Latest QKadoo Updates


In the last 48 hours since opening, we have doubled our QKadoo membership! We have over 1300 members!
Keep sharing your QKadoo referral link with all your friends!

Lynette says, “I just got off the phone with QkaMandy Doo – and Mandy wants me to ask everyone to please go into your QKadoo email and verify your account. they have to have a verification on file and the email was sent to your QKadoo email, until that’s done the recovery password will not work.
For you bloggers and website owners we can now add the QKadoo search box to your blog or site!
Add a QKadoo searchbox to your blog or website!!

And if you use Skype:
For anyone wanting to access the Qkadoo Updates Only room, here is the link to add yourself: skype:?chat&blob=ELyit4SDMCDF9THLlur2DeK5a5yEiNdxMTl0eS2JnYgIvbusgSV-AEL1A5epl9DEz2dmkGEumC17vKiGexEDqA

Don’t forget our trainings with Dr Lenny Cocco, me and other fine guests at 4pm EST. Friday and Sat.
So, the training schedule so far is, Thurs, Friday and Sat. at 4pm ET, 1pm PT and 10 am Hawaii time. If this time is too hard for you, here is the recording of our training today, Thurs:
You will get a lot out of this training. Here is the recording:
Thanks to Glenn for taping it:

For our live trainings where your questions will be answered:

Join us at,

Dial in – 805-399-1000 PIN 331027#



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