Farm Mining Review – Legit BitCoin Mining MLM Or Ponzi Scam? Watch This!


Farm Mining Review

hae-won’s jesse singh welcome back to another video this time I’ll be talking about farm mining there’s a latest crypto Bitcoin mining opportunity in the MLM space to come out and I decided to take a look to see it feels legit you know something that you want to do maybe someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here just to make sure it’s something that it’s not gonna get shut down or anything right so anyway I’m gonna go through the company products and compensation plan so we can make the right decision to join or not so make sure you pay close attention to this video and watch it to the end this way you’ll get the right information so you can make the right decision and also I’m not an affiliate with this company I’m not gonna sponsor you into the company I’m just gonna tell you how it is so before we get started make sure you like to have it I like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel click that beldo fication button for more videos like this and other trainings on my channel you can take a look at those right now or actually just take a look after the video haha and also if you want to learn how to market any opportunity of his MLM affiliate marketing e-commerce if you have a small business of your own or if you don’t have a business’s want to get started the right way visit the millionaire drive comm and I’ll show you step-by-step on how to do all of that so anyway let’s get started here farm mining has no information on the website on who runs or owns a company I do know that the foreign mining website farm – mining com was probably privately registered on June 2nd 2019 they do have a UK certificate for incorporation however that doesn’t really mean anything because UK in corporations can be done anywhere from any country really and a lot of scamming countries use that to build credibility but in the future if you see a UK certificate in foreign corporation just it’s a bunch of baloney okay anyway the traffic most of traffic is coming from Brazil 22% Iran 12% and India at 11% so there’s a possibility that the real admin’s behind his company are are these r1r from one of these three countries it’s a very high probability there okay the products basically farm lining has no retail products and services you can become an affiliate promote them you know the affiliate membership itself they do talk about how you can invest a ton of money and make a crapload of money on ro eyes blah blah blah and I’m gonna get into that next so far my ting members invest Bitcoin into the company on a promise it will get a monthly roi for 360 days wow that’s crazy so plan a invest point zero zero zero five of Bitcoin and received point zero zero zero six Bitcoin a month plan B invest point to Bitcoin and receive point two two four for Bitcoin per month and the plan C is invest half a Bitcoin where you can get point six one two Bitcoin per month and that’s for three hundred and sixty days okay so referral commissions every time you sponsor a new member into the company you can get a commission in a unit level compensation plan structure basically farm mining caps their unit level at ten levels residuals are paid on a percentage of percentage of the funds invested across ten levels so level one personal sponsored members eight percent level two to five is three percent level six to ten is one percent cost to join farm mining the membership will run you anywhere between point zero zero zero five of a Bitcoin two point five a little bit coin okay so that was basically these investment packages so final verdict alright so so basically for mining apparently says that generate quote real incomes from three to four percent per day through their team and financial market quote quote then they also claim returns are generated through their mining rate which is cryptocurrency so what is it is it are they generating money from cryptocurrency or the steam of team in financial market people so which is it so on the website is as soon as soon as you set up your account you can start to mine your first coins using our Bitcoin cloud mining service so now there’s a mana cloud mining service regard regardless of the claim there’s no evidence of any of this happening only income source I see is newly invested funds are paying off existing members which makes us more like a Ponzi scheme actually does make it a ponzi scheme and now you know why the amends are hiding you have no idea who they are so once this goes under they’ll just pop up another one and start this process all over again this is how this crap works so personally in my humble opinion I do not recommend farm mining sure it will pay a lot of people say it pays who gives a crap it pays if it goes under in six months and 99% of people lose their money right so that is what happens percent of the time so far I have not seen a legit cryptocurrency MLM to pop up especially when they they claim are wise every time there’s a ROI claim if you know if the country is regulated they have to be registered with some kind of SEC equivalent in that country which farm mining is not so anyway first you don’t recommend that there’s so many other business opportunities or you know MLMs that legit out there just make sure they have a retail product service make sure there’s retail incentives in that MLM if you want to join an MLM or affiliate marketing doesn’t matter if you’re the marketing is a little bit easier I think but basically just join something if you’re an MLM person I’m Pro MLM by the way I just joined something that is actually legit so anyway I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel and click that Bell notification button for more videos like this and other trainings on my channel you can take a look at that you know other trainings from affiliate marketing MLM ecommerce I do it all and also I’m gonna learn how to market any opportunity if it’s MLM or you know they’re in affiliate marketing you got an e-commerce store or if you have your own small business you want to just take it to the next level take it online to get more customers visit the millionaire and we will customize a plan for your personal needs and if you don’t have a business no worries we’ll help you get started online the right way without any kind of guesswork it’s gonna be all step by step and we do one-on-one mentoring so you know we do phone calls with you in case you need help you know what the with the steps that we’re gonna give you so this is the millionaire drive com get started there and you know what I’ll see you in the next video take care buddy

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