What’s going on get people this is Mike again with another video and today I want to tell you all about go chain But before I even start let me just say you know that this is a sponsored video, and I’m not your financial advisor I don’t tell you what to do you do what you want to do anything? I say in this video is my own opinion only so please do your own research? Do your own due diligence with that said let me tell you about go chain go chain claims to be smarter better faster And stronger than what? Question mark and aetherium so the reason I’m looking at this and I don’t know if you have been watching my videos previously I’m actually picking the icos that have a working model a prototype.

I’m not looking high cos to offer ideas I’m looking at an ICO that can be executed right away after the ICO is over and so we can see immediate results and that’s how projects grow so fast That being said gold chain already have a prototype they already tested And I’m gonna show you everything in this video so stay tuned don’t go nowhere I’m gonna tell you that gold chain right now. Has no. Hype but once people find out about it I promise you this is going to blow up, so what is gold chain Gold chain is a scalable ERC 20 smart contract blockchain that is fast secure and Green, so it requires much less energy for it to operate it enables decentralized Application to be built on it Smart contract developers to lift and shift from aetherium to go chain And they’re claiming that they’re gonna have a hundred times increased performance This is not just a claim guys it has been tested, and I’m gonna show you so you scroll down right here And it says what is gold chain public currency built decentralized applications rock-solid smart contracts fully compatible with existing etherium wireless smart contracts and other tools fast transaction and contract execution and in 2018 q4 they’re gonna create the next generation and Decentralized application platforms that are going to go beyond aetherium smart contract So they claim there are ten times more decentralized and let me explain Why more than 70% of mining is in China right and it’s majorly ran? By bit main and the likes which are huge Companies right so they kind of control the market they control the aspect of the mining gold chain forces node to be in different countries They are not going to have the same problems not dependent on one major company And you know if they call it quits one day You know a lot of problems will happen so that’s what gold chains main aim is to force nodes in different countries ran by unrelated people and companies So it’s 10 times more decentralized you cannot argue that fact 100 times faster right now etherium can only process 13 transactions per second a gold chain Saying it’s a hundred times more that makes it 1300 transactions per second they have a test net and they have tested that and I’m gonna show you a picture of it in a little bit and they Say, it’s a thousand times greener We all care about less energy consumption in the world but if you think about how much does aetherium and Bitcoin use as far as electricity they use a lot of electricity right to the point that aetherium energy consumption could run north of a million households with that being said Being greener is always a positive thing on the environment and everybody else less consumption less money think about it so it is 1,000 times a greener and only use a small fraction of the energy to run other cryptocurrencies We scroll down we look at the road map right here proof of concept is Complete guys.

Who don’t have to wait for it it is there? They implemented the proof of concept improved Validity of ideas in February 2018 they built out the test left in it’s already active test net is live and available for review you guys can review it in April first is there public sale, that’s when there I co-star and in May look at this right after the public sale Ends the main net is live and it’s gonna go to the public with nodes around the world supporting 1,300 transactions per second if you don’t think that’s huge I urge you to think again next generation smart contract in q4 2018 obviously when they go in 2019 they’re gonna actually scale to 13,000 Transactions per second these are the specs of these token sale their total. Supply is 1 billion They’re thicker as goes by GOC. They’re soft cap is 2,500 aetherium and they’re hard caps 26,500 approximately 50,000 new tokens will be generated per year for authorized Nodes this will discrete of course over time now token sales They’re gonna sell 50% only the team is gonna get 24 months lockup okay, and they’re only gonna get 10% The partners of course six months lock up so they can’t sell it right away to destroy the token the foundation bounties is 10% Market in legal four percent reserve.

They’re gonna lock up the reserve for 12 months which is 10 percent again And then go chain fund is 10 percent so they can get the project off the ground These are the token sale phases right here So the private sale and but they are in the pre sale phase and let’s talk about the cream of the crop Which is the team well let me tell you about Jason Decker? He’s a serial entrepreneur former hedge fund manager managing in excess of two hundred and fifty million dollars He’s an angel investor board member and advisor with an exit to a public company He has extensive experience in sea level in finance biotech I mean this guy is a jack-of-all-trades, and I actually communicated with him And I think he is the brain behind this project Obviously and I’m confident that if he is the brain behind this project this project is gonna go places now We’re gonna move on to Travis reader, and I want to highlight this superstar right here.

I want to tell you all about them Travis reader is their lead develop Aaron was the founder of ayran dye all they pioneered Serverless cloud computing, and if you don’t know what I earned I always This is I earned. I look at the companies they deal with guys Google Turner Whole Foods Which is Amazon farmers and Pfizer? So I earned I owe is a developer tools to work smarter not harder And it’s a great project very very successful, so I earn that I all got seventeen million dollars from top-tier VCS and Travis was the brains behind this so he is the lead Developer for this project and this gives me confidence to trust it the reason this is so important guys, and I’m bringing this point I’m highlighting it because this guy specializes in scaling and building high throughout Applications, so they feel they are uniquely qualified to solve what if areum’s problems have and I believe that if they execute correctly like they say They could actually solve this many skimming problems that if area math Like I said according to their roadmap in May they’re gonna be hundred times faster than ethereal now I’m gonna be honest with you.

If this project gets executed correctly It will be Dios Cardinal and many other if it becomes a hundred times faster, and they already tested it And I want to show you that this is their tweet their test net is running at consistent 950 transactions per second, and if you look at the picture right here, it’s 951 to be exact per second so it’s already working all we need to do is just finish from the ICO So it can get implemented now if you scroll down there team members and all-star team to be honest But I want to show you their advisers VP at cloud and Oracle VP cells and X dot AI founder of ether sports VP corporate development of Cadillac Inc Founder CEO at like moji and founder a kettle and fire all these companies are huge guys And these are the advisers right here truly truly This is an all-star team even coming from software engineers to social media directors They are superstars, and I love this project look at the white paper It is very extremely detailed and for the ones that don’t know much about Scalability and coding it’s gonna be a little difficult in some parts to understand algorithm and all that stuff But it doesn’t matter at this point What matters is the message what matter is that they have a test net and they already? Executed what they’re planning on doing in the next coming few weeks I also want to share with you that goat chain uses proof of reputation Consensus model that depends on the reputation of the participants to keep their network secure And I’ll put the links down below for these medium articles right here It’s a very good read if you want to really dig deep about proof reputation It says here reputation is everything one thing.

I want to highlight here It says imagine if VW worked with Ford Toyota and others to validate and verify their emission test It is extremely unlikely that VW could have even attempted to cheat the system Which is true right because you’re already working with these big company Collaborating to a security and transparency as well. I’ll put the link for this medium article down below it talks about proof of reputation versus proof of Authority so it’s unique in many ways different ways thinking outside the box I love this project and I can see a good future for it I’m gonna drop a link down below to go chain that I also you guys can check it out also I want to remind you to join my telegram group It is in the description below and don’t miss out great news coming so with that being said guys I am NOT a financial advisor I repeat myself You do your own research through your own villages. I’m just sharing my thoughts with you about gold chain like always guys I want to thank you so much for watching I appreciate you hit that subscribe button if you’re not a subscriber hit that Bell right next to that subscribe button and until next time Stay safe

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