HUGE TRON News: TRX $140M BitTorrent Deal!


Hey guys, how’s it going – sprinting here from hyped on crypto? I hope all of you guys are having a good morning evening Wherever you guys are from and recently Tron has made an absolutely huge purchase of a hundred and forty million dollars to buy BitTorrent now we’re gonna be talking about why this is so big in what this could do for The price and the company of Tron itself moving into the future So if you guys are interested go and stick around for the video and do not forget to hit the like and subscribe Button as it does about the channel a lot with that being said, let’s go ahead and jump on into today’s video So with Tron making this 140 million dollar purchase a couple of things going to factor here we have to know what BitTorrent is and why it’s worth one hundred and forty million dollars and then I have to know what Tron is and How these two can be linked together now this is so much different from other partnerships that cryptocurrencies have had recently because BitTorrent can actually go hand-in-hand with Tron and fulfill the white paper that Tron has set out and said that it’s going to fulfill But before we get into that Lets go ahead over some of the basics that BitTorrent has to offer to Tron so BitTorrent If you guys don’t know is one of the largest torrenting companies in the world right now and is actually the largest decentralized torrenting Company or web page that is on the Internet at the moment.

Now, they have said – on a single day to cover over 40% of the world’s Internet traffic now that within itself is absolutely huge and kind of justifies why they paid You know a happy sum of a hundred and forty million dollars to buy BitTorrent on to Tron now, none of this could be possible Without Tron having their own Ecosystem and what I mean by this is that Tron was originally started as an ERC 20 token on the etherium platform But in order to fulfill their goals and what they set out to do on their white paper of making a completely decentralized Internet where content creators can share their content peer-to-peer and get paid and compensate for it They had to come out with their own Ecosystem that they would have to develop and branch off via the etherium base And what they did here is they created the tron net now tron that was released way ahead of schedule So props to tron for that But what we didn’t see coming I guess is How they’re going to put an effect the tron that specifically how are they going to reach this goal of? Truly decentralized internet and sharing content creation to the world And what? what BitTorrent allows them to do is to put their actions into words and provides them a means to an end to fulfill their white paper, which many people didn’t think that it was even possible or that Didn’t think that they were gonna be able to physically do it a lot of people thought that tron was just all talk and what BitTorrent Essentially allows tron to do is to take the firts the first steps in fulfilling what they said that their end goal is going to be and fulfilling their white paper that they have out so far and actually Putting their words into action and performing here So I think this is why this could actually be something that’s useful for Tron and that could be worth their hundred and forty million dollar investment that they just made so again, you know with their hundred and seventy million users of their products and if they truly do Perform 40 percent of the world’s Internet traffic on a typical specific day.

Then this could be something that actually is monumentous for truant itself because many people have been skeptical since Tron’s release saying you know that they look at the white paper and they look at its end product and They don’t you see all the puzzle pieces fitting together here and they see it as something that is necessarily a hype coin without any sort of intrinsic value and This if it gets put into play correctly will add intrinsic value to Tron now again, this all just happened So we’re kind of waiting to see how Justin Sun and Tron grows out this Information and how it’s going to affect the market going forward But we know that they have the potential to do some very very huge things moving forward so between the torrenting side of BitTorrent Hope you guys know torrenting is and the true goal of Tron I think that they have the capability to actually start making some moves here And what would be very very cool is to see if Tron can get some sort of an active working product out before the end of the year if they could I think that that would be Monumentous for Tron as they were not supposed to get an active working product for another.

I believe it was four years or so So if Tron can play their cards right here if they can put these puzzle pieces that they have so carefully organized into their hand Together then. I think the Tron could definitely Be putting themselves in a very very good spot here between their peer-to-peer You know sharing technology and what and what they want to do between the people that they have running in and the you know I guess just the Tron net and the moves that they’re making right now are all extremely intelligent and working and I’m gonna have this article linked in the comment section below so that you guys can’t excuse me the description below so That you guys can go to this article yourself but I want to know from you guys what you guys think if you guys agree with this if you guys think that this is Going to help Tron if you guys think this is going to hurt Tron or just fall apart Let me know what you guys think and why in the comment section below But that’s gonna head and wrap up this video So I hope you guys did enjoy if you guys did do not forget to hit the like and subscribe Button as it does, how about the channel a lot? But that being said guys I will see you guys in the next video and stay out You You

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