Former Lawyer Discovers Her True Passion Is Bread


Bread Bakery
Former Lawyer Discovers Her True Passion Is Bread

After offering 5 years in the general public Defenders office, Sheila McCann made a decision to leave her workplace and rather share her love of bread. She opened up the initial House of Bread Bakery Café in San Luise Obispo, Cali. in 1996.

Because that time, The House of Bread Bakery Café has developed a business version that gives lovers strong margins, but a lot more notably allows them to be a real part of the areas they serve.

McCann, proprietor of our home of Bread Bakery Café Franchise, just recently took a seat with us for a job interview on how House of Bread compares with its competition and what top qualities she tries to find in possible franchisees.

What’s unique about the House of Bread Bakery Café franchise?

We make all-natural blemish baked bread incorporated with costs Boar’s Head meats in an open production site.


What is the concept behind our home of Bread Bakery Café franchise?

Baked items and sandwiches of the same top quality that grandma worked in.

How does it compare to its competition?

We merely don’t bake the bread on-site. We blend it without any fabricated components. Everybody says they utilize high-quality elements, but we actually do. We satisfaction ourselves in producing an exceptional sampling and healthy item.

What do you look for in a potential franchisee?

A person who appreciates offering value to their clients and will certainly demand excellence from themselves and their team.

Where do you see our home of Bread Bakery Cafe franchise business in five years?

With more House of Bread operators enjoying their companies. We value high quality franchisees over amount.

Can you explain a common day in the life of a franchisee?

Comes to the bakery around 7 AM and leaves after the lunch rush.

What’s your background?

A lawyer with a business degree and fan of bread who opened up House of Bread 18 years ago to have a more positive way of life.

What inspires you to maintain going?

Mentoring people and taking pleasure in seeing people appreciate our high quality items.

If you were to start once again, what should you do in a different way?

Approach the choice of areas and franchisees with the same level of examination that we use today.

Please inform us your key to success …

A regular and regimented promote quality everyday.

What is the most awful job you have ever had and what did you gain from it?

Supplying pizzas– the task was okay it was the bad management.

What is something that really delights you?

Resolving larger issues and seeing the rewards from effort.

Any kind of final words for striving business owners?

Go in with eyes broad open optimism. Do not let cynics quit you, but consider what they claim and counter with research and reasoning. If you cannot, then maybe there is some fact to it, meanings that you still continuously follow your dreams– simply reroute a little bit of the strategy.

Where can folks figure out even more about House of Bread Bakery Café?

Go to the web site right here.

Where can folks find Bakery Café on social media sites?




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