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Hello there, I’m Matt Forney, and I want to talk a bit about how to get readers to your blog or website, the fastest way to do so, the easiest way to do so. There’s going to be none of this bullshit involving search engine optimization or linkbacks or whatever crappy buzzword that the Tim Ferriss types are throwing around. I’m going to talk about what has worked for me and what could work for you. Now, the first thing you have to realize, and I’ve expounded on this point many times before in my writing: There’s really nothing that separates the online world from the regular world, the same rules apply.

Now, thinking about this, what would be the easiest way to get people to read your blog or read your website? The answer is to network. Now, think about the process you go through to get a job. Now if you want a job, you’re not going to just sit on your ass on your couch eating Cheetos all day and expect that an employer will come knocking at your door and beg you to go work for them. Maybe if you’re like a nuclear physicist or someone whose skills are so rare that you can actually do that, you might be able to do that. For the remaining 99.99999 percent of us, you’re going to have to go out and network. You have to polish up your resume, send it off to all the employers, apply for jobs, go to interviews, shake hands, and convince them that you’re the best person for the job. If you want to get anywhere in any field you have to network, you have to meet people, you have to make yourself known. In the same vein, this is what you have to do online. If you just start up a blog and don’t link to anybody, don’t do anything, you’re not going to get anywhere.

What you should be doing is networking with bloggers who have similar interests as you. For example, the so-called manosphere, if you write on subtopics similar to that you should link to other bloggers in that part of the Internet. If you’re a foodie, if you’re into cooking, link to other cooking blogs and comment on similar blogs. Don’t be pushy, “Oh, can you please check out my blog.” With comments you should be adding value, you should be contributing to whatever the person, whatever the article is, you should be contributing to that base of knowledge. You should be adding value and by doing so you will encourage people to check out your own work.

Basically, it’s backscratching all the way down and you shouldn’t be afraid of using cronyism to get where you’re going. Cronyism is what makes the world go around. Pretty much everything going for me in my life right now is because of cronyism. I write for Taki’s Magazine because I happen to know the new editor, she’s a friend of mine. Most of the guests on my podcasts are people I’ve met in real life, or people I’ve been interacting with or talking to for years now, friends of mine. That’s exactly how the so-called real world works, too. Who exactly is Jimmy Fallon interviewing on the Tonight Show? Who is David Letterman interviewing? They’re interviewing their freaking friends, they’re interviewing people that they know socially. Nobody has managed to make it to the top without leveraging an existing network. No man is an island. I know it’s a cliche but it’s the truth. You have to give in order to get. You have to give value to other people, you have to make yourself known, become friends. And don’t look at them just as some sociopathic way to be—don’t look at them as resources to abuse them in a sociopathic manner.

You’re talking to these people because you’re genuinely interested in them as people and you want to help their lives, and in return they’ll help you. Mike at Danger & Play calls this �Good Guy Marketing.� It’s pretty much how I built my entire career. It’s really, ultimately, the only way you can develop a lasting user base, a lasting fan base and make money. You have to be an honest person who gives value to other people’s lives. So, if you’re wondering where to start when it comes to getting people to read your blog, start networking, start linking other blogs, start commenting on their blogs, start interacting with other writers on Twitter. There are no guarantees in life obviously, but you’ll get a lot further than you would if you just decide to play the lone wolf. As romantic as the lone wolf may seem, in reality, in nature, lone wolves are alone because they’ve been kicked out of the pack. A true wolf runs in a wolf pack, and if you’re a lone wolf it means there’s something wrong with you. That’s just life.

If you want to learn more about getting readers to your blog and just generally how to make a living online without all this bullshit Tim Ferriss crap, check out my book Confessions of an Online Hustler. There’s a link to buy it in the description; it’s available in e-book and paperback. It’s got information about how to monetize your writing, way more information on how to get traffic, how to start up a blog, and how to become a better writer, how to learn how to leverage your talents and get free of the 9-to-5.

It’s a very helpful book in my opinion, a very good book. I recommend you check it out. Illegitimi non carborundum: don’t let the bastards grind you down. I’m Matt Forney and I am out..

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