experience in one of those fields to be considered.

Boldly, formerly Worldwide 101, also hired remote assistants. In addition to Executive Assistant, they are also frequently hiring paralegals and online marketing specialists.

If you love fashion, Stitch Fix is currently hiring Stylists in the Los Angeles, Sacrament, San Diego and San Francisco areas. Stylists can set their own schedules and work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Other Companies to Check for Current Hiring Locations

The below companies did hire in California at one time but may not currently have any openings or may not have location requirements listed on their website at this time. These are legitimate companies but their availability to California residents is unverified at this time.

Please keep in mind this is NOT an all-inclusive list. Do not restrict your search to companies listed in this post. For even more work-at-home jobs in California, keep an eye on FlexJobs. Their advanced job search always you to search for remote jobs by state.

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