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How would you like to get PAID to go on vacation? HopRocket is the premier travel booking engine that will take you where you want to go,
at a fraction of the cost, while providing you with the supplemental income you deserve.

What is HopRocket?

Simply put, it’s an online membership portal that offers member-only discounts on travel related products and retail products worldwide. HopRocket members have access to a booking engine that provides discounts on hotels, cruises, condos, vacation packages and local products and services. You can even earn points that can then be used as payment for condo/timeshares, cruises, and tour packages.

You may be thinking, why HopRocket when there are so many booking engines like, Hot wire, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbits and so on. Well because we’re membership based, Hop Rocket can offer much lower rates for the same vacations booked anywhere else. Hop Rocket guarantees, that if you find a lower rate anywhere else they’ll match it, then give you $50 extra for the inconvenience.

Now think about it! Who doesn’t like to travel? Who will turn down traveling at a much lower price? The answer is obvious! No one!

Get This!

Even for the people that can’t afford to travel right now hop rocket has something for them too.

Hop Rocket has a very powerful tool that will making building your business fun and easy. It’s called Hop Passes!

When you signup, you get 30 Hop Pass and 10 per month, (more can be purchased if needed) to give…


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