How to Market on Twitter // Part 3: Multimedia – Videos, Images, Standing Out

Hey there, my name is Adam and in this video I will be walking you through everything you need to know to properly market yourself – and thus grow a following – on Twitter. This is part 3 of 3, and in this video, we’ll be covering how to utilize multimedia posts to grow FAST on Twitter! Check out the links to the previous 2 parts in the description below. Multimedia Posts // Twitter People like photos and images. In a time of short breaks to check your Twitter feed and even shorter attention spans, people always respond more positively and more often to visual-oriented posts. We already discussed Polls – which tend to get more engagement than standard text questions since they present a large, visual post to the follower – and using a screenshot of a long post to circumvent the character limit on tweets, but you can still use images and even video on Twitter to greatly drive engagement.

Images are king – which is why Instagram has done so well and Snapchat is taking off. Include great, high-contrast, pleasant-to-the-eye photos or images whenever possible and appropriate with your posts. Talking about a place, a view, or a product? Show a picture of it! Talking about data or information? Use an infographic! People don’t want to read as much as they want to look at imagery. Again, people have faces and people relate better to images of people with faces. Share photos of people and things happening with people. Photos with happy people are going to get way more likes and overall engagement than photos of inanimate objects or empty rooms. This sounds simple, but is HUGE to getting more engagement and a stronger following on Twitter.

Why stop at just still images? You can now upload up to 30 seconds of video to Twitter via your mobile device or computer! This is a big deal, and not enough brands are utilizing it. Use videos to respond to followers, create discussions, tease your content or product. People will click on your video, and it will lead to a lot more engagement. And again – not enough brands are utilizing Twitter video enough, so doing so can help you stand out from the crowd. Lastly, you can utilize third-party tools like IFTTT – If This, Then That – to automatically, and natively, share images you post to Instagram or Facebook to Twitter. This isn’t 100% ideal, as people more often want native Twitter posts than reposts of content designed for other platforms, but sharing your Instagram feed could do great to both make your Twitter timeline more visually appealing and drive some new followers to your Instagram page, as well.

Well, that’s it! Brand yourself appropriately, post often and engage with as many people as possible, and keep it visual. Hopefully now you should be ready to tackle marketing yourself on Twitter!.

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