GoBIG7 Update Part 1


World Light LLC
Hello to my team members in GoBIG7,

I see that you’re not upgreded the $7.00 yet in GB7.

More than likely a couple of things happened…either you tried to click the Red Payment button and it didn’t work OR you did get thru to the payment page however your CC was rejected “by your bank” which is so very common in this day and age of so much credit card fraud and abuse.

Ok, here’s the scenario on the non working red payment button you first see after you register.

Why it is there I have no idea .. what GB7 wants everyone to do is to “arrow through” to the payment page thereby reading some dialog that are on those said pages. This is being fixed and there is a “payment wizard” being created and should be available hopefully tomorrow.

Ok, as for the banks kicing back your CC it is YOU BANK not liking the Canadian bank that GB7 uses so what you will need to do is to call your bank and request they accept charges made by World Light LLC. This is not unusual for USA banks not liking foreign or international banks for whatever reason…blame 911 if you like but this is the world we now live in.

So please don’t give up…We are all very, very early in this and many improvements are coming daily and growth will be amazing. We will have a FB room very soon and in the meantime you can follow these two informative MMG Forum thread…I’m chefboy btw.



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