GIFTO: Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol


Do you know how hard it is to make money on Youtube? Only 0.3% of videos on Youtube have more than 1 million views But these videos can only make an average of $ 2,000 This prevents most YouTubers from creating better content So, can we create a better way for them to gain more revenue and have fun at the same time? The GIFTO Agreement is based on our successful experience of running our flagship product Uplive In Uplive, users can purchase thousands of cool virtual gifts for the hostcast Such as virtual unicorns and Lamborghini By sending virtual gifts, we can allow content creators to benefit directly from their fan base.

Uplive’s top anchor broadcasts only 1-2 hours a day You can earn 50,000 U.S. dollars every month Thanks to virtual gifts Uplive is now the fastest growing video broadcast platform in Asia Millions of dollars in revenue for more than 60,000 anchors 20 million users on the platform can present more than 25 million virtual gifts per month Now, combine this system with smart contracts and blockchain technology We can use this virtual gift system on every content platform Like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter It’s time to truly unlock unlimited revenue potential for all content creators This is the GIFTO agreement GIFTO is a decentralized gift giving agreement promoted by GIFTO tokens With GIFTO, you can make instant, private, and secure payments from any place, anywhere, anytime, with customized gifts.

As a fan You can buy and present virtual gifts to your favorite content creators to express your affection As content creator After receiving the gift, you can give it back to another person or convert it to a GIFTO token After that, you can keep your GIFTO, spend it or exchange it for cash Other than The GIFTO Agreement provides a complete, gift-giving ecosystem that is created, planned and managed by each participant GIFTO agreement can also support H5 interface Just click on the link posted on any platform.

Every transaction The creation and consumption of each gift Will be recorded on the blockchain Simple and very interesting GIFTO agreement Decentralized Universal Gifting Agreement Use GIFTO Pursue your dream Give yourself more possibilities.

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