L7 Arbitrage Trading Review

what’s going on guys crypto down here back to you with another video I’m gonna be giving you guys some of the results that I’ve got through it l7 trade I’m also going to be doing some live withdrawals for you guys today just give you guys a little bit about what I’ve been experience thus far with l7 trade so we’re gonna jump right in guys so first things first we’re gonna start with light coins so initially I deposited light coins guys and I’ve just been doing the automatic arbitrage and as you can see I’ve grown it to six point eight so pretty much LTC is what I have got so far for the past couple of days that I’ve been in this thing so we’ll just go over the history real quick so I could show you guys what’s going on over there alright guys so you can see here I just think this is a cool platform to actually grow some of your cryptos guys so if you have litecoin bsv bitcoin bitcoin cash etc you guys can come here and you can initiate these trades guys and you know earn a little bit of profit every single day and another thing I like about this is you actually can they have something which is called maa guys and it’s pretty much like a waiting time so let me just show you guys here so I did add bitcoin over here so you guys can see the breakdown on the current arbitrage information and you can see here that they mmm a regular regulation is 70 minutes so once your trade is executed and it’s done you can have you just have to wait 70 minutes to initiate another trade so I actually have three different currencies on yours so I got Bitcoin litecoin and also ethereum let me just go over here to my wallet real quick so right now it looks like litecoin so we’re gonna go ahead and do a trade cycle with that I haven’t done kyc yet so I can only do so the remaining balance I will be withdrawing which is so we’ll do I’ll go to apply over here and we’re just going to find the top bid and the lowest asking price as well so eighty eight point two nine we got here and then a four point eight eight so let me just find that real quick okay somewhere around here there we go all right so now I can see the breakdown arbitrage the other three point eight secret percent okay so I can look at the calculation of arbitrage system now so I know how much I’m supposed to get so it looks like the total transaction which I would be receiving once the trade is done is point zero three three zero nine so let me just see how much that is in USD so that looks like a few dollars guys profit in LTC if I was to go ahead and commence this so I’m just gonna go ahead and do it okay do you want to confirm okay we want to do that so that has been successfully order so yeah guys I mean some days are better than others with litecoin I think the first one I did I actually got like eleven dollar profit so some days are good or better than others in terms of the profits that you get off this thing however you can come here you can just kind of look at the breakdown and you can always just setup and look at what you’re gonna get once you start putting your information for whatever cryptocurrency you’re gonna be doing arbitrage with so it’s it may be good to just kind of check and see which one will yield the highest return for you guys in terms of profits and what’s gonna be returned back to your wallet guys so I would definitely look at that and look at these percentages here so bsv looks pretty good let me just go to litecoin litecoin is okay so these do change on it on a timely basis guys so you guys may want to check that out before you decide which of these crypto currencies that you guys want to do your arbitrage and with but everything has been going good so far I did make it with draw guys let me just show you guys that and I will be doing another withdrawal here with you folks so I do believe it was eath payments a personal address so this is what I did a couple of days ago guys in terms of withdrawal and it did hit my wallet within ten so I think that’s good I like to test it with drawers etc so let me just go ahead and initiate another withdrawal here why I got you guys here so we’re gonna be taking off this LTC so we’re gonna do see what the minimum the minimum payment of LTC is point one so we’re good there so we’re gonna do a zero point three Oh – okay so let me get my address here litecoin see if we’re gonna paste this and of course guys they do have two FA so I would encourage you guys to go ahead and activate your Google to FA so you guys can keep your account secure as possible all right so create payout now it’s saying to go find a payout enter the code sent to your email address so I’m have to check my email address real quick and it’s gonna be a long cold guys on one second okay so I got the code now I’m gonna go ahead and put it in there I confirm this payment yes okay the withdrawal has been confirmed the transaction will be sent soon okay cool alright so they took point zero one it looks like guys off of this so I’m definitely gonna be waiting for this to hit my account and like I said before the first ones draw that I did do it took like less than ten minutes before I can get it but anything that’s going on with you guys is account you will get an email I did get an email telling me that I did convince a withdraw how much I’m supposed to be getting etc guys so I think that’s pretty cool that they do that so let me just go back over here and another thing I wanted to talk about guys was they have an exchange or here guys so you guys can come here and I just got the LTC to my wallet so that was pretty fast guys if you guys did just heard that so let me just show you guys for proof purposes so you guys can see here okay so this is what was the transaction I just did my withdrawal guys so I got point two nine two and it happened pretty fast while I was still here with you guys so I think that that’s pretty cool did withdrawals are instant and you can withdraw any amount that you guys guys have as long as it meets the minimum requirements so if you guys just wanted to play around with this thing for a little while a few days a few months or whatever the case may be or just use whatever seeds you got and just withdraw your profits on daily basis you guys can do that as well okay so here’s a crypto currency exchange here guys it says Exchange Commission is 0.5% so if you guys see any opportunities with any of these crypto currencies that are higher than other ones but you don’t have that crypto currency you can just come here and exchange it and you’ll be able to use that so I did talk to somebody earlier and they say that that’s one of their strategies I’m just going to do is find the best arbitrage situations profit opportunities with whatever currencies that we have here on the site but I think that pretty much wraps it up guys this is a pretty cool way to grow some crypto I think yesterday I maybe made about I want to say 30 bucks or so just playing around with this and I don’t necessarily have a lot of money in here guys okay I will be doing my kyc and get my account activated or verified if you will so I can put higher balances in here because I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to actually be able to you know make 50 60 70 maybe even a hundred bucks a day just by doing this a few times a day with whatever crypto currencies that you guys want to hold here so it seems real good so far guys like I said before I’ve never seen anything like this I think that this is pretty cool in terms of referrals some people did say something like oh well they only have one level well guys I mean you could make some passive crypto and also whatever crypto your your referrals are actually putting in this thing is what you guys are going to be getting so as you can see here with Z cash I had somebody put in Z cash and they’ve probably committed some trades and stuff I’m not gonna click on history because it probably shows that email address and I don’t want to block all that stuff out right now but each time they do commit to the trade guys and it executes and it’s complete you guys get paid so it’s not a one-time deal okay so every time you have people going in here and doing these trades okay creating orders after their orders complete you guys will make something off of that so I think that that’s pretty cool as well but that pretty much wraps it up for this video l7 trade is looking pretty good guys I think this is something different where you control everything back here you can look at the breakdown of your orders or what’s going on behind the scenes you can look at the agents etc guys so if I just come down here and I’ll go into my light point order that I just did you would be able to see a lot of information down here guys okay and what you’re gonna get back here so I think this is a pretty cool little tool to grow some crypto I mean like I said guys I probably have maybe a little 1500 maybe a little bit more than that and I was able to make within the past two days maybe like 80 bucks or something like that 70 bucks somewhere around there guys I didn’t do all the calculations however this is still profit and not gonna withdraw this off the platform whenever I choose but other than that this is a crypto dine make sure you guys stay tuned for the next upcoming videos if you guys have any confusion on how to get started with this thing just look in the description I do have a getting started video that kind of walks you through on what to do in terms of depositing how to create orders how to do auto trades and all the other things that you guys need to know and if you have any questions from that point on feel free to reach out to me in the description i will put my information down there my telegram handle as well as my facebook handle as well so this is looking pretty good guys so I’ll be continued doing this growing some crypto I’ll probably end up adding more you can click on this little I sign right here guys and look at the current arbitrage information so you can see what’s good what’s best for you at this particular time so I think that’s pretty cool like I said these things change so it’s probably best to come here and look at this before you guys actually do create an order well internet this is crypto dime and I’m out bye for now

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