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There is no information on the Influencie website showing which owns or runs the business.

The Influencie website domain name (“”) was registered on the 8th of April 2014, listing “Roger Robles” of “MyPayTube LLC” as the owner. An address in the US state of Florida is additionally supplied.

MyPayTube is a website that declares it’s.

the only Social Media firm that Pays you to Play online … Cha Ching.

Released in 2012, Alexa website traffic approximates today recommend MyPayTube fell short to take off.

Of note is that the MyPayTube website domain is registered to Rawlinson Souza.

In Influencie marketing presentations, Souza is accepted as the CEO of the business:.


roger-robles-influencieAs for Robles (ideal), a promotional video for Eternyon was uploaded to his YouTube network in January 2014.

Eternyon saw members invest around $2400 on the promise of weekly ROIs of as much as $150. The scheme broke down quickly after launch.

Before MyPayTube and also Eternyon, Robles was an affiliate with Organo Gold (ganoderma coffee).

Read on for a complete review of the Influencie MLM business opportunity.

The Influencie Product Line.
As each Roger Robles’ Facebook profile, Influencie.

is an advertising system that pays it’s participants to advertise. Influencie members gain as much as $150.00 USD weekly for checking out web sites as well as finishing social media sites tasks.

From exactly what I could construct out Influencie is a social media network collector, with around the motif of social influence.

Influencie members can even make revenue by sharing links throughout the online by e mail, as well as on well-liked social media networks like Fb, MySpace and Twitter.

Every shared hyperlink additionally incorporates a particular Referral ID, so members will make from anyone which views their shared link as well as indicators as long as our website.

Basically you see some third-party material you think will certainly go viral, share it on the Influencie website as well as hope you make money.

As each the Influencie compensation plan, evidently ebooks, apps, organizing solutions, website designs “and also even more” are also readily available.

I couldn’t locate any additional information regarding these nevertheless, as all connect to them on the Influencie website were damaged at the time of magazine.

Whether or not they really already existing for sale is unclear.

The Influencie Compensation Plan.
The Influencie compensation plan focuses on joining as a Sapphire affiliate ($1500) and then sponsoring others that do the same.

Direct Commissions.
The Influencie compensation plan states compensations of up to 75 % on the sale of ebooks, apps, organizing services, website plannings “as well as more”.

There is no information regarding any of these products and services on the Influenice website nevertheless, leaving an enigma regarding the viability of these advertised commissions.

Employment Commissions.
For every Sapphire affiliate sponsored, Influencie pay $100 to the affiliate which hired them.

Recurring Recruitment Commissions.
Recurring commissions in Influencie are paid through a binary compensation framework.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split right into left and right.


For each and every newly hired affiliate paired up on either side of the binary (one left wing and one on the right), Influencie pay out an $80 commission.

It’s not explicitly made clear, however I believe hired members must be personally hired in order to count.

Blog Earnings.
Weekly payments are marketed as “website/blog earning”.

Sapphire– $100 a week.
Ruby (hire and also preserve six Sapphire members)– $125 a week.
Emerald (sponsor and also maintain at the very least 4 Ruby rated affiliates)– $135 a week.
Diamond hire and preserve at least 2 Emerald rated associates)– $150 a week.
There does not seem any sort of qualification for earning these payments, other than registering as an Influencie affiliate.

Advertising Revenue.
The Influencie compensation plan specifies that Diamond rated affiliates could “make 60 % of all marketing revenue in your local area”.

This appears to be any type of third-party marketing Influencie sell.

A 5 % matching perk is available to Blue Diamond ranked affiliates (Diamond ranked associates who hire as well as keep two Diamond placed members).

This incentive pays out on the advertising and marketing earnings of personally recruited Diamond placed associates.

Black Diamond affiliates (hire and also keep 4 Blue Diamond ranked affiliates), gain a share in 5 % of all Diamond and also greater associates’ marketing payments in their nation.

Ambassador members (hire as well as preserve four Black Diamond rated associates), gain a share in 3 % of all Diamond and also greater affiliate’s advertising compensations around the world.

Vehicle Bonus.
The Influencie compensation plan specifies that Diamond placed associates easily “drive a brand-new Chevy Camaro”.

Black Diamond affiliates could “drive a Chevy Corvette” and also Ambassador affiliates a Mercedes SL 550.

Whether these are real vehicles or regular monthly rewards in the direction of a lease is not clear.

Joining Influencie.
Affiliate membership with Influencie as a Sapphire affiliate is $1500 and afterwards $30 a month.

Keep in mind that this is not revealed anywhere on the Influencie website.

One can join as a free participant of Influencie, nonetheless this is not component of the Influencie MLM business chance.

Under the role of social influence, Influencie operate a basic $1500 in, $100-$150 out a week ROI Ponzi scheme.

There’s a full detach between all the social influence advertising lingo and also real circulation of money through the business.

The only identifiable revenue-stream is that of affiliate memberships, can be found in at $1500 a pop.

The complimentary membership shows up to exist only as a feeder, the suggestion being to get folks in the door and afterwards upsell them on business chance.

As well as if we overlook the total absence of retail for a minute, I could not see anything on the Influencie website that validated a $1500 cost.

$30 a month could be understandable for a duplicated website as well as some advertising devices and training, yet what’s with the big in advance price?

Costs memberships create higher profits inside their Influencie systems.

Along with functioning as a “pay to play” element, $100 to $150 a week paid as a ROI begins to accumulate quite quickly.

And also where do you believe that cash is originating from? Tip: Not third-party marketers or complimentary Influencie members.

At $100 a week you’re considering approximately 16 weeks just before a continuous obligation is developed. $150 a week (by hiring much more financiers) sees the liability created after just 10 and a half weeks.

Note I’ve factored in the $30 a month cost into the above estimations.

Just like all Ponzi systems, when employment of new Sapphire members wanes, Influencie will certainly locate itself unable to fulfill its weekly ROI commitments and collapse.

And also if an Influencie affiliate is to be thought, that’s currently happened.

We started with conventional on-line advertising and marketing with our social media networks.

Then their website decreased for 7 weeks as well as when it surfaced once more it was an absolutely various arrangement and also they are rejecting to pay anybody.

We really did not need to sponsor and also now it’s compulsory. They owe us thousands of dollars and also reject to pay.

My hunch is originally launching without employment requirements for the once a week ROI implied that no one was hiring.

With every person kicking back as well as waiting to collect their ROI, it didn’t take long for the reserve to run dry.

That activated a collapse as well as every little thing decreased, with Robles and also Souza taking 7 weeks to figure out how you can deal with the issue.

Cue a relaunch with necessary financier employment demands … as well as here we are.

A relaunch with what looks an already big ROI obligation hanging over the firm.

Any type of takers on how long that’s visiting last?



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