Learn to budget and manage your money with this $29 online course bundle

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TL;DR: As of Feb. 15, you can sign up for the Essential 2023 Money Management Bundle for only $29 — that’s just $2.90 per course.

Managing your finances is a skill with high stakes, but it can pay dividends if you start making smart financial decisions early. Whether it’s a short-sighted investment or a failure to stick to your budget, money mistakes can be costly. If you can’t afford to make a mistake, try learning from the Essential 2023 Money Management Bundle. This set of 10 courses gives you unlimited access to 26 hours of detailed financial lessons from the pros at Skill Success, and you can get it for $29. 

Learn budgeting, investing, and taking control of your finances 

Budgeting your income may be difficult when grocery prices are still wildly inflated, but every bit of saving may help you make long-term investment plans. However, you might want to start with a simple budget. As many as 55% of Americans don’t track their spending with a budget, and making that change could help you track your spending and cut back. Budgeting 101 goes over the basics, and then you can start analyzing your personal relationship to money and spending in Simple Basics of Personal Finance. 

As you identify areas in which you can save, it may be worthwhile to learn how you can use the stock market to start planning your future. Stock Market Investing Strategies for a Wealthy Retirement covers the techniques and skills required to minimize risk in your investments and start building a strategic investment plan. It won’t make money out of thin air, but small investments here and there could lead to a more comfortable financial future. 

Make your money work for you 

All course materials and videos in this bundle are available to you for life and could help you make incremental changes leading toward financial stability and comfort. If you want to start studying, then get the Essential 2023 Money Management Bundle for only $29.

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