Globally Positioned Partners Review


Globally Positioned Partners Compensation Plan v2.0 Review
Previously this month I was educated that Globally Positioned Partners launched (relaunched?) on April 7th, complete with a new compensation plan.

Figuring the old review was due an upgrade after that, here it is.

The Globally Positioned Partners Compensation Plan
Retail Commissions
Retail commissions are paid out on the sale of all Globally Positioned Partner items to retail clients.

This compensation is paid as 25 % of the list price billed for each and every product sold.

Recurring Commissions
Recurring payments in Globally Positioned Partners are now paid out by means of a unilevel compensation framework (previously a binary).

A unilevel compensation framework places an affiliate on top of a unilevel group, with every directly sponsored associate put straight under them (level 1):.


If any one of these degree 1 associates go on to recruit brand-new affiliates of their own, they are put on level 2 of the original associate’s unilevel group.

If any sort of degree 2 members sponsor new members, they are placed on level 3 and more and so forth down an academic unlimited number of degrees.

Globally Positioned Partners cap payable unilevel fix twelve, suffering from compensations paid out as a percentage of sales volume created on each level of the unilevel team.

Just how much of a percent is paid out is determined by what degree the sales quantity is created:.

level 1 (directly recruited affiliates– 6 %.
degrees 2 to 5– 12 %.
degrees 6 to 11– 3 %.
level 12– 12 %.
Keep in mind that in order to qualify for recurring payments, Globally Positioned Partner affiliates should generate at the very least $50 a month in commissionable volume.

This could be accomplished by means of individual item purchases, retail sales or downline sales (sales of product by directly sponsored associates).

Signing up with Globally Positioned Partners.
Associate membership suffering from Globally Positioned Partners is cost-free.

Whereas the brand-new Globally Positioned Partner compensation explicitly makes clear retail commissions, the issue of associates being the only buying product continues.

In order to get approved for recurring (MLM) compensations, an associate wases forced to create at the very least $50 a month in commissionable volume.

This could be done by means of self-purchase, as well as suffering from an associate doing this and also hiring others who do the same, can swiftly degrade into chain-recruitment.

Ditto getting compensations by depending on down line sales and/or acquisitions to qualify you for commissions (why this is even a qualifier I have no suggestion).

The easiest option to this problem would be to call for a portion or all of the $50 a month sales qualifier to be retail sales. $20 retail et cetera qualified consumeding the current qualification requirements would certainly be an acceptable compromise.

The goal is to make sure that some retail sales activity is happening, instead of the completely uncertain “could or might not be” model Globally Positioned Partners presently have.

As a plus, a retail volume qualifier would likewise inhibit anyone looking to treat GPP as a chain-recruitment opportunity, as it’s merely too additional job (if chain-recruitment is just what you’re seeking).

In the meantime, possible Globally Positioned Partner associates could verify retail sales by inspecting just how their possible upline is getting compensations each month.

Worst case situation they’re qualifying off of their team’s regular monthly acquisition(s). Slightly less worrying would certainly be them qualifying with self-purchase with no retail activity to speak of.

Ideally you’re trying to find retail sales or even sturdy retail activity happening within their team (if they have one). Ask to view evidence, or even don’t accept tales regarding reselling product to individuals.

If the retail sales aren’t there on paper, they don’t exist.

All of that stated, I do believe the unilevel setup is possibly going to benefit affiliates much more over the binary. It indicates they depend much less on the work of others as well as do not need to stress over losing excessive quantity if one of their binary teams blows up.

Realistically most associates are going to be hovering in between degrees 1 to 5, which provide a quite respectable adequate recurring percentage payment. Note obviously that this comes with the expenditure of other compensations and also rewards paid out (of which there are none), yet is terrific if you want to focus on sales alone and also drive commissionable volume.

Because instance the other degrees beyond 5 after that act as a great reward if one actually intends to build their team.



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