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Hey guys its Ileane Smith and I’m over on Triberr. It’s one of my favorites social sharing sites and if you don’t know about Triberr I’ve done a couple of previous videos on it but today I wanna share a special tip. Now in order to get your post to stand out on the streams on Triberr, it’s the same as you do on any other network. You like to have an image! Notice how that image is just standing out? And you see how many comments that person has — the images make your post stand out and people want to share it. You see here even my profile where I have images, it just looks more engaging. Okay so what happens when Triberr doesn’t pull in the image? Well I’m going to show you very quickly how to fix that! The first thing you wanna do is grab the URL of the featured image from your post. So let’s head over to the blog and grab a URL. So here we are over on the blog, it’s very simple you just go to that image and click on it and then you gonna say copy image URL.

Let’s go back over into Triberr and here’s that post see that little carrot there You’re going to click on “edit post” and here this is where you are going to insert that image URL – right here! See it pulled in the image and then you just hit publish. Let’s go back to my profile. Back over here on my profile and you see the image is now there- it just looks a little bit more interesting in the stream.

So now I’m actually on my tribal page and you see it just stands out and I know that it’s going to cause people to share and even if they want it can be shared on Pinterest. Which is one of many many things that I LUV about Triberr! So there you go that is your tip for how to get more shares and how to make your content stand out on Triberr If you ever want to check out the other video I did on Triberr make sure you click on the annotation and I’ll also have the link in the description box below I want to take a minute to just say thanks to Dino Dogan, Dan Cristo and Ralph Rivera for making Triberr such an awesome place for bloggers. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything here at the Ms. Ileane Speaks YouTube channel. Talk to you guys soon! Peace..

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